Bigg Boss 16 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Bigg boss calls out Tina, Archana and Priyanka for discussing nominations


Bigg Boss 16 23rd January 2023 Written Update On

Today’s episode start with Day 113 at 10:15 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

Archana demands milk from Tina. Priyanka says to Tina that Archana keeps complaining despite they give her  milk.

11:15 AM: Stan sees Priyanka coming. He says he will do all they long. Archana complaint to Nimrit that inmates are not using bin properly. She decide to clean for Nimrit’s sake. Nimrit hugs Archana.

Stan says to Shiv that Nimrit is changing her personality. Shiv decides to sit with everyone from now on. Stan agrees with Shiv.

11:30 AM: Shiv talks with Stan and Sumbul that Shalin was sitting outside late at night. Archana asks inmates to not mess the bin again. Shiv comments on Archana.

Archana gets confused in the gym. Shiv and Stan mocks Archana. Archana calls Shiv brainless. She talks with Priyanka and says she will make Shiv shut. Archana decide to pick a fight with Shiv.

2:15 PM: Archana talks about stool. Priyanka, Tina and Nimrit get yuck. Shiv inside bathroom. Archana asks Tina, Priyanka and Nimrit not to go after Shiv as he doesn’t use perfume after using it.

3 PM: Nimrit says to Sumbul that Shiv and Stan will not do cleaning. Archana gets afraid of lizard. She freaks out. Archana and Tina and Shiv gathers. They laugh on Archana.

Tina and Nimrit argue over laundry slot. Bigg boss asks Tina and Nimrit to speak in Hindi. Tina asks Nimrit not to talk rudely with her.

4:45 PM: Nimrit asks Tina what is the solution. Tina says to Nimrit that she will set her clothes and will inform her later.

5:15 PM: Sumbul asks Nimrit if Shalin don’t have anyone to share a talk. Nimrit says Shalin is playing a victim card. Sumbul says she just wanted to learn. Shalin self-talks in smoking zone.

5:30 PM: Shalin asks Nimrit how she snap out things. Nimrit asks Shalin to pray or meditation.

6:30 PM: Priyanka sit with Shiv and Stan. They talks about room of 6 conditions.

7:45 PM: Stan and Shiv clean the utensils. Priyanka comment. Stan and Shiv says Priyanka is trying to pick a fight. Stan says Priyanka looks good from far.

10:30 PM: Archana and Nimrit share a talk. Archana claim Nimrit is not vocal about her thoughts. Nimrit defends herself.

Nimrit and Sumbul decide to talk with others. Nimrit says Shiv and Stan keeps pulling her legs.

11:30 PM; Archana comment on Tina for cooking chicken for Shalin. She further says she wants bigg boss to correct her for speaking in English. Priyanka and Tina laughs.

Afterwards, Shalin talks with Shiv and Stan that Priyanka, Tina and Archana is laughing. Archana cracks a joke. Shiv gets angry. Priyanka asks Archana not to joke as Shiv is unnecessary picking the fight.

Shiv, Stan and Shalin gets happy giving befitting reply to Archana.

12:15 AM: Archana confront Shalin what he meant by the comment that if Shiv will start talking she will get angry. Shalin and Archana argues with each other

Archana and Nimrit talk about Shalin. They say Shiv will befriend Shalin for the vote.

Day 113 8:45 AM: Tina asks Shalin if he is done using washroom. Shalin says no.

Shiv, Shalin and Stan discuss about Archana.

Shiv, Stan and Sumbul says Archana has just become Priyanka’s spoon. Shiv and Stan avoids Archana.

Later, Priyanka argues with Shalin for mocking Archana’s English. Shiv, Stan support Shalin over Archana. Shalin claim Priyanka doesn’t have her own matter thus she is jumping in Archana’s matter. He says Priyanka, Archana setting false narrative for others.

11 AM: Priyanka and Tina mock Shalin. Shalin says Nimrit that Tina and Priyanka is trying to poke him. Nimrit asks Shalin to avoid.

Priyanka claim Shalin is trying to get into a mandali thus siding Shiv. Shalin asks Shiv to nominate him. Shiv and Stan console Shalin. Shalin gets emotional.

8PM: Shalin says he can’t get angry because Priyanka and Tina are girls. He calls them bad.

Nimrit console Shalin. She says she has talked with Tina. Nimrit asks Shalin to react if he isn’t liking anything. Shalin says Priyanka and Tina is trying to ruin his image.

Archana plays with Maahim.

1:30 PM: Shalin, Shiv and Stan discuss about Tina, Priyanka and Archana.

Nimrit says Tina claim right on Maahim but she hesitate to clean her shit. Tina gets offended.

3:45 PM: Shiv, Stan confronts Nimrit about talking with Archana. Nimrit decide to take Shiv inside. Stan gets offended. He leave the place.

Stan compliment Priyanka. Sumbul agree Priyanka is looking good. Nimrit apologize to Stan.

Shalin, Shiv and Nimrit share a talk. Archana, Tina and Priyanka makes a team.

Archana, Tina and Priyanka are called out by bigg boss for discussing nomination.

6:15 PM: Tina sides Priyanka. She says she might leave the place because of medical urgency.

6:30 PM: Tina discusses with Priyanka and says she is packing her stuff as she might go today.

6:45 PM: Bigg boss asks Tina to come to the bathroom area. [Episode Ends]

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