Bigg Boss 15 6th January 2022 Written Update: Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhatt argues with each other!


Bigg Boss 15 6th January 2022 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Day 96 at 4:30 PM; Task restarts; Bigg Boss asks Shamita to do argument to fetch indoor area. She has to tell who is stubborn in the house. Shamita calls Abhijit to do the argument. Abhijit defend himself. Shamita calls Pratik to give the judgment. Pratik talks in favour of Shamita and claims Abhijit is stubborn. Devoleena side Abhijit. Bigg Boss stops the talk and asks sanchalak to tell the result. Karan speaks up in favour of Shamita. Rashami, Rakhi and Umar too side Shamita. Shamita gets the indoor area. Abhijit says sanchalak’s will make everyone lose.

5:15 PM; Abhijit says to Rakhi that fans will make him win the trophy. He gets upset with Karan and Rakhi for making Shamita win. Karan defends himself.

Rakhi asks Devoleena not to call Tejasswi else she will only win. Pratik tells to Nishant that Devoleena will not call Tejasswi.

5:30 PM; Task starts; Bigg Boss asks to Pratik to gain bedroom area. He asks him to prove which inmate is egoistic. Pratik tries to prove that Abhijit is egoistic. He raise the points against Abhijit. Abhijit defend himself. He try to prove that he isn’t egoistic rather he is confident. Devoleena side Abhijit. Argument happen between Abhijit and Pratik. Bigg Boss asks VIPs to tell who amid Pratik and Abhijit is winner. Karan, Pratik and Umar side Abhijit. Bigg Boss asks inmates to read the task letter again. He asks Karan to tell who is the judges of the task? Karan tells his name along with Umar, Rashami and Rakhi. Bigg Boss asks Umar to tell who amid Pratik and Abhijit wins the round. Umar declare Abhijit winner. Abhijit wins the bedroom area.

6:15 PM; Umar explain to Pratik the difference with an ego and ‘I me and myself’. Shamita and Nishant talk with each other. She says she didn’t understood why judges made Pratik lose when they can make him win. Nishant says because Pratik canceled accusation on Abhijit thus, he lost.

There, Rakhi asks Abhijit not to call Tejasswi at any cost. Abhijit says he will call Tejasswi for kitchen area. Rakhi pleads Abhijit not to call Tejasswi.

7:30 PM; Rakhi share a talk with Devoleena. She says everyone was in favor of Pratik but he himself canceled the accusation on Abhijit. Devoleena says Pratik is fool.

Later, Devoleena shares with Rakhi that Pratik isn’t understanding her thus she has distanced herself from him.

10:15 PM; Pratik tells to Nishant and Shamita that Rashami do overacting a lot. Nishant and Shamita laughs. They talk about Rashami’s show ‘uttaran’.

Abhijit asks Karan to take him ahead. Karan says Tejasswi is their priority.

12:15 AM; Umar share a talk with Rashami. There, Abhijit shared with Pratik and Nishant that Karan and others will priority Tejasswi in the task. Nishant says it is predictable.

12:45 AM; Nishant makes a task strategy with Abhijit. He asks Abhijit not to call him at fisrt place.

Day 97 at 8 AM; wake up song plays for inmates.

Tejasswi asks Karan if he will call on his wedding or not in March. Karan says he will call her to do work. Umar, Karan and Rakhi dance.

12:45PM; task starts. Bigg Boss asks Nishant to gain kitchen area by proving the point which inmate is ‘loud speaker’. Nishant calls Shamita to prove him not guilty. He claim Shamita is a loud speaker. Shamita defend herself. Bigg Boss asks judges to tell the result. Rakhi side Nishant. Umar, Karan and Rashami side Shamita. Later, Rakhi agrees upon Shamita.

1:45PM; Nishant gets angry on judges for their unfair decision. Bigg Boss asks inmates to gather. He asks judges to tell who amid Shamita and Nishant is the winner? Shamita wins the kitchen area. Nishant claim Shamita didn’t defended herself rather accused. He gets angry.

2 PM; Karan says to Tejasswi to make sure Abhijit calls him.

2:15 PM; Karan and Umar share a talk with each other. Umar says he can’t favour Tejasswi as from past 3 weeks he can’t stand her. Karan share his strategy with Umar. He agrees if Tejasswi will play good than they will make her winner. [Episode Ends]

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