Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th December 2022 Written Update: Ritesh learns about Indu’s plan


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Indu receives a call from Dolly and gets worried. She asks Dolly is everything okay. Dolly informs her about Kadambari’s behavior towards Zoon. Indu gets shocked. She rushes to home. She asks Zoon is she get hurt or something. Ritesh tells her that he reached there on time or else don’t know what would have happened to Zoon. Indu tells everything is happening according to her plan only.

Ritesh gets shocked and asks what kind of plan. Indu tells she knows how difficult it is to upbring a kid which Kadambari can’t manage. Ritesh asks her is she using Zoon to succeed in her motive. Indu tells Ritesh he knows well that she will never use Zoon at all. She further adds that Zoon have to go back to Sameer and Kadambari. Zoon happily says she is ready. Deep promises Ritesh that he will stay with Zoon like her shadow also won’t let anything happen to her. Sameer asks Kadambari to take rest saying now that Zoon is not here. Indu brings Zoon there which shocks both Sameer and Kadambari.

Sameer asks Indu why did she brought Zoon here. Indu smiles and says that Ritesh may forget the court order in anger so she is bringing their daughter to them. Kadambari tells that she is tired of Zoon and that’s one of the reason why she never wanted Zoon. Sameer warns Kadambari to not to say such things. Indu lashes out at Kadambari then asks to take care of Zoon as a parent. Sameer tells her that Zoon have separate room. Zoon tells she is scared to sleep alone. Kadambari scolds Indu saying that she prepared Zoon like this. Indu smiles then leaves the place.

The next day Sunita prays to God to give victory to Indu in Zoon’s custody case. She tells God Indu suffered a lot so pleads not to put her in more sufferings. Indu and Ritesh gets ready to court. Kaamna asks them to give her few minutes as she wants to talk to them about something. Ritesh asks her what it is. Kaamna cries and apologises to Ritesh and tells him all thus while she acted with him like she truly loves him so that she can rule the house but now she regrets her each and every actions.

Today the one who she loved the most used her like a staircase to reach the heights which she didn’t expected at all. She also behaved worse with Indu and Zoon too worry that may get her place in this house but now she regrets everything. Ritesh remains silent. Indu signs at Ritesh and the latter praises Kaamna and tells he doesn’t know about true or fake love. For him, her love helped him a lot and hugs her. Kaamna gets emotional. She hugs him back and says she loves him. She then wishes for both Indu and Ritesh to win the case.

Kadambari lashes out at Sameer for not noticing the court notice and they have to be there at ten. Also because of Sameer’s carelessness they didn’t prepared anything. Sameer defends himself. They both gets into an argument. Sunita tells Rajender here after unless her kids comes and tells what’s in their mind she won’t imagine anything as she learned her lessons. She further adds Rajender that Asha and Vivek likes one another. Rajender also tells even he thinks the same but once the current situation of them solves they will talk to both of them. Sunita agrees.

Vivaan meets Sunita and Rajender. He tells them that he and Anjali truly likes one another just because he is Sameer’s brother asks them not to say no to their relationship. He further adds that he will do everything in his power to make Anjali happy so pleads them to approve their relationship. Sunita and Rajender looks at one another. Zoon prays to God for Indu and Ritesh’s victory. Kaamna goes there and expresses her regrets to Zoon for the way she treated her all this while also seeks her forgiveness. Zoon forgives her which makes Kaamna happy.

They both together prays for Indu and Ritesh’s victory. Later Dolly informs Kaamna that judge informed she will pass the verdict after lunch. She also says after receiving a call Kadambari left the court angrily. Kadambari worries that she may not get the property at all or it will take too much time. She asks Sameer to do something. Sameer accuses her for the reason behind him taking so much loan. Kadambari gets furious. Indu and Ritesh reaches home and says they returned because Zoon is not having food.

Kadambari comes there and asks Indu to take back Zoon. Indu mocks at her for her fear of not getting property. Kadambari tells Indu that she don’t want to create any scene as they have to stay under the same roof.
Kaamna refuses to let Kadambari stay and asks her to leave. Kadambari leaves the house. Indu receives a call from Vivek and learns they get Zoon’s custody also Sunita approved Vivaan andAnjali’s relationship and all are on their way to celebrate. They all gets happy. Dolly suggests a family photo. Both Indu and Ritesh forwards to kiss Zoon but the latter backsaway. Kaamna and Dolly smiles seeing it. Later they both also joins Indu Zoon and Ritesh and they takes a family selfie together.

The end.

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