Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 25th November 2022 Written Update: Indu is in dilemma


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The episode starts with Asha asks Sunita about Rajender. Sunita tells that he went to meet his friends whose health is not well. She then asks Asha how she managed to stay in that room without being afraid where she was held by Sameer. Deep arrives there and tells he will tell the reason behind Asha’s bravery. Sunita and Asha greets Deep. Deep tells the one who faces situation like this will become brave enough to handle situation like this. Sunita goes inside to bring him drink. Sameer then apologises to Asha on behalf of Sameer.

Asha says that he doesn’t need to apologise because it’s not his mistake. Deep tells it may not him but it’s one of his family members so it’s responsibility to apologises to her on behalf of Sameer. He then suggests Asha to take a week leave but Asha refuses saying she is perfectly fine. Deep then asks her to do work from home for a week which Asha agrees. Sunita serves his pleasantries. Deep then tells Asha and Sunita that he can’t go back and stop whatever happened to Asha but he can compensate and gives Asha a cheque. Asha refuses to take the cheque it’s not necessary.

Deep pleads but Asha remains stubborn which leads the former to praise her then asks her to take care of herself then leaves the house promising to visit some other day. Sunita tells Asha that they all are from same family yet there is so much difference between them. She compares Sameer with Ritesh and Deep then calls Sameer as a monster. Asha expresses her wish that Sameer rot in jail for what he has done with her. In Malhotra’s mansion Deep enters the house. He sees the food is left untouched. Indu and Ritesh comes there.

Deep suggests Ritesh to join with him to have dinner. Ritesh refuses saying he isn’t hungry. Indu asks Ritesh to not to show his anger on her in food. Ritesh scolds Indu. Kaamna arrives there and about to say something but Ritesh asks her not to because she lost the rights to speak the moment she trapped Indu using Zoon. He further says about Sameer’s actions and calls him a monster also says if she has seen what he done to Asha that he is sure she would never become this determined to bail him out.

Kaamna tells Ritesh that she is not blind and she knows everything but it doesn’t mean that she will let her son suffer in jail. She also smiles at him mockingly and tells that he don’t have any idea about a mother’s love for her child. Zoon comes there and watches everything that’s happening. Ritesh notices it and tells Kaamna that he isn’t going to create any scene infront of Zoon by not giving her the reply which she needed the most and leaves the place. Deep assures Indu that he will handle Zoon and takes her inside her room.

Ritesh recalls about the sufferings Asha went through because of Sameer also Kaamna’s demand which Indu agrees by swearing on Zoon and gets upset. Indu goes to him and asks him why he is behaving like this towards everyone around him when his anger is on her. Because of his behavior Zoon is scared and the situation they are in she can’t even able to go and pacify Zoon. Ritesh accuses Indu for whatever happening now. He also reminds her about Asha’s sufferings and asks what’s the need to oblige Kaamna’s demands.

Indu tells if she hadn’t done that then Kaamna would have taken Zoon with her and she want Zoon infront of her all the time. Ritesh tells her that he was also there so he would have never allowed Kaamna to take Zoon with her and tells her Zoon is his daughter too. He then scolds her for doing whatever she thinks is right and warns her that she may regret about her decisions and leaves the place. Indu cries and tells that she dont whether she should help Kaamna to get Sameer’s bail or not because both Ritesh and Vivek is against this.

Later Asha is in a call with Anjali. Anjali asks Asha about the family members. Asha assures everyone is fine also she is having sleeping troubles so Anjali suggest her to consult a doctor. Anjali also tells Asha her plan to bring the entire family to the place she is currently visiting once every thing is sort out. Asha then hears a door bell so asks Anjlai to be on line and went to open the door. She gets shocked seeing Sameer at her doorstep.

She drops her phone. Anjali gets worried. Sameer enters the house. Sunita stops Sameer from advancing towards Asha and asks him how he comes out prison. Sameer tells he get bail which shocks them both. Anjali realises it’s Sameer who is in the house so she calls Vivaan and informs him everything and pleads him to help her. Vivaan assures her and rushes out.

Sameer tells Asha and Sunita when he is in jail he realised what he done is wrong. Out of greediness he is even ready to choke Asha to death which is not right and beats himself. Asha and Sunita looks scared. Sameer then laughs and says that he made a mistake by not killing Asha that time because of which he suffered a lot but he wont repeat the same mistake and takes a fork in his hand and tells Asha that now no one is going to come to her rescue.

Sunita decides to call Indu. Sameer pushes her down. Asha scolds him for his behavior. Sameer charges towards Asha but Sunita tries to stop him. Vivaan comes there and saves Asha and Sunita from Sameer. He then manipulates Sameer saying now he should focus on Kadambari’s will once everything sorted out ask him to do whatever he wants. Sameer agrees and leaves the place. Vivaan apologizes to Asha and Sunita then leaves the place.

Indu receives a call from Sunita and learns whatever happened. She sees Sameer is entering the house so she confronts him for visiting her house. Sameer mocks at her and goes to his room. Indu gets upset. She then thanks Vivaan then goes to see Asha and Sunita. Vivek visits Sunita and Asha. They all wonders who made possible for Sameer’s bail. Indu arrives there. Vivek asks her is she is behind Sameer’s bail. Indu cries and says that she dont have any other option hence she decides to bail out Sameer which shocks Asha Sunita and Vivek.

Precap: Sameer on the call asks someone after he counts upto three asks to switch off the lights. He then sees Indu on the corridor. He counts upto three. The light goes off. Indu wonders what’s happening. Someone pushes Indu down who is near the steps. Zoon wakes up from her sleep shouting Mauj.

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