Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Sumbul and Archana’s verbal argument


Bigg Boss 16 2nd February 2023 Written Update On

Today’s episode start with Day 124 at 8 Am: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

9 AM: Shalin talks with Shiv, Nimrit and Stan that winning prize money is a kind of hardwork. Nimrit says holding for one hour is worth it. Shalin says money matter. Stan and Shalin argue over being rich or poor.

Shalin says to Stan that sitting with them backfires. Stan says to Shalin if he is rich than it is his hard work. He asks Shalin not to come on his lifestyle. Stan says all will cry if he will share his past story. He goes away.

9:30 PM: Shalin asks Stan to clear if anything is bothering him. Stan complaint to Shalin about calling him less deserving contender. Shalin and Stan argue with each other. Stan says Shalin has hurt him. He regrets doing friendship with Shalin. Shalin asks Stan to calm. Stan asks Shalin not to play calm card with him.

Shiv takes Stan away. Stan breaks down and complaint to Shiv that Shalin is trying to belittle him.

Shiv and Stan decide not to sit with Shalin again.

10:45 AM: Nirmit and Sumbul hide the ice kept by Archana. Shiv hides chilli powder.

12 PM: Shalin talks with Maahim. Maahim avoids Shalin. Shalin says to bigg boss that no one is responding to him.

12:45PM: Archana says to Priyanka that they will not leave the other team.

1 PM: Shalin, Archana makes the task strategy. Nimrit, Sumbul hides the soap water. Stan helps. Nimrit asks Sumbul to keep Archana busy.

Nimrit and Shiv mocks Archana.

1:30 PM: Priyanka and Archana argue with each other post Nimrit fail their plan. They both further decide to

Bigg boss explains the task  again.

Archana, Priyanka and Shalin torcher Shiv, Stan and Nimrit.

3:45PM: Shalin helps Stan. Priyanka and Archana asks Shalin to stop being good by helping Stan.

Sumbul encourages Shiv, Stan and Nimrit.

Shalin defends himself. Archana, Shalin and Priyanka targets Stan.

Bigg boss asks Archana, Priyanka and Shalin to be careful while performing the task. Priyanka apologizes to bigg boss.

Archana throws turmeric on Shiv, Stan and Nimrit. Sumbul argues with Archana.

Bigg boss declares task has been tie between Team A and B.

4:45 PM: Sumbul claim Shalin throws the bucket too. Shalin and Sumbul argue with each other. Sumbul asks Shalin to never talk with her ever.

5 PM: Archana complaint to bigg boss. She gets angry on Priyanka for not performing the task.

Archana talk with Priyanka. She doubts Shalin was playing with other team.

Bigg boss asks Priyanka to come to the confession room. He discuss with Priyanka about the task. Bigg boss says to Priyanka that Archana is upset with her for performing the task. Priyanka says she can’t perform below the belt. Bigg boss confront Priyanka about wasting the food in the task. Priyanka find Archana wrong.

5:30 PM: Stan asks Shalin for not helping him in fixing the helmet. Shalin and Stan argue with each other. Archana says Shalin, Priyanka is trying to become good in front of mandali,

Bigg boss cancel ration task. Sumbul gets angry on Archana for wasting the task food in the task. Archana argues with Sumbul. Nimrit asks Sumbul not to argue with Archana as she is not worth it.

6 PM: Archana asks Sumbul to smell fish. Sumbul says she is allergic to fish.

6:15 PM: Archana confront Shalin if he revealed to the other team about their plan. Shalin disagree with Archana. Priyanka, Shalin and Archana argue with each other.

Archana apologize to bigg boss for wasting the ration.

6:45 PM: Nimrit read Hunk chocolate task. Bigg boss asks inmates to choose their blockbuster Jodi.

7 PM: Task start with Archana. Archana feed chocolate to Priyanka and vice versa.

Shalin feed chocolate to mandali. Shiv calls Stan his blockbuster Jodi and vice versa. Sumbul calls Nimrit.

Nimrit feed chocolate to mandali

7:45PM: Archana claim Shalin did acting the whole season.

9:15 PM: Shiv’s eyes are burning. Stan cracks joke on Shiv.

Priyanka and Shalin clear their misunderstanding.

Priyanka informs Archana that Shiv’s eyes are burning. Archana says she performed the task.

11:30 PM: mandali says if bigg boss wouldn’t have cancelled the task, Archana would have broken their legs and hands. [Episode Ends]

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