Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st November 2022 Written Update: Indu blames herself for Asha’s disappearance


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sameer goes to Asha and asks her is she okay? And tells her that the next day lawyer is coming here and she has to sign the papers. He further tells her in that paper it’s mentioned that Asha has no connection with either Kadambari nor Vimal Patel. In this paper it also added that she filed a case against Kadambari because of Ritesh’s insistence then she is free to go.

Asha looks at him with tear filled eyes and shakes her head no. Sameer tells Asha if she refuses to sign those papers then he can easily kill her and get rid off her and get the property so it’s better if she signs the paper and save her life. He then tells her that he is leaving now will meet her tomorrow with the papers. In Malhotra’s house Ritesh pleads with Indu to stay strong for the sake of Zoon and family members. Indu decides to call the Raina’s but gets shocked when she saw there are missed calls from Asha.

She decides to call back and Ritesh also urges her to do the same. Indu calls Asha and the latter’s phone starts vibrating which sounds echo throughout the room which makes Asha feel helpless and worried. Sameer who is about to leave the place get stopped and wonders whose phone is vibrating. He enters where Asha is tied and starts searching the phone. He grows furious seeing Asha’s mobile in her hand. Sameer demands an explanation and Asha tells him it’s her personal phone. Sameer threatens to kill her after she signs the paper for trying to outsmart him then leaves the place. Indu informs Asha’s phone get disconnected and worries about her. She again calls but gets worried finding the number is switched off.

Indu blames herself for whatever happening. She also says that Asha must be in trouble. Ritesh scolds Indu for blaming herself. He then decides to call the commissioner to see if he can help them. He informs the commissioner everything and decides to send him Asha’s number as per his suggestion. Both Ritesh and Indu worries and wonders about Asha’s safety and whereabouts.

Vivek informs Sunita that Rajender went to bed after having his medicine so suggests Sunita to do the same. Sunita who is standing infront of God’s idol faces Vivek and tells him that Asha used to remind her about her medicines. She even kept an alarm in her phone. Not even once she cared about her and been there for the family. When she suggested her (Asha) to marry someone Asha refused saying love happens once and it happened for her with her (Sunita) son.

Sunita further says God always put people like Asha in so much trouble and refuses to go to bed saying she is going to pray for Asha. Vivek recalls the moments he shared with Asha and gets sad. In Malhotra’s house Indu and Ritesh discusses that Asha must be in trouble for sure that’s the reason she tried contacting them. Indu recalls Meghna’s words to stay alert and tells Ritesh about her suspicions on Sameer. Ritesh also realises it must be Sameer who is behind all of this. Sameer enters the house. Ritesh stops Sameer and asks him where he went. Sameer refuses to tell him anything which angers Ritesh.

Indu tells Sameer to not to do anything with Asha as his and Kadambari’s enmity is with her not with Asha and pleads him to tell her about Asha’s whereabouts. Sameer talks ill about Asha and says that he doesn’t know where Asha is. He further threatens to send Ritesh behind the bars if he ever tries to touch him again. Ritesh takes a threatening step towards Sameer but Indu stops him and tells him they should focus on finding Asha.

Vivaan comes there and says to Ritesh and Indu that Sameer was with him in his pub as they both were having drinks though. Sameer gets surprised for Vivaan is lying to Ritesh to save him. Vivaan then takes Sameer inside with him. Sameer thanks Vivaan and the latter suggests to have drink which Sameer obliges. Vivaan and Sameer have drinks together.

Vivaan pours more alchohol and makes Sameer consume it. Sameer expresses his hatred for Ritesh and says that he finally thought using Kadambari he can get rid off Ritesh but Asha came in between. Vivaan persuades more information. Sameer tells him about the paper which he made and Asha is going to sign. He also admits that he is the one who kidnapped Asha and kept her in Anderi but passes out before he learns about the exact place.

Asha recalls the moments she shared with Vivek and the Raina’s and pleads with God to give them strength to fight against this hard time. Vivaan goes to Ritesh and Indu and tells them everything he learned from Sameer Sameer which shocks both of them. Just then Ritesh also receives Asha’s phone location from commissioner. Both Ritesh and Indu decides to go there and asks Vivaan to stay with Sameer and let them know anything if he learns related to Asha. Ritesh Indu and Vivek comes to the location where Asha is.

Indu suggests to break the lock of a room saying she have a feeling Asha must be here but both Ritesh and Vivek thinks to search for Asha up stairs. Asha makes herself fall to the ground to stop them leaving the place. Indu Indu Ritesh and Vivek stops. Vivek breaks the lock and finds Asha. They all unties her. Both Asha and Indu hugs each other. Asha tells them about Sameer’s plan.

Precap: Ritesh suggests that they should leave Asha here to make Sameer and Kadambari believe they are one step a head and using that opportunity they have to prove Asha is Vinoth Patel’s daughter. Asha tells them in order to prove that one of them have to go to Bangalore. Ritesh looks on confused.

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