Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Sameer traps Shivangi


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh entering his room followed by Indu and Kaamna. He takes his laptop. He asks her to show the proof which she has. Ritesh and Kaamna watches the video. The other side Sunita worries that Indu isn’t here yet. Rajender tells Sunita to not to worry because Indu told her that she will come on time. Don’t she have faith on her daughter? Sunita tells she believes her but because of her doings in the recent days she is worried. Rajender assures Sunita that Indu will reach the house on time.

Anjali comes there and asks Sunita to give her a cup of tea because she is too tired. Sunita scolds her for ruining the sofa arrangements and asks her to go inside. She also asks her not to let Zoon come out of her house. Rajender gets shocked hearing it but doesn’t say anything. Other side Ritesh comes out of his room followed by Kaamna and Indu. He tells everyone that he has a proof to prove his innocence. He plays the video in which Vivek beating the waiter and asks him about him spending so much money on drinks also buying a new bike. The waiter says he won a lottery.

Indu asks him what kind of lottery is that though. She then goes to him and asks him to tell the truth then she will talk to the police about his punishment which may less harsh. The waiter tells her in the party someone gave him money to mix the pill in Ritesh’s drink also he is the one who recorded the video. Indu asks her who it is.

The media records everything and Vivaan gets worried and Sameer also looks tensed. Other side Sunita hears a doorbell she thinks to open the door thinking it must be Indu but gets worried what if it’s the groom family so stops herself by going to open the door. Rajender asks her to open the door but when he dont get any response he goes to open the door and finds the groom family outside. Sunita and Rajender gets worried but invites them inside.

Indu assures the waiter he will get a less punishment if he tells the person’s name. She also reminds him about his family inorder to convince him. The waiter tells it’s the actress Shivangi who had a fight with Ritesh over something that’s the reason she framed Ritesh using him. Everyone gets shocked. Shivangi gets shocked and tells everyone that’s not true. Ritesh gets furious but Kaamna calms him down saying media is here also Pankaj already called the police.

Vivaan praises Sameer and asks him how he did it. Sameer tells it’s his Plan B. He gave the waiter double the amount. He also recalls Shivangi’s insults and tells now she will know her worth. In Raina’s house Sunita asks the groom and his family to have snacks. Groom’s mother tells that they have had all the snacks yet their daughter isn’t here yet. Sunita asks Asha to call Indu. Indu receives a call from Asha and realises she is late so she leaves the house hurriedly. The groom’s mother scolds the Raina’s for wasting their time.

Sunita and Rajender looks helpless. In Malhotra mansion Pankaj tells everyone that herafter the police will handle everything so asks all of them to leave saying they need their privacy. The politician decides to leave but Ritesh stops him and drags him towards him then starts beating him saying he already told him the consequences and beats him more saying if anyone tries to mess with his family then he wont spare that person. He then covers the politician’s face with a black paint and says that he don’t do all this but when it comes to his family he will go to any extend to protect them. The politician run away from there.

Indu reaches the home and finds Sunita in their couch. She tries to talk to her but Sunita stops her from saying anything and asks her why did she made a promise if she is only going to break it. She then asks her what is her problem. Why she isn’t understanding anything or respecting her words. She also tells Indu that she must be happy for humiliating her mother right. Indu gets shocked and tells Sunita it’s not her intention. Sunita asks her then why she didnt reached the home on time.

Indu takes Zoon’s name Sunita loses her cool and says she is tried of hearing this name. She also adds Indu she is a Yasodha for Zoon but she is her both Devaki and Yasodha. Then asks her to acknowledge her mother’s affection for her and choose her over Zoon once then leaves the place. Asha comes there and says to Indu that Sunita is upset but she will talk to her. Indu tells Asha that she will talk to Sunita by herself. Anjali comes there and praises Indu. Indu asks both of them about Zoon’s health.

Later Indu feeds Zoon and asks her to be best in everything when the latter calls her the best mother. Zoon tells after her father comes she will become super best. Indu tries to make Zoon understand but fails. She then asks Zoon to not to talk about Ritesh because he is an actor and he can’t able to fulfill her wishes. Zoon gets upset but makes a pinky promise with Indu.

The other side Ritesh tells Rahul that Shivangi unnecessarily ruined her career by doing all this. Rahul tells this is the reason they shouldn’t trust a woman. Ritesh talks about Indu who saved him and tells Rahul and Kaamna she is not a real reporter. He felt a connection towards her that’s the reason he entertained her. He then asks Rahul to find Indu because he wants to thank her personally. Kaamna thinks herself to find the real face of Indu. She agrees to Ritesh’s decision to invite Indu to their house.

Precap: Indu receives a call from Ritesh. Ritesh asks her to come to his house and she agrees to meet him. The media troubles Indu when she comes to Ritesh’s house. Sameer and Vivaan wonders why Indu is determined to prove Ritesh’s innocence. Kaamna says the family members are thankful for saving their Ritesh. She then takes Indu outside and tells the media that Ritesh wants to gift Indu something as a token of thank you. Indu gets uncomfortable. Ritesh gives the gift box which Indu receives it. She then looks on shocked.

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