Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th July 2022 Written Update: Zoon’s question makes Indu helpless


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu telling after five years there may not be many thing that changed in the city. In Raina’s house so many things changed and Zoon brought so much happiness to the family. She also tells that her brother passed away in a car accident in Canada and his wife Asha is completely broken but she is staying strong. She also talks about her parents never ending fight also her mother’s wish to find her a partner. She then tells now she has become a RTO officer and says there are loans they have taken which they have to repay for this this job is really important and gets ready. She also tells that her Zoon is with her who is her everything. She then tells that she will show her Zoon and calls out her name and when she finds she isn’t there. She also tells that Zoon used to disappear and smiles.

Zoon will be seen with the kids who are playing. She gets happy when one of the kid makes the stone drops from it’s place using the ball. All the kids happily dances celebrating the kid’s victory. Vivek comes there and greets Zoon. Zoon greets him back and asks him what is he doing here. Vivek tells that he is here to meet her only. He then asks her why she isn’t playing with the other kids. Zoon tells that she cant able to walk properly so the kids refuse to accept her in their team. She also adds that the kids are making fun of her being a handicap also tells if her father is with her then she is sure her father must put these kids in their place by scolding them for making fun of her.

Vivek tells Zoon that her uncle is with her now and asks who is bothering her this much. Zoon tells its Nikhil. Nikhil comes to Vivek to take the play kit near him but Vivek refuses to give him and asks why he isn’t allowing Zoon to play with them. Nikhil makes fun of Zoon’s inability to walk properly and calls himself as a Hussain bolt so Vivek asks him to show his running speed and catches Nikhil’s shirt. Nikhil asks Vivek to not to do this. Nikhil tells Vivek to leave his shirt and the latter asks him to apologise to Zoon. Nikhil apologises and leaves the place.

Indu calls Zoon. Vivek wishes Zoon a good luck for her first day of school also asks her to let him know if anyone in the school bothers her. Indu readies Zoon for her school. Zoon tells how Vivek teaches Nikhil a lesson. She then tells how she can’t able to walk properly. Indu reminds her about doctor’s words that she will soon recover. Indu also tells that she is also wants to find the person who made her handicap and talks about the accident that happened two years back. Zoon asks her how she is going to find that person while drawing.

Indu makes Zoon’s things fall from the table. She apologises and takes everything that fallen from the table. She then finds Ritesh’s picture and questions Zoon. Zoon tells that she loves Ritesh so much and she is a big fan of him. She further tells if she have a father then he will spin her just like what Ritesh did in his last movie. Indu tells her mother is with her to do all this and spins her around which makes Zoon happy. Rahul does aarti for Ritesh and tells him that this film of him also going to be super hit.

Ritesh tells Rahul that he want his new car today itself. Rahul tells Ritesh that their worker is in the RTO office to register the car so he dont have to worry about it. He also tells him about his day plan. Ritesh goes to get ready. Indu asks Zoon to go out and be there with Rajender and Asha until she packs her things for school. She then sees Ritesh’s picture and recalls his film dialogue which made her to take Zoon with her and her life has changed so she thanks Ritesh also wishes him good luck.

Zoon reaches the school and gets sad seeing the kids are with their both parents. Indu comes there and gives her the kerchief which she left in the auto. She then asks Zoon why she looks sad. Zoon tells the kids are with both their parents but she has only her mother only. Indu tells she is both her father and mother and tells everyone having two is a common but she is special that’s why she is having both mother and father from her. Zoon remains upset but Indu makes her laugh then sends her inside the school. She goes to the RTO office where she signs the document of Ritesh’s car to give registration approval. She then asks Ritesh’s worker to help her get Ritesh’s photo copy with his autograph in it and the latter agrees then leaves the place.

Payal asks Indu that she want Ritesh autograph for Zoon only right also asks her when she is going to tell Zoon the truth that she is not her real mother. She also advices Indu to disclose the truth before Zoon learns through someone else. Indu gets stressed but determines to tell Zoon the truth real soon. In school one of the kid talk about her father and tells he is the best. The teacher askd Zoon to tell her about her father.

Nikhil tells that Zoon don’t have a father and the kids laughs at Zoon. Zoon tells that her mother is her father and she is special that’s why she have both her father and mother in one person. The kids makes fun of her. The teacher scolds the kids and makes Nikhil apologises to Zoon and warns the kids. Zoon looks on with tear filled eyes.

Precap: Anjali tells Indu that Zoon isn’t in the school over the phone call. Indu asks Anjali to go where Ritesh’s film opening is. Both Indu and Anjali searches for Zoon in the crowded mall who waits for Ritesh. Ritesh comes there and the audience goes crazy seeing him. Indu gets shocked and calls Zoon.

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