Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th October 2022 Written Update: Zoon gets permission to apply mehendi on her hand


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh gives the towel to dry Zoon’s teacher. The teacher says it’s not needed. Ritesh tells it’s not a big deal. He then talks about their school which is planning to give education for under privilege kids. The teacher tells Ritesh that their work is stopped because nowadays even education through also people wanted money. Ritesh expresses his disappointment towards those people and tells the teacher his plan to donate fifty lakhs and assures her he isn’t giving any fake commitment which makes the teacher happy so the teacher thanks him also allows Zoon to apply mehendi on her hand.

Indu arrives there but Ritesh fools her and leaves the place. Vivek goes to Asha and tells her that she can apply mehendi whenever she wants to if she moves on from her this state. Asha tells him that she already told him she dont want to talk about this then leaves the place which upsets Vivek. Indu goes to Ritesh who is near Zoon and takes him to her room saying she wants to talk to him about marriage related matter. After entering the room Indu scolds Ritesh for donating huge amount to the school ton fulfill Zoon’s wish.

Ritesh defends himself and says that he donated on his own will and not any hidden meaning behind it. Indu questions him which makes Ritesh speechless. She then tells Ritesh that she don’t want him to spoil Zoon with his money and make her believe she can use money to bend the rules on her own. Ritesh asks her not to create a drama over small matters also stop acting like Zoon’s own mother because she is not which shocks and hurts Indu. They both gets interrupted by a knock on the door so Ritesh goes to see who is on the other side.

Anjali comes and asks Ritesh to go with her so that he can apply mehendi on his hand. Ritesh refuses but Anjali insists. He looks back at Indu whose eyes are tear filled and leaves the room. Anjali goes to Indu and sees her wiping the tears so asks her are they both had a fight again. She also asks is she okay. Indu tells she is fine and no need to worry about her then leaves the room.

Later Zoon comes to Indu and shows her the mehendi she applied on her hand and asks how it looks on her hand. Indu smiles and tells that it looks beautiful on her hand. She then asks where Ritesh is. Ritesh arrives there and tells he is here. Zoon asks Ritesh to show his mehendi. Ritesh shows in which Zoon written with a heart in it. Indu also shows her mehendi as per Zoon’s request and Zoon gets happy seeing Indu also written her name. She tells she loves them both. Indu and Ritesh kisses her cheek and Zoon smiles.

Zoon then shows Indu and Ritesh the other side. They both gets shocked seeing Kadambari there. Indu rushes there. Ritesh asks Anjali to be with Zoon then goes to where Kadambari is though. Indu asks Kadambari what is she doing here. Kadambari tells her that she is here to meet her daughter Zoon. Indu refuses to give permission to her. Kadambari acts and pleads with Indu to let her meet Zoon.

Ritesh gets furious and asks Kadambari to not to create any scene and leave the place. Media records the video from outside the house but no one notices it. Kadambari tells Indu that she has to let her meet her daughter and not behave with her this way. Indu tells her that she is requesting her to leave only.

Kadambari tells her that she knows that she suffered from a heart attack after discharged she came here directly to meet her daughter Zoon because she is the only one she have. She also tells Ritesh that super star like him will never understand a mother’s love for her child also tells even Indu can’t able to understand because it’s her who gave birth to Zoon. Indu feels helpless when the guests starts talking about it.

Kadambari goes to Sunita and pleads her to let Indu understand a mother’s love for her child. She then goes and held Indu’s leg and pleads her to give her daughter back also now she is marrying Ritesh she can have her kid on her own though. Sameer comes there and gets shocked seeing Kadambari there. He asks her why she is here instead of taking rest and tells her that they can talk about this later and takes her with him. Indu Ritesh and the entire family looks worried. Sameer scolds Kadambari for going to the Raina’s instead of taking rest after suffering from a heart attack.

Kadambari tells him that she is perfectly fine and whatever she did all this while is just a drama which shocks Sameer. She also tells that she did this to get public sympathy. Sameer gets upset and asks her how could she hide this from him and reminds her that he is supporting her since day one. Kadambari apologises to him and tells him that she dont want to take any risk also she wanted his care for her to look real to gain public support. Her lawyer tells they needed this most as their case is too weak.

Kadambari promises Sameer to not to hide anything from him anymore. Sameer praises her acting skills. In Raina’s house Anjali shows the video of Kadambari going viral also getting support. Ritesh tells the Raina’s its one of the publicity stunt to get public support. Indu indirectly taunts Ritesh. Swati reads the comments under the video which is against Indu and asks how can someone write such things though. Her assistant supports Kadambari and wishes that Kadambari gets her daughter back. Swati gets confused and looks at the video.

Precap: Zoon applies Haldi on Ritesh and Indu. Ritesh applies Haldi on Zoon and the latter smiles happily. Kadambari gets worried seeing Indu and Ritesh’s haldi ceremony. She tells Sameer they have to do something. Sameer gives her an idea and Kadambari agrees to it. Later Kadambari decks up herself as a bride and looks at her reflection in the mirror.

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