Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st September 2022 Written Update: Kadambari learns Zoon is her daughter


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh asks Zoon where is favorite puzzle which they can do it together and sees her sad. He asks her the reason behind it. Zoon tells Ritesh that he wants to ask Indu something. Ritesh looks at her. In the car Vivaan asks Kaamna whether her plan worked or not. Kaamna tells that she doesn’t know but she will call the officer. Bhavna informs Kaamna that Indu came to meet Zoon but Ritesh stopped her. Kaamna gets shocked and says to Vivaan that she dont want Zoon to tell Ritesh what she told her. She asks Vivaan to hurry up to CAA center. Ritesh asks Zoon what she wants to ask to Indu.

Zoon is about to say something but Kaamna comes there and calls Ritesh’s name. Ritesh asks her what is she doing here. Kaamna enters the room and asks Zoon to have milk and dinner and Bhavna is here to take her to dining room. Zoon tells she isn’t interested in having milk. Kaamna says to Zoon having milk will make her strong even Ritesh have milk though. Ritesh also says to Zoon that he have milk. Zoon obliges to have milk and goes with Bhavna. Kaamna tells Ritesh that she came to meet Zoon earlier by bringing snacks and all for her.

Ritesh thanks her for doing all this. He then shares his worries about Zoon who is asking for Indu and he learnt Indu’s true face when she told the court that she kept Zoon with her against her own will so he isn’t going to let Indu meet Zoon at any cost. Kaamna acts and asks her to hurry the adoption process. Ritesh tells her his is trying. Kaamna then gives an idea to conduct a children’s party to lift up Zoon’s mood. Ritesh likes the idea so he and Kaamna goes to take Gayatri’s permission. Gayatri hesitates but gives into Ritesh’s request. Ritesh thanks her and tells her he will take care of all the arrangements.

In Raina’s Atul tells their first priority is to bail out Indu which happened now they have to do something so that they can take Zoon with them legally. Indu tells Atul it will take time but she wants to meet her daughter once so pleads him to do something. Atul decides to call the CAA center. He tells Gayatri about Indu’s state and asks her permission to let Indu meet Zoon.

Gayatri gets interrupted by Bhavna who comes there and tells her in order to conduct a party Ritesh was clearing things from the living room. Gayatri asks her to let Ritesh do what he wants. She then tells Atul that she cant help Indu to meet Zoon the cuts the call. Anjali tells it’s unfair. Indu tells Anjali let them do what they want but today she will meet Zoon at any cost and no one can stop her.

Later Vivek and Indu are in the car. Vivek confirms with his junior about the party arrangements over the phone call. He then informs Indu that he have a perfect plan and no one can stop her from meeting Zoon today. Indu tells Vivek that because of the promise she made to Sunita she didnt adopt her legally and that lead her and Zoon in this situation. All this while she is worried about Zoon’s Zoon’s reaction knowing she is not her real mother but now she wants to tell her the truth before anyone else can.

Vivek encourages her to do the same saying after that their relationship will become more strong. Kadambari comes to Indu’s house and introduces herself as Indu’s college friend Juhi. Sunita invites her inside. Other side Rajender informs Asha about meeting Kadambari in a restaurant after all this years and shares his worries with her about Indu and Zoon. Asha gets shocked by Rajender’s revelation.

In CAA center Ritesh and Rahul praises the event managers effort for this party also his idea to call artists who acts as clowns. Indu and Vivaan reaches the centre disguising themselves as clowns. Ritesh tells them to entertain all the kids but for Zoon’s happines is more important for him as he is conducting this party for her only so asks them to make her happy. Both Indu and Vivek signs at Ritesh then leaves the place. Kadambari sees Indu and Zoon’s photo frame. She recalls her encounters with Zoon also posting about Ritesh and Zoon. She asks Sunita is Zoon is Indu’s daughter?

Sunita says no and tells how Indu took Zoon from the bus where a lady gave birth to Zoon and left her. Since then Indu is taking care of Zoon as her real daugher. She also tells now Zoon is in CAA center because Indu didn’t adopt her legally. Kadambari gets shocked. Rajender comes home but he fails to notice Kadambari. Sunita scolds him and takes him to meet Kadambari. They both finds no one is there. Sunita wonders why she left all of sudden.

Ritesh brings Zoon to the party venue. Zoon gets happy seeing the arrangements. Ritesh then tells her clowns are also here which makes Zoon more happy. Indu and Vivek comes there and dances with the kids. Indu gets emotional seeing Zoon so she decides to go to her but Vivek Vivek stops her. Ritesh brings Zoon nearby the clowns who are Vivek and Indu. Indu gets emotional but dances with Zoon and Ritesh. Ritesh and Zoon smiles happily.

Precap: Kaamna sees Vivek and realises Indu must be around so she goes to alert Ritesh. Zoon asks Indu to smile. Indu hugs Zoon and tells her she is her mother and no one can change this truth. Ritesh and Kaamna comes to Zoon’s room and asks her to open the door. Kaamna acts and tells Ritesh that they have to open the door. They both enters the room and looks on.

The episode starts with Gayatri goes to Zoon and says there is someone who comes to meet her. Zoon asks is it her mother? Gayatri tells no and points at Kaamna. Kaamna comes there with a bag full of her favorite chocolates and pastries. She then requests Gayatri to let her spend some time with Zoon. Gayatri leaves the place. Kaamna asks her what she is going to eat first. Zoon tells that she wants to eat but she is waiting for Indu. Kaamna acts and asks Zoon where Indu is? Zoon tells her that Indu is coming in another vehicle. Kaamna mocks at Zoon’s innocence and tells her that Indu is lying to her all this while and she wont come to meet her.

Zoon tells that she knows Indu will come to meet her which is confirmed by Ritesh also and shows her the drawing she made. Kaamna tells Zoon that Indu isn’t her real mother and the one who gave birth left her on the road and Indu kept her with her all this while. Zoon recalls Indu’s advice to not to trust anyone who tells her they are not mother and daughter. She tells Kaamna that Indu already told her that bad people will tell her this and she wont believe her. She further adds if she badmouths about Indu then she wont talk to her.

Kaamna tells her the truth wont change at all and says to her in this centre the children who are with her will be taken by parents who piti them and takes with them to proved shelter but in her case that’s also hard because she has crutchers in her leg. Zoon starts crying and calls out Indu and Ritesh for help saying she dont want to talk to Kaamna. Kaamna mocks at Zoon then leaves the place. Zoon cries.

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