Bigg Boss 15 18th November 2021 Written Update: Pratik and Simba get upgraded in VIP zone!


Bigg Boss 15 18th November 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Day 47 at 5:30 PM; Karan says he would have got adamant on that his bucket was empty. Tejasswi asks Karan who broke the bucket. Karan says Pratik involved unnecessarily. Karan says he will make sure to cancel the task. There, Jay talk with Simba and Pratik and what if VIPs get adamant to cancel the task.

Vishal, Umar, Nishant join the talk with Karan and discuss about the task. Karan says Pratik didn’t have a right to destroy his bucket. Jay and Simba talk about Karan and says Karan can’t play solo and if he does he shows his aggression. Tejasswi talk with Karan and says if he will be out of VIP zone than she will accompany him too. She asks Karan to play sensibly.

6 PM; Raksash task restarts. Umar, Nishant and Vishal compete with each other. Jay becomes the dictator of the round. Neha talk with Simba and says she can’t trust Vishal. She adds Shamita do trust Vishal.

Karan talk with Tejasswi and says Nishant plays a good game with his words.

Later, Neha asks Pratik not to instruct her and defame her in front of others. Verbal argument happen between Neha and Pratik. Pratik talk with Nishant and says Neha tries to interrupt his conversation.

7 PM; Pratik choose Nishant over Umar after discussion between three of them.

7:15 PM; Tejasswi, Umar and Vishal talk with each other and says Nishant’s win was predictable as he is in everyone’s good book.

Ahead, BB says Rajiv can enter the house. Everyone gets happy. Bigg Boss asks everyone to gather in the living area. He says Nishant get an opportunity to replace two VIP members from current Non-VIP member. Nishant choose Pratik and Simba over Karan and Tejasswi.

Karan and Tejasswi gets nominated for the week.

8:30 PM; Nishant talk with Jay. He asks Jay if his decision is good. Jay says he is fine he choose Simba. Nishant says Karan also don’t think about him either. There, Tejasswi, Karan and Rajiv says Jay is still with Nishant because he is sold already.

Nishant asks Neha if she is angry with him. Neha refuses to make any comment.

9:15 PM; Neha asks Pratik don’t make fool of her, else she will walk out from the house. Pratik tries to talk with Neha. Neha says to Pratik that he can’t have a last word. Pratik insists Neha to let him talk. Neha asks Pratik to give her space. Rajiv console Neha.

9:30 PM; Karan, Simba and Umar talk with each other. Karan feels bad that Nishant betrayed him.

Umar and Karan says Nishant betrayed Jay. Karan says he was on the right track by not trusting Nishant earlier.

10:15 PM; Nishant, Simba and Pratik about Vishal. Nishant says Vishal think he is smart but he is zero.

11:15 PM; Karan talk with Tejasswi and says they shouldn’t play together. He adds because of him, her game is affected.

12 AM; Jay and Neha talk with each other. Jay says Bigg Boss taught him that friendship is another thing and during the game everyone plays individual.

12:30 AM; Pratik and Nishant talk with each other. Pratik says Karan is unbelievable as outside he was his mentor and was very sweet. Nishant says Karan can’t take the defeat.

Day 48 at 8 AM; Inmates wake up.

8:30 AM; Tejasswi got emotional and claimed that Rajiv, Nishant and Pratik is deciding upon preparing food without discussion with her.

8:45 AM; Tejasswi talk with Jay and says Nishant and Pratik was ordering in the kitchen over cooking food.

Jay says to Tejasswi that he alerted her not to use bossy tone when she was in VIP. Tejasswi refuse to agree with Jay. Later, Tejasswi cries and says to Karan Nishant was rude with her and she got affected. Karan console Tejasswi.

9:30 AM; Karan talk with Nishant and says Tejasswi cried. He says he could have excused because Tejasswi is younger to them. Nishant says he will take care of it.

10 AM; Karan and Jay talk with each other. Jay says he is playing solo and will continue to play the same.

Jay and Nishant talk with each other. Jay says he will not fall in Karan’s trap as he is trying to make an alliance with him.

Here, Neha and Jay talk with each other. She says now she will play her game.

Jay and Pratik talk with each other. Jay says he never thought they will sit together ever in the house.

3:30 PM; Vishal and Neha talk about Rajiv and says he is funny. Elsewhere, Karan praise Tejasswi.

7:45 PM; Karan read about ‘sponsor task’. Jay becomes the dictator of the task.

Task started with Karan and Tejasswi and ended with Rajiv and Nishant. Vishal and Neha win the task.

Later, Tejasswi asks Karan are they following Meisha and Ishaan’s way by just sticking together. Karan says he bond with Umar, Nishant and others too. Episode ended with Neha and Pratik’s argument.