Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th August 2022 Written Update: Indu accuses Ritesh


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh tells the child will atleast handle herself on her own instead of handling their drunkard mother. Indu asks him to shut up and asks what he knows about her and her Zoon’s relationship. She also asks him who is he to question her motherhood and call her selfish. She then tells if she is selfish then what about him who called the media after the match yesterday to show himself as a good person using Zoon.

She also asks after she helped him clear his name in drug case he wanted to show the world he has big heart that’s the reason he called media and tried to gift her the car but his plan didn’t worked on his favor so he is now after her Zoon. Ritesh gets angry. Indu tells all are right about the actions who are selfish and self centered but she feels bad for those who considers him as their ideal also worships wherever he goes. She then gives the gift back to Ritesh and warns him not to never go near her daughter Zoon.

Ritesh throws the gift box away and asks her to leave. He also breaks the mirror in his hand and calls Rahul. Indu tells even she isn’t interested to stay then leaves the place. In Raina’s house Sunita asks Rajender to help her to download image gram in her mobile so that they can able to stalk Ritesh’s profile also keep an eye on him. Zoon comes to the house crying. Rajender asks her and Anjali what happened.

Anjali tells she dont know because Zoon is not telling her anything. Zoon refuses to have water and tells she wants to talk to genie Ritesh. Rajender asks her the reason. Zoon tells everyone is making fun of her in the school so she wants to ask Ritesh why there is news about her in the newspaper. Sunita tells Zoon once Indu comes there she will tell her about her wish and she will help her talk to her Ritesh. Zoon cries and says she wants to see Indu. The family members looks on worried.

In the office Indu gets angry seeing the papers aren’t proper. She meet her mentor and gets surprised learning he is going to be her boss. Her mentor praises her also asks about her family especially Rajender. Indu tells him and thanks him for helping her to get this job. She then receives a call from Rajender so her mentor leaves the place. She gets shocked when Rajender tells her something on the other line. In Malhotra’s mansion Sameer goes to Kaamna and asks her what her and her favorite Ritesh is doing in his life. Kaamna gets confused and asks him what is he saying she isn’t understanding anything.

Sameer asks her to stop acting and tells her that he got this advertisement opportunity because of Ritesh and he dont want Ritesh to do all this for him to prove that he has a big heart neither he dont want to become puppet of Ritesh like all of them. He also adds one day Ritesh will throw them all out. Ritesh comes there and asks Sameer is this the way he talk to his massi? Sameer throws something to the ground then leaves the place.

Kaamna tells Ritesh that Sameer is upset learning he got the ad because of him. Ritesh tells what it is to be upset about it though and says his entire day is not so good. Kaamna asks him what happened but the latter says nothing he messed up a shot. Kaamna tells him that Kadambari apologises to her for the news. Ritesh talks about Zoon and tells Kaamna that he met Zoon before too. He also tells that he feels a connection towards her. Kaamna asks him about Zoon’s mother but he leaves the place when he gets an important call. Kaamna recalls Kadambari’s words and looks on worriedly.

Indu comes home and asks Zoon what happened and why she is crying. Zoon tells her that everyone in the school is not behaving with her well so she wont talk to anyone. Indu says she can talk to her mother but Zoon demands her to call Ritesh using the phone he gifted her. Indu tells her she returned the gift because it’s an expensive one. Zoon gets upset with Indu for returning the gift without her knowledge and says to her that she wont talk to her and hides her face with the blanket. Rajender calls Indu out and advices her she is wrong for returning the gift without Zoon’s knowledge.

As a mother she thought returning such an expensive gift is right but she should have asked or informed to Zoon before doing it. Indu tells maybe that’s the reason she is not a good mother and others also thinking the same. She recalls Ritesh’s words. Rajender reminds her she become mother to Zoon because of the tragedy and unlike other mother’s who carries children on their womb will get nine months time to process everything and try to learn how to take care of their child as a mother but in her case its different. He also tells everyone learns from their mistakes only though. He then asks her to convince Zoon before he returns from his food delivery work.

Indu insists tagging with him but Rajender refuses and asks her to take care of Zoon then leaves the place. Asha tells Vivek that she got selected for this job and expresses how she can able to help Indu here after. Vivek gets happy and congratulates her. Indu goes to Zoon and talks about her favorite ice creams. Zoon agrees to go out with Indu but tells her she wont talk to her. Indu hides her smile and agrees.

Ritesh tells Rahul about Sameer leaving the shooting midway. Rahul tells if his attitude remains this then he will never get any offer from anyone. Then their car takes sudden turn when someone on the bike comes infront of them. The guy in the bike hit Rajender who is walking on the road then leaves the place. Ritesh and Rahul rushes to help him. Indu and Zoon comes to the place but fails to notice Rajender. Indu learns through a man someone hit a man and the other two is helping that injured man.

Precap: Indu meets Ritesh in the hospital. They both gets into an argument. Ritesh asks Indu is she is drunk again? Indu gets furious and scolds him. Later Zoon reminds Indu’s earlier words that father’s will be busy at day time and at night time they will be free that means Ritesh must be free to so asks Indu to call Ritesh. Ritesh receives a call from Zoon and the latter asks him to come and meet her. Indu opens the door and gets shocked seeing Ritesh outside.

The episode starts with Ritesh greets Kaamna. The latter shows him the newspaper and questions him what is this. Ritesh gets shocked and realises its Kadambari who is behind all this. Kaamna tells he will get good publicity out of it. Ritesh tells its not about publicity it’s about right and wrong. He also tells he chooses this life but not Zoon. He worries about her and tells Kaamna to file a case against Kadambari for the news she published it on her newspaper. Kaamna asks Ritesh to relax saying she will talk to Kadambari and makes him go to shoot. She then wonders Ritesh’s Ritesh’s behavior towards Indu and Zoon. Raina’s house everyone gets shocked and suprised seeing Zoon and Ritesh’s photo is in the newspaper.

Anjali tells Zoon become a superstar. Indu wonders is Ritesh is the one who behind all this? Rajender gets upset with news title. Sunita looks happy with the news thinking Indu and Ritesh are going towards in a relationship. Rahul and Ritesh are on their way to shoot. Rahul scolds Ritesh when the latter tells him that he sent a gift to Zoon. Rahul advices Ritesh that his special love and care for Zoon may land him in trouble.

Either Zoon’s family may try to use him for their own benefit or else they will lashes out at him worrying about Zoon’s unnecessarily popularity at this age. Ritesh asks Rahul to not to shout at him because now he understands what is he saying. In Raina’s house when the door bell rings Indu goes to open the door. Ritesh’s driver tells Indu that Ritesh sent a gift for Zoon. Sunita tells yesterday Ritesh send groceries for them now gift for Zoon and gets happy. Indu gets shocked and confused but takes the gift with her.

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