Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st July 2022 Written Update: Indu-Zoon enjoys Ritesh’s success party


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu telling Ritesh’s mother she is happy meeting her then decides to leave but stops when her shawl gets stuck. She recalls the same happened to Zoon. She apologises to Ritesh’s mother and tells that her shawl gets stuck and whoever’s finger it gets stuck then they form a beautiful relationship. This is happened few years back and then realises what she is talking about then apologises to her and leaves the place. Ritesh’s mother smiles. Indu searches for Zoon in the party and worries where she is. She calls Vivek but his phone is in not reachable state so she wonders where to find Zoon.

Kaamna sees Indu from far and decides to go and find who she is but she gets stopped by one of their guests. Indu asks the waiter about Vivek’s whereabouts then leaves the place. Kaamna gets upset that she is unable to know who she is. Indu meets Vivek and Zoon. She asks him what happened to his mobile though. Vivek tells mobiles aren’t allowed here. Zoon tells her jeanie Ritesh gave her lots of chocolates icecream to have also he made a promise to take a selfie with her. She also talks about Kaamna and her behavior and calls her a bad aunty. Vivek asks Indu to not to worry because he handled the situation.

Zoon tells Indu that Ritesh promised to find her a father.. Indu asks her not to talk stupid things like this. Zoon tells her that what she told is true. Indu becomes speechless. She then changes the topic and asks her to go with her to home but Zoon refuses and pleads her to wait until she takes a selfie with Ritesh. Indu refuses and tells her it will be past bed time also Rajender waiting for her as he made her favorite dish for dinner. Zoon refuses and pleads Indu. Vivek also asks Indu to wait until the family performances of Malhotra’s are over. Indu agrees to stay which makes Zoon happy. Ritesh comes to the party area and searches for Zoon.

Pankaj comes there and congratulates Ritesh for his successful movie. Ritesh also thanks him and his family for being his support system and handling everything. Pankaj then introduces the well known writer to Ritesh. Ritesh talks about the writer’s role in a film or a drama. He calls the writer’s are backbone. The writer praises Ritesh and then Ritesh agrees to meet him the next day to discuss about the story for his next film. He then makes an excuse and goes to his room to find his mobile to take a selfie with Zoon.

In Raina’s house Rajender asks Sunita to taste the food he made for dinner. He then sees Sunita is upset and Neelam is with her. He asks what happened. Neelam tells him that he won’t understand. Sunita tells how their neighbor didn’t invited them to their house function. Rajender takes it lightly which leads Neelam to say this is what she told before. Rajender leave the place. Neelam tells Sunita that she warned her not to keep Zoon with them because of which now they are facing trouble. She also tells the society people are calling Zoon as Indu and Mahesh’s illegitimate child.

Sunita gets upset. Asha scolds Neelam but the latter gets angry and leaves the house. Other side Rahul takes Ritesh to the party area from his room saying the dance performance of Malhotra’s are about to start. Here Rajender asks Sunita to not to pay attention to Neelam’s words but Sunita tells that she won’t let her daughter life get ruined because of Zoon. Rajenderv reminds her she is the one who stopped Indu from officially adopting Zoon and advices her to ignore the society people words.

Sunita tells she can’t and wont ignore because they are living in this society also she will make sure they will live with the society’s rules not against it and for that she will do anything shocking Rajender. Kaamna gives a speech about the reason behind the party then welcomes Ritesh on the stage. She praises him. Then they both expresses the love and respect they have for each other then Kaamna tells that the Malhotra’s dance performance is about to start.

Kaamna and Pankaj starts their performance followed by Vivaan Sameer Dolly and Deep. Ritesh joins them and they all dances happily together with everyone. Kaamna sees Pankaj so she stops dancing then brings Shakuntala to stage and they all dances around her. Ritesh watches her from far and gets emotional. Indu gets happy seeing Zoon’s happy. Vivek tells Indu its Ritesh’s mother. Indu tells it’s strange how they thinks someone’s life is so perfect from far but after watching them closely then realises even their lives aren’t perfect also its proven money isn’t everything.

Kaamna announces Ritesh’s film success to everyone and tells Ritesh that she is happy to be a part of his family and asks the guests to enjoy the party. The reporter comes but fails to bring the ID card so the security and receptionist refuses to let him in. Zoon pleads Indu that they can stay until she takes selfie with Ritesh. Indu tells her that they are going to the house and it’s her final decision. She then makes Zoon sit near a stool and takes her mobile out to book a cab. Kaamna comes there and catches Indu’s hand. Indu gets hurt so asks her to leave her hand.

Kaamna insults her and asks her who she is. Indu asks her not to treat her like a thief but Kaamna tells her she will which shocks Indu. Vivek comes there and apologises to Kaamna. Kaamna gets furious and threatens Vivek to snatch his job also make sure he won’t get any other outside. Indu and Vivek gets shocked.

Precap: Indu and Ritesh have a conversation. Sameer comes there and tries to misbehave with Indu. Ritesh warns Sameer. Indu gets scared of Sameer so she hides behind Ritesh.

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