Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh and Kaamna accuses Indu


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh and Indu smiles at each other while Ritesh aiding the latter’s wound. Indu stares at Ritesh. Ritesh smiles and finishes the first aid then shows her thumbs up. Indu thanks him. Ritesh asks that’s the reason she get late. Indu says yes also complains about the traffic. Ritesh tells then she should have get ready to come here a little early. Indu gets shocked. She ignores Ritesh’s words and tells him that she is here to talk to him about something. Ritesh tells her he knows and asks her to say what she wants to. Indu hesitates she then asks Ritesh to forget about the argument and move on.

Ritesh thinks to himself Indu didn’t say sorry yet told everything that he should tell afterwards. He then tells Indu that he knows the argument should not have taken place but bringing his family and mother in that argument isnot at all right. He also tells her that he is sensitive about his family especially his mother. Indu tells Ritesh that she knows she made a mistake but it happened from both ends. Ritesh gets confused and asks what is she saying. Indu tells him that he shouldn’t have taken Zoon from school without her knowledge. Ritesh tells her he taken her with him for outing because of which she had this huge smile on her face. What he did bring smile on someone’s face but he can’t tell the same to Indu. Indu feels guilty so she apologises to Ritesh.

Ritesh gets happy. Indu then talks about Zoon to Ritesh. Ritesh gets mesmerized seeing her. Indu makes Ritesh come out of his trance and asks him is he even heard anything that she told him. Ritesh tells even he wants to apologises to her for taking Zoon for outing without her knowledge. Indu smiles. She then suggests that they can become friend and forwards her hand. Ritesh smiles and tells they both are different but there is nothing wrong becoming a friend and forwards his hand but Sameer comes there and calls Ritesh’s name. Ritesh and Indu withdraw their hand and looks at Sameer.

Sameer asks Ritesh is he going to the event? Ritesh gets confused and tells him that he is not going anywhere. Sameer asks then what is this by showing the pamphlets. Ritesh gets shocked and asks what kind of nonsense is this. He then asks Sameer where from he get this pamphlet. Sameer tells from the driver. Ritesh tells that he wont spare the one who behind this. He is going to ask Kaamna to file a case against the MRTO officers for going behind his back and doing all this. Kaamna comes there and tells she will file the case today itself and tells Ritesh this must be the way to loot money from him. Indu tells Ritesh and Kaamna they misunderstand everything and she will explain them as she is working there.

Ritesh gets shocked and asks what is she saying. Indu tells him she will explain him and tells that she is here to invite him for this event because her boss wanted him also his grand daughter who is a big fan of him…Kaamna interrupts Indu and tells her to stop her nonsense because Ritesh is not here to open an orphanage to take care of the kids. Indu pleads to let her explain. Ritesh asks her is she came here to apologises to him or to invite him. Indu tells for both.

Ritesh gets upset and tells Indu that everytime he tries to think about her as a good person she is doing something like this that is pushing him to hate her. Kaamna insults Indu. Ritesh tells Indu that he feels a connection towards Zoon it doesn’t mean he will allow her to use it against him for her own benefits and asks her for not to show her face to him then leaves the place.

Indu gets upset and decides to leave the house. Kaamna stops her and tells her to stop using Zoon to get closer to Ritesh because Ritesh may like children but it is like they all like stray animals who they meet in the road and share sometime but leave them there because that’s where they belonged so asks Indu to stop playing games. Indu gets furious and asks Kaamna to stop her nonsense and tells her Zoon is her everything so warns her not to say anything or compare her daughter with animals. Kaamna warns Indu to not to raise her voice against her and insults her. Indu reminds Kaamna that she is the one who forcing her to talk to her this way. She wanted to leave but she stopped her and created scene. She also tells Kaamna both Ritesh and her is capable of clearing their misunderstanding and warns Kaamna to not to cross her limits then leaves the place.

Kaamna gets angry. Sameer enjoys it from his place. He then provokes Kaamna against Indu and the latter tells him she is going to teach a lesson to her. Sameer gets a clue of Kadambari about her past and smirks happily. Other side Indu expresses her helpless situation to Vivek and decides to go to the office to prepare for the Independence Day celebration. Zoon and Anjali overhears the conversation and Zoon gets upset that because of Ritesh Indu is sad. Later Zoon calls Ritesh and pleads him to come and meet her because she need his help. Ritesh suggests to come to his home and he will send a driver. Zoon agrees.

Other side Indu tells Payal that she wants to inform their boss that Ritesh won’t attend this event and gets upset that she cant able to tell now because her boss went to an inspection where they don’t get proper network so he will come to the office next day.

Precap: Zoon wipes away Shakuntala’s tears and tells her to not to cry because her mother told crying is not a good thing. Ritesh tells Zoon that they can talk in his room and drags her with him but Zoon removes his hold from her and tells she wants to talk here in this room only and tries to go inside but misses her balance. Ritesh prevents her from falling to the ground. He then breaksdown infront of Zoon calling himself a bad guy saying he did wrong with his mother. Zoon wipes his tears and asks him to apologise to his mother for his mistakes. Ritesh goes inside the room with teary eyes. Shakuntala gets emotional.

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