Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Asha refuses to leave abandoned place to help Indu, Ritesh


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Indu tells Asha that she won’t let anything happen to her and hugs her. Ritesh tells that he can’t risk by leaving Sameer outside so he will talk to Commissioner to arrest Sameer. Indu decides to take Asha out but Vivek tells that they have to take Asha to home. Asha refuses to leave the place which shocks and confuses everyone. Indu asks her what is she saying.

Asha asks what they are going to get in return if they takes her home. Indu and Vivek tells that Sameer will be punished severely. Asha asks after that what happen? Ritesh tells that he understands what Asha is saying and tells Kadambari will use her influence to bail out Sameer and they both will once again plan something against them and their life will be at risk. Vivek asks what he is saying. Ritesh tells if they leave Asha here then Sameer and Kadambari will think they both are in control and remain calm meawhile they will get some time. Indu asks why they need time though.

Ritesh tells her they have to prove Asha and Kadambari is step sisters and Vinod Patel is their father. Asha says for this one of them has to go to Bangalore. Indu asks for what reason. Asha tells all her documents are there only. Indu tells they can get the documents but she can’t put her life in risk. Asha pleads with Indu to understand the situation and agrees to this. Ritesh also promises not to let anything happen to Asha so asks her to agree with this plan.

Indu cries and says she can’t put her life at risk. Asha and Ritesh convinces Indu. Vivek worries Sameer might find out they broke the lock. Ritesh suggests to buy a lock similar and keep one key with them also asks Indu to replace Sameer’s keys with their’s which Indu agrees. Vivek suggests to make sure the room remains how it looked like before. He also tells that he won’t let anything happen to Asha. Ritesh praises Asha for her bravery. Asha tells that she will do anything for Zoon. Indu and Asha shares a hug and gets emotional.

Vivek meets Indu in Malhotra’s mansion and tells that he brought a new lock similar to the previous one. Indu worries that Sameer may find out but Vivek assures her nothing suvh won’t happen and asks her to replace the keys without Sameer’s knowledge. Indu obliges. Vivek then enquires about Ritesh and Indu informs him that he went Bangalore with Rahul. She then shares her worries about Asha’s safety. Vivek tells her that he won’t let anything happen to Asha and he will be around Asha also tells his plan to give her another mobile to contact him at any time.

Vivek then asks Indu to be cautious then leaves the place. Vivaan comes out and sees Vivek. He asks about Vivek visiting the house. Indu tells Vivaan what happened. She then tells him that she has to exchange the keys. Vivaan assures Indu to exchange the keys and asks him to throw a party in order to thank him. Indu agrees. Vivaan goes to Sameer’s room. Sameer in his intoxicated state tells that he won’t spare anyone. Vivaan wonders where to find the keys. He then decides to find the keys which Sameer must kept it in his wallet so he searches for his wallet. Sameer holds Vivvan’s hand and the latter gets worried but then removes his hand from Sameer’s. Sameer turns the other side.

Vivaan sees his wallet under the pillow. He exchanges the key and gets happy. Later Asha sees someone is opening the door and gets relived finding Vivek. She expresses the same to Vivek. She also thanks Vivek for taking care of Sunita and Rajender and wishes to meet them. Vivek tells her that Rajender sent food for her also how Sunita get upset with her decision to risk her life so that they can bring back Zoon from Sameer and Kadambari.

After lots of explanation and persuasion only Sunita agrees with her decision that too half heartedly. Asha expresses how much she misses Sunita and Rajender. Vivek apologises to Asha saying because of him only she is forced to disclose her identity also put her life at risk. Asha asks him not to and says that she can happily sacrifice her life for Zoon and family. Vivek asks her not to say anything such and assures her he will save her at any cost.

Sameer comes to where he kept Asha. He talks to Kadambari on the call and assures her that he will make sure Asha signs the papers though. He approaches the door which is in unlock state. Inside the room Vivek gives Asha a mobile in an off condition and asks to contact if she feels something is wrong. He then asks her to have food.

Asha worries that Sameer can come here at any time. Vivek assures her if anything such happens he will manage the situation. Sameer who is on call with Kadambari approaching the door realises that he forget to bring the papers so he goes out to bring. Meanwhile Vivek comes out and gets shocked seeing Sameer approaching the door so he locks the door and hides himself. Sameer unlocks the lock and goes inside using that opportunity Vivek leaves the place.

Later Indu is on call with Vivek learns everything and gets relived they are safe now. She also tells him that she didn’t get any information from Ritesh once she learns she will let him know for sure. Dolly asks Indu why she didnt told her anything and says they are family and family is to help one another in times like this. Zoon comes from school and calls Indu. Dolly asks Zoon what happened on behalf of Indu. Zoon tells the school asked her to change her name and gives the form. Indu gets shocked seeing the papers. Zoon tells that she likes her name so she dont want to change it. Indu tells Dolly to ask Zoon if she have faith in both her genie papa and mouj? Zoon nods yes. Indu assures then her name wont change.

Ritesh comes there with documents and assures the same to Zoon. Zoon gets happy and thanks Ritesh. Ritesh wishes to hug Zoon so Dolly does it for him then takes Zoon inside. Indu gets happy seeing Asha’s birthcertificate and all the other documents to prove Asha is Vinod Patel’s daughter. She hugs Ritesh out of happiness. Ritesh hesitates to hug her back. Indu realises and creates a distance between them. They both looks at each other.

Precap: Sameer forces Asha to sign the papers but the latter refuses so he offers ten percent of property for which also Asha refuses which leads Sameer crazy so he tortures Asha. Ritesh Indu and Vivek comes there. Sameer gets shocked seeing them. Ritesh holds Sameer’s shirt angrily.

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