Bigg Boss 16 2nd December 2022 Written Update: Archana is exposed


Bigg Boss 16 2nd December 2022 Written Update On

Today’s episode start with Salman Khan’s greeting. He talks about Golden boys and decide to talk with them later. Salman shows what all happened in the house

Archana, Soundarya, Ankit and Priyanka discuss about Tina. They say Tina walking suddenly. Archana says Tina is sensitive than she should have avoided such task.

Sajid talk with Suny about pass code. He says everyone wants captaincy. Shiv says they wants to get saved from nomination

Bigg boss address inmates and explain about mud task. He explains inmates have to guess who has bitched about whom.

Tina wrongly guesses the hints given. She caught Ankit, Shiv and got two right answers.

Tina targets Soundarya thrice while guessing the answer. Soundarya asks Tina to stop keeping so much of negativity for her.

Nimrit is called next to guess who bitched about her. She is asked to guess who called her opportunist. Nimirt failed to guess twice. She caught Shalin and Tina at the last.  

Stan is asked to guess who questioned his popularity. Stan guessed Archana bitched about him. Archana defend herself. Stan says he is not here to get viral.

Shalin is asked to guess who called him crazy and idiot.  Shalin wasted his all the attempts. Lastly, Shalin guessed Nimrit called him Tina’s follower.

Priyanka guessed Ankit bitched about her and quoted she doesn’t talk anything apart from game and yells if he talks anything other than game.

Shiv, Tan mocks Priyanka and Ankit. Priyanka shouts at Ankit for bitching about her despite knowing her from past 2 years. Soundarya side Ankit. Priyanka asks Soundarya not to interrupt between Ankit. Soundarya and Priyanka argue with each other.

Priyanka asks Ankit if he has given Soundarya a right to speak on their relationship. Ankit asks Soundarya not to speak. Priyanka asks Soundarya not to jump into a conversation. Both at loggerheads.

Soundarya is asked to guess who questioned her relationship and friendship with Gautam. She guessed Archana bitched about her.

Soundarya claim only Archana can question on someone’s profession and look.

Archana is exposed in front of Soundarya. Tina asks Archana how she can bitch behind the back.

Tina is asked to guess who bitched that no one is greedy for her cake, and who give the reason for dogs death. Tina guessed Archana commented.

Tina bashes Archana for commenting on her dog. She asks to keep the humanity. Tina says Archana is a shameful girl.

Ankit asks Priyanka to talk with him. Priyanka refuse to talk with Ankit. She claims he knows she doesn’t play game. Ankit asks Priyanka to listen the full conversation. Priyanka asks Ankit to talk with Soundarya and bitch about her.

Priyanka asks Ankit if he think she is crazy. Ankit says she consider him crazy. Both argue with each other.

Priyanka also alert Soundarya to not interfere in Ankit and her matter. Soudarya says she can keep her point of view.

Sajid says to Ankit that he didn’t said anything wrong about Priyanka. Ankti says he said out of concern but she isn’t listening.

Sumbul says to Shiv that she wonder Shalin didn’t doubt on her.

Archana and Soundarya argue with each other.

Sajid talk with Nimrit and says he feels bad learning Archana commented on Tina’s dog. Nimrit says Shalin too doesn’t have any humanity

Archana and Tina argue with each other. Tina calls Archana insensitive.

Priyanka cries. Shiv advice Priyanka to listen the full conversation of Ankit. Priyanka refuse to talk with Ankit.

Sajid asks Priyanka to talk with Ankit. Priyanka breaks down learning Ankit’s thought about her. Ankit and Priyanka decide to play individually.

Shalin and Tina talk with each other. Tina feels Shiv and Archana don’t have humanity. Abdu joins the conversation and asks Tina not to feel bad. Tina says it as Archana who asked for the cake first.

Sajid talk with Ankit and says there is more than friendship between him and Priyanka. Ankit defends and think about going out from the house.

Tina and Soundarya talk about Archana. They say Archana keeps a bad heart.

Soundarya calls Priyanka control freak. She says she don’t let Ankit talk with others.

Suny give Abdu his golden chains. Abdu enjoys.

Tina talks with Shalin about Archana. They find her cheap.

Salman says Priyanka and Ankit’s relationship work in loops. He says they fight, patch up and repeat.

Salman meet inmates. He comments on Golden boys gold chains.

Salman further talk about Priyanka and Ankit’s fight. He asks Ankit to tell how their fight started. Ankit tells to Salman about his conversation with Priyanka.

Salman asks Ankit to give his advice and appreciation to the one who listen to him. He indirectly taunts Priyanka.

Ankit says he tries to tell to Priyanka but she doesn’t listen. Salman praise Ankit for coming out from his shell this week without Priyanka. He asks to maintain that. Ankit takes Salman’s advice.

Salma tells to Priyanka and Ankit both are playing good individually but together they are messing up.

Priyanka says to Salman that her concern for Ankit is portraying wrongly outside. Salman disagree with Priyanka.

Salman talk with Tina. He says Shalin told about Tina’s dog to other. Salman claim Tina was asked to keep it a secret but she disclosed.

Salman further expose Tina and says she didn’t cut the cake because she didn’t want to share with Shiv, Nimrit. Tina explains. Abdu laughs. Tina asks Abdu to stop mocking.

Salman asks Tina when she was desperate to become captaincy than why she didn’t fight to become the contender in the last task.

Salman asks Golden boys they claim contenders get the script in the house. He asks Golden boys to come back.

Golden boys bid adieu to the inmates.

Archana give advice to Priyanka to focus on game. Priyanka decide to play individually

Soundarya, Ankit join Sajid, Shiv, Nimrit, Stan and others.

Salman invite bigg boss fans on the stage. A fan question Tina she want the selfless friendship from others but she herself was planning to ditch Shiv and Nimrit post becoming captain.

Tina defends and says she came in the house as an individual to play a game. Salman asks Tina if she is playing with Shalin too. [Episode Ends]

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