Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th July 2022 Written Update: Zoon gets heartbroken by Ritesh’s arrest


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Zoon walking on the rain alone. The auto driver sees Zoon. He goes to her. Zoon asks the auto driver where the Superstar Ritesh’s house. The auto driver asks her the reason behind her plan to visit Ritesh’s house. Zoon tells that Ritesh promised her to find her a father also she wants to tell him that he is good boy. The auto driver tells her that he will take her to Ritesh’s house. Zoon tells that her mother told her not to go with any unknown person. The auto driver introduces himself to her and asks her name. He also asks her is there anyone who is with her. Zoon tells her no. Heera tells her that he is also a big fan of Ritesh by pointing at his poster and tells now they are friends so she can trust him.

Zoon agrees to go with him. The auto driver puts her safely inside the auto and drives off. In Raina’s house Rajender asks Anjali what does she mean that Zoon is nowhere to found. Anjali tells them that she and Zoon together made a paper mic because Zoon wants to tell everyone that Ritesh is a good boy. Before that she received a call from someone so she went inside to answer it but when she comes out Zoon isn’t there so she went to park and Nikhil’s house but Zoon is also not there. Sunita scolds Anjali for not doing any work properly and using mobile so much. Rajender asks both of them to stop arguing and focus on finding Zoon.

Asha comes there and learns Zoon is missing so she calls Indu. Indu gets shocked learning Zoon is not in the house. Vivek also gets shocked. Other side Rahul tells Pankaj through a phone call the investigation is still going on and they aren’t telling him anything. He then hears cops vehicle siren and tells the same to Pankaj. Sameer happily smirks. Ritesh gets shocked seeing the cops who comes there with an arrest warrant. Ajay tells Ritesh’s lawyer to apply for bail if he gets one then they will bail him out and takes him with them.

Zoon questions Heera why its taking so long to reach Ritesh’s house also the path they are going is not familiar. Heera tells her its because he is using a shortcut to reach Ritesh’s house. Zoon gets happy. Indu comes to home and asks Rajender and Asha whether they found about Zoon’s whereabouts. They both says no and tells Sunita and Anjali went to search for Zoon in their surroundings.

Ritesh comes out with the cops beside him. The media tries to reach him out and demands him to answer their questions. One men loses his cool and throws slipper at him. Ritesh gets sad and gets into the car. Sunita scolds the society people for bad mouthing about her daughter Indu who is brave enough to bring an orphan to their hom and taking good care of her and giving her a mother’s love which they can never able to do. She then tells them that she had enough of hearing their words against Indu and vows to get Indu married within a month.

Indu comes there and shouts maa. She asks Sunita what’s happening here. Sunita tells the people here are badmouthing about her and provoked her like this. Indu asks her to ignore them and asks her whether she find out about Zoon’s whereabouts. Sunita says no and angrily says even she wishes that Zoon never return home. Indu gets shocked and tells Sunita that Zoon is her daughter and how could she say things like this though. Rajender comes there and tells Indu she received an unknown number call who wants to talk to her about Zoon. Indu answers the call and gets shocked hearing what the other person is telling her.

Indu and Vivek reaches where Zoon is. Indu hugs her and tells her how much she is worried. The auto driver tells Indu that Zoon is a smart kid and she helped him learn that she is working in a RTO office and that’s how he found her number. Indu thanks him for his help. She then realises Zoon is having a fever so she decides to take her to the hospital but the latter refuses and tells her that she wants to meet Ritesh and tell him he is a good boy. Indu scolds her and threatens to punish her.

One of the reporter says that Ritesh get arrested shocking Zoon. Zoon faints which worries Indu. Ritesh reaches the police station. Ajay mocks at him when Ritesh asks a glass of water. He then instructs others to use back side gate only till the time Ritesh is here. The doctor checks up Zoon and says to Raina’s that Zoon is a sensitive kid and she thinks Ritesh is a jeanie who can solve all her problems also he can only able to get her her father. Indu blames herself for taking Zoon to films which made her addicted to Ritesh but the doctor tells it’s not because of Ritesh but because Zoon missing her father. She then asks them to call her if they needs her then leaves the house.

Rajender asks Indu to have food but the latter refuses and decides to go to her room. Indu and Sunita stares at each other then Indu goes inside. Rahul comes to the station with the lawyer. He tells Ritesh he have no other option but to spend a night in the jail because they didn’t get bail. Ritesh gets shocked and handover all his things to the police. He then gets upset the cops around him takes selfies with him. Asha and Vivek have a conversation. Vivek asks her to stop hurting her and move on.

Indu comes there and tells that she dont know how to stop Zoon from fangirling over Ritesh. She then sees the id cards of the waiter falling from Vivek’s pocket and the latter tells her except one waiter he talked to all the waiter and the head waiter name is Rajesh who went to his village. Indu looks at the ID card and recalls the waiter entering her house and looks on.

Precap: Ritesh stays aside inside the prison and the men who are already staying inside makes fun of him. Ritesh scares them off. Vivaan asks Sameer that he didn’t left any proof against him right. Sameer gets shocked when he couldn’t find the spy camera. Indu and Vivek reaches Rajesh’s house and confronts him why he lied that he went to his village while he is here only. Indu closes the door. Rajesh looks scared.

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