Bigg Boss 16 6th December 2022 Written Update: Archana gives advice to Nimrit


Bigg Boss 16 6th December 2022 Written Update On

Today’s episode started with Day 66 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem.

8:45 AM: Sounarya asks Archana to confront. Archana tells to Priyanka that Tina took her share of bread. She asks Ankit if ration can’t be shared. Archana confront Tina. Tina asks Archana to finish the bread daily. Ankit side Archana. Tina claim Soundarya took coffee to her room too. Ankit asks Tina to ask Soudnarya to keep it back.

Tina confronts Soundarya about taking the coffee. Soundarya says she took the coffee for herself. Tina says who took her multi-grain bread. Archana says she had her gluten free bread

9 AM: Nimrit and Shiv discuss to take their magic pillow. Abdu takes part in the conversation. Shiv suggests Nimrit to ask Shalin to return the pillow through Tina. Nirmit asks Shiv and Abdu why they were discussing about the pillow in front of Sumbul.

10 AM:  Abdu talks with Stan and says Shiv was making faces when he talks with Nimrit. He claim Shiv has changed. Stan understands Abdu.

Abdu says he doesn’t understand why Shiv making faces.

Abdu asks Sajid not to tell Stan. Sajid asks what. Abdu says Stan claim Sajid has changed post Ankit’s captaincy. Sajid decide to have a word with Stan. Abdu asks Sajid not to directly confront Stan.

Sajid apologize to Shiv and Stan for not giving them time. He says even Sumbul claimed he changed overnight. Sumbul says she was joking.

11:30 AM: Sajid, Sumbul, Abdu and Stan enjoys together.

1 PM: Shalin opened the door of washroom. Soundarya gets scared. Shiv and Shalin asks Soundarya to close the door. Shalin says he wasn’t aware Soundarya was inside.

1:15 PM: Shiv teases Soundarya about not latching the washroom door. Abdu ignores Shiv. Nimrit and Shiv tease Soundarya.

Abdu share with Sajid and says Shiv has changed. He says Shiv make face whenever he talks with Nimrit. Sajid disagree and says Shiv love him equally. Sajid says to Abdu that they both are joker of the house.

2:15 PM: Archana decide to taste food cook by Priyanka. Priyanka asks Archana to praise even if the food is not good as she cooked for the first time.

2:45 PM: Archana asks Soundarya to finish the leftover food. Soundarya argues with Archana. Tina talks with Shalin and says Archana highlights everyone’s flaws.

Soundarya talk with Ankit and Priyanka about Archana. She says Archana is becoming irritating and attention seeker.

Sajid, Abdu, Nimrit, Stan and Shiv prank on Sumbul. They scare her by questioning her loyalty. Sumbul cries.

Bigg boss asks if everyone is sleeping or just lying.

4:30 PM: Archana feed food to Ankit. She says Priyanka would have eaten him raw.

4:45 PM: Bigg boss asks Tina if she is aware of ghosts. He asks Tina to gather everyone in the activity area.

Inmates discuss about Dayan set up. Bigg boss tell about BB Dayan task. He explains nomination task. Ankit is asked to choose 6 members who will nominate the other contenders

Ankit choose Archana, Soundarya, Priyanka, Shiv, Sumbul and Shalin.

Nimrit, Tina, Abdu, Stan and Sajid didn’t get the chance to nominate.

Priyanka nominate Sumbul and says she isn’t active in the house

Priyanka choose Nimrit as the second name and says she isn’t fair in the task.

Soundarya choose Tina as the first name for nomination. She claims she doesn’t understand Tina.

Soudnarya choose Sumbul and says she isn’t active.  

Archana nominate Tina for making love angle and trying to go ahead in the game.

Archana next choose Nimrit and claim she is not fair.

Sumbul nominate Tina for being fake. She nominates Shalin for targeting her.

Shiv nominates Tina and Soundarya.

Shalin nominates Sumbul for betraying him. He further choose Archana.

Tina, Nimrit, Stan and Sumbul gets nominated.

5:30 PM: Archana and Priyanka discuss about Nimrit. They claim she was getting saved from past few weeks.

Priyanka praise Archana for giving valid reasons during nomination.

Shalin, Tina, Sumbul, Nimrit hug each other.

5:45 PM: Soundarya and Sajid talk with each other. Sajid claim Soundarya doesn’t want to be in other member bad book. Soundarya disagree with Sajid

Tina talks with Shalin and says she hate to get nominated.

Shalin says to Tina now Nimrit will flip.

Tina asks Archana the reason for nominating her. Archana says she didn’t have any other option.

7 PM: Tina asks Ankit if her friendship with Shalin seems fake to him. Ankit says their friendship seems only for the camera.

 8 PM: Sajid, Nimrit, Shiv and Stan discuss about their magic pillow. Sajid help in getting the pillow.

8:30 PM: Abdu asks Ankit if he know why he is sad. Ankit asks Abdu to share. Abdu says no one is family in the bigg boss house as everyone plans for the game.

Stan gives hug to Abdu

8:45 PM: Shiv asks Abdu to share what is bothering him. Abdu says nothing. He further says when anyone is sad he stands for the person but none come to him when he is sad.  Shiv understands Abdu.

Abdu says whenever he sits with them, they speak in Hindi. Abdu apologize

11 PM: Tina asks Shalin how he is her strength. Shalin says post she got nominated he asked Soudnarya and Ankit to go to her. Tina says by doing that he is putting her down. Shalin and Tina argue with each other post later claim he never uplift her.

Tia walks out from the room.

11:45 PM: Sajid says Abdu needs an attention. Shiv, Nimrit, Stan and Sumbul enjoy.

12:30 AM: Soundarya asks Shalin why he is sleeping outside. She asks if he fought with Tina. Shalin says no.

Soundarya tells to Nimrit and Archana about Tina and Shalin’s fight. Nimrit says to Soundarya and Archana that Priyanka deliberately targeted her. Archana side Priyanka. She further says to Nimrit that because of Shiv her game is going down. She alert Nimrit and says Shiv will soon over take his team members. [Episode Ends]

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