Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Story: Will Lakshmi meet Rishi at the temple?


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Zee TV new show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to screens.
As reported earlier it’s shown, Darshan noticed Lakshmi fails to attend her interview because of her helping nature than he offered her a sales job at his jewellery store. Lakshmi happily accepted the offer. Neelam searched for Lakshmi. Rano said Lakshmi was not at home and she did wrong by leaving your place and I tried to make her understand. Neelam pointed on Lakshmi’s middle class values and questions how can she leave their house for a small misunderstanding.

Shalu said Rishi’s values shall be questioned not of Lakshmi, she had done right by coming here, as fake people don’t stay here and your son might be in jail if my sister lodged complaint on him. Neelam said it’s a waste to talk with you and she left after advising Rano that sending Lakshmi to their house will be good for them. Lakshmi returned home and informed Preetam and her sisters that she got a job. They felt happy. Rano told to Neha that she was planning to charge divorce alimony from Oberoi family.

Neelam returned home then she warned Rishi to not leave anywhere. Karishma said she felt pandit was lying to them for money. Neelam said Malishka was lying. Lakshmi asked her sister’s help to move on in her life. They agrees.

In the upcoming episode, viewers gonna witness that Rishi will tell Neelam that Lakshmi will never return here. Rano tells to Neha that she will tell Oberoi’s that Lakshmi sent her to get money. Rishi says it’s fine even if she won’t return as I dont need her. Rano says Rishi and Lakshmi will not meet and we will get crores as they will be divorced. Rano comes to Oberoi house and asks for 50 percent share as alimony as Lakshmi wants divorce from Rishi. Virendra and Neelam gets shocked. Lakshmi and Rishi cross their paths at temple.

Who saves Rishi from his Markesh dosha? Will Oberoi’s believe Rno lies?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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