Bigg Boss 15 13th January 2022 Written Update: Ticket to finale task between Pratik Sehajpal and Tejasswi Prakash continues!


Bigg Boss 15 13th January 2022 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with  Rashami telling that Rakhi and Devoleena will surely give to Pratik. Nishant says he wants to play his own game. Shamita says everyone will get the chance. Nishant says sanchalak can’t decide the order. He says Shamita can’t make the new rule. Shamita says now she has made new rule and everyone will go in a decided order. Amid the task, Rakhi throws the cycle parts in water. Nishant argues with Shamita.

Bigg Boss call Shamita and clear her that shopman can be repeated. Nishant refuse to play the task. Verbal argument happen Shamita and Nishant. Devoleena tries to convince Nishant to continue playing the task. Nishant claim Shamita herself is confused as she is siding Tejasswi.

6 PM; Buzzer ring; Rashami give pedal to Tejasswi. Rakhi says next she will go. There, Nishant share a talk with Karan. He says he isn’t against Tejasswi but he is not understanding why Shamita downgraded Tejasswi if she wanted to help her. Rashami jump into the conversation. Nishant and Rashami argues with each other. Karan asks Tejasswi to talk with Nishant as Rakhi might do the mess.

Buzzer ring; Rakhi give pedal to Pratik. Karan inform task ended for the day. He adds Tejasswi and Pratik has to protect their cycle by their own.

6:30 PM; Karan ask Tejasswi to keep her cycle near her mattress.  Shamita says she will not allow cycle inside the house. Tejasswi gets adamant to keep her cycle in the washroom. Pratik blocks Tejasswi’s way. Bigg Boss asks Pratik and Tejasswi to keep their cycles on the stand. Karan tries to help Tejasswi. Pratik gets offended seeing Karan helping Tejasswi. Tejasswi and Pratik argue with each other.

Pratik and Tejasswi tries to protect their cycle. Tejasswi tighten her cycle part. Shamita says to Tejasswi that she can’t perform the task as it is ended for the day. Amid the task; Pratik claimed Tejasswi is trying to hurt him with the tool.

There, Devoleena asks Rakhi not to trust others. She says she will support Pratik over Tejasswi. Abhijit decide to support Tejasswi. Rakhi decide to support Abhijit. Abhijit claim Devoleena used him in the game.

8:30PM; Karan talk with Nishant and says tries to decode Pratik and Shamita’s strategy. Afterwards, Tejasswi ask Nishant why didn’t he fought for himself. Nishant says he is irritated currently. He asks Tejasswi who all is supporting her. Tejasswi took Karan, Abhijit and Rashami’s name. She tries to convince Nishant to support her in the game.

Next, Nishant complaint Shamita about supporting Rakhi over Tejasswi despite the differences. Shamita clear she supported Rakhi seeing her entertainment side. Nishant says to Shamita that her decision is wrong. They both decide to play individually.

Pratik clears to Nishant that he will perform the task.

10:30 PM; Shamita and Pratik makes the task strategy. She says to Pratik she wants to make him winner but for that he need to play good task.

Nishant talks with Abhijit and Rakhi that he sacrificed his chance so that task don’t get cancelled. Rakhi says that Pratik will surely stand for Nishant post latter claim none has supported him in the game. He gets emotional. Rakhi and Abhijit tries to console Nishant. Rakhi assure Nishant next whenever she will get a chance she will play for him.

Rashami, Karan and Tejasswi find Nishant fool for sacrificing his chances for Shamita and Pratik.

11:30 PM; Nishant share a talk with Tejasswi about Shamita. Tejasswi says to Nishant that Shamita is helping her because she has raised right points against her in the last task. Abhiijit, Rashami, Karan decide to play together.

Karan tell to Tejasswi that he has fixed her break and now she just have to bend it. Tejasswi understand Karan. She doubts if Nishant and Abhijit will back step. Rashami says only she and Karan is on Tejasswi’s side.

Tejasswi talk with Karan and share that Pratik, Nishant and Shamita’s fight seems planned. She further says Nishant is nothing without Shamita and Pratik thus he keeps securing the duo first before him. Karan second Tejasswi.

1:30 AM; Pratik asks Abhijit why he always play against him. Abhijit defend himself. He says it is his game strategy.

Day 104 at 8 AM; wake up song plays for inmates.

9AM; Tejasswi asks Pratik not to hide any parts. Pratik says if anything will go missing Shamita will not start the task. Tejasswi says she don’t trust Shamita.

10:15 AMl Karan asks Shamita she is playing for whom. Shamita says she will support Pratik.

11:15 AM; Tejasswi tells to Shamita that if Pratik will pounce on her than for her self-defence she will cross all the limit. Shamita tell to Tejasswi that her break is missing and now she has to make sure Pratik don’t complete his cycle else she will lose. Tejasswi says she will protect her parts and knows the result already.

2 PM; Rakhi tries to destroy Tejasswi’s cycle. Tejasswi asks Rakhi the reason for hatred against her. Rakhi says she don’t keep any hatred for anyone.

Tejasswi claim Pratik has more strength. Devoleena asks Tejasswi not to play woman card always. Verbal argument happen Devoleena and Tejasswi. Amid the task Pratik and Tejasswi argues too.

Task start; Pratik tries to destroy Tejasswi’s cycle. Tejasswi defend Pratik. She hit Pratik with the tool. Nishant asks Tejasswi to protect her cycle but she can’t hit. Shamita advice Tejasswi to destroy Pratik’s cycle. Tejasswi claim Pratik is pouncing on her. Pratik asks Tejasswi not to play sympathy card. Rakhi give pedal to Pratik. Pratik hurt himself while fixing the cycle. Bigg Boss stop the task for the while.

Tejasswi claim Pratik wanted to hurt her and now he has ended up hurting himself. Devoleena, Nishant and Shamita gets offended with Tejasswi’s statement. Verbal argument happen between Tejasswi and Devoleena.

2:30 PM; Task restarts; Pratik and Tejasswi tries to assemble their cycle.

2:45PM; Buzzer ringl Devoleena give wheel to Pratik. Pratik fix the wheel. In the meanwhile Devoleena, Karan, Nishant and Rashami struggle to decide who will turn the shopkeeper. Buzzer ring; Rakhi throws the seat and Pratik gets it. Shamita verdicts in Pratik’s favour. Tejasswi gets stunned. [Episode Ends]

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