Bigg Boss 15 16th January 2022 Written Update: Verbal argument between Rashami Desai and Abhijit Bichukale


Bigg Boss 15 16th January 2022 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Salman Khan’s greeting. He talks about upcoming show ‘Hunarbaaz’. Inmates dance on the theme song of the show and promote it along with the host.

Next, Salman talks about Janardan Ji. Janardan Ji meet with the inmates and decide to predict their future. He starts with Shamita and predicts she will get married son and husband will love her. Shamita asks about kids. Panditji says she will be blessed with one girl and one boy.

For Rakhi, Janardanji says her marriage will be successful. He says she will be blessed with kids too.

Janardanji asks Nishant not to worry as he wil be successful in life. For Abhijit, Janardanji says post bigg boss his life will be changed.

Rakhi gets happy listening she will get lots of work post Bigg Boss. Pratik is asked to be calm and composed in his life.

Janardanji predicts Karan’s marriage is impossible. Karan laughs and ask when he will get married. Panditji says he will get married in 2 years and he might win the show.

Tejasswi is told she might can win the show too.

Pratik asks Shamita if she is excited for the wedding. Shamita says she don’t know but this year she will marry someone. Nishant and Shamita argues over their different point of views.

On the stage; Salman Khan welcome panellists Joyita Mistta, Dibang and Amit Tyagi. They share a talk with Journalists. Panelists meet inmates. Salman says Jounalists predicting that everyone inside the house is playing safe game.

Journalist’s gives breaking news that Salman might get married soon. Panel starts conversation with the inmates. Debang asks inmates who feel Salman favours Shamita. Inmates disagree with Debang. Joyita asks inmates if they feel Bigg Boss is biased towards Shamita, Pratik and Nishant. Shamita and Pratik defend the question and says they all are equal in the house.

Journalist asks if they feel on the name of entertainment makers allowing Rakhi and Abhijit is getting privilege. Abhijit defend himself.

Shamita speak against Abhijit and says makers don’t interrupt him despite he sleeps in the house. Devoleena give her support to Rakhi and says Abhijit isn’t doing anything in the house. Journalist says inmates playing diplomatic game. Rashami says Abhijit is given privilege a lot. Abhijit and Rashami argues with each other. He asks media person to throw Desai out. Pratik asks Abhijit to calm. Abhijit lose his temper. Debaang asks Abhijit to calm as he is nothing outside too.

Rashami claim Abhijit keeps dirty thinking about ladies. Abhijit defend himself. Salman asks inmates to report the breaking news from the house. Task starts with Rakhi. Rakhi gives news about Devoleena and says she is a ‘balika vadhu’. Devoleena says her marriage is done with the plant at young age. Salman and inmates laugh.

Shamita reads news about Karan and says he yet again didn’t took stand at the right time. Tejasswi gets offended and argues with Shamita.

Devoleena gives new about Rakhi that she went to the jail for 2 days for beating the guys. Karan says Abhijit didn’t went to the washroom from past 3 days. Everyone laughs.  Tejasswi gives news about Abhijit and says gap in his teeth because of a kissing scene in a music video. Abhijit tries to read the news, Salman stops him.

Lastly, Rashami claim Abhijit use abusive language. Abhijit gets offended. Debaang says Abhijit don’t have patience thus, he can’t turn politician.

Amit asks Pratik he don’t take a stand for Nishant. Pratik defends himself and says he doesn’t when he feel like.

Amid the task, Shamita is linked up with Karan. Tejasswi gets angry and says she is not comfortable with Shamita and Karan’s link up. Salman says to Tejasswi to notice Karan blushes when Shamita come decked up. Shamita asks Salman not to joke. Karan, Salman laughs along with others. Rakhi claim Karan is scared of Tejasswi. Everyone asks Tejasswi not to react as everyone is just joking.

Panellist asks Shamita she claimed post show got extended that in the presence of Rakhi and Abhijit, she won’t be able to survive in the house. Debaang asks Shamita if she is diplomatic by choosing Rakhi as a VIP member. Shamita defends herself.

Salman perform a task with inmates. He asks them to choose who amid Tejasswi and Shamita has a black heart. Pratik, Nishant, Devoleena, Rakhi, Rashami vote for Tejasswi. Abhijit and Karan vote against Shamita. Salman says Tejasswi’s heart is black.

Later, Salman announce mid-week elimination. There, Rakhi and Shamita patch up. Shamita says she is tired of Tejasswi now.

Shamita and Nishant decide to play individually. Tejasswi, Nishant and Karan share talk with each other. She asks Nishant to stop playing for Pratik or Shamita. Karan agree with Tejasswi. Nishant disagree with them. Shamita asks Rakhi not to tease her with Tejasswi.

Salman reveal Rajiv Adatiya will enter the house soon. [Episode Ends]

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