Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh lashes out at Pankaj


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajender asks Sunita to have medicine but the latter asks him to keep it aside she will have it later. Rajender tells Sunita that he understands the worry she has for Indu also about her marriage but asks her to think whether they only asked her to become a wife of someone for her entire life. Sunita gets angry and tells if she is like that then she would have never allowed Indu to go to job and asks him who told that a working women isn’t supposed to marry. Rajender tells her even he isn’t saying the same but the one who is right for Indu will come in Indu’s life soon. He also asks her to search for a groom. Indu overhears the conversation from outside of the kitchen.

Sunita tells the guy is supposed to meet the girl not the girls mother. She also says if she dies before Indu’s marriage then she will make them suffer a lot as a ghost. Indu gets furious so shouts at Sunita to stop talking about all this. She then assures Sunita that she will try hee best not to hurt her again also makes a pinky promise then apologises to her for earlier. Sunita forgives her then they both hugs each other. Indu then receives a call from someone so she leaves the kitchen meawhile Rajender helps Sunita have her medicine. Indu asks who is on the other side and Ritesh introduces himself. Indu asks him how he is.

Ritesh asks her is she truly believed that he is Ritesh because previous time he had a conversation with someone and they refused to believe first. Indu recalls the conversation and smiles. She then asks him is everything fine. Ritesh praises her being the reason behind him freed by all the allegations and tells her he wants to personally say thanks to her so invites her to his house.

Indu says it’s not necessary but agrees when Ritesh suggests Indu that he and his family is ready to meet her in her house if she is so busy and asks the address. Ritesh gets happy when Indu tells him that she will be there on time. Asha asks Indu who she is talking to. Indu tells its Ritesh Malhotra also her plan to take Zoon with her. Asha reminds her about Zoon’s school trip.

In Malhotra’s house Vivaan praises Sameer’s body. He then asks Sameer what’s going on between the reporter and Ritesh. Sameer tells him when the interview took place instead of interview he witnessed lots of things going between them. Vivaan gets curious so asks him what he witnessed. Sameer tells that’s not important but what’s more important is that the reason behind Indu’s determination to save Ritesh. The next day Kaamna instructs Rahul to make sure the today’s event video goes viral to get back Ritesh’s popularity. Ritesh comes there and asks about the gift he wants to give to Indu. Rahul tells it’s on the way.

Pankaj comes there and says Ritesh an advertisement offer for which he will get fifteen crores. Sameer gets shocked and others gets surprised and happy. Ritesh takes the contract papers and starts reading it. Kaamna asks Dolly about Deep’s whereabouts. Dolly taunts saying unlike then Deep has to do all the works by themselves so he went to office. Ritesh gets furious learning the advertisement is about Gutka so he asks Pankaj how could he think that he will agree to this when he is against all this idea’s. He also tells that he will never do such advertisement or any role that involves drugs or anything similar to that. He then asks Pankaj to hereafter discuss with Rahul first as he knows him well then goes to his room.

Kaamna asks Rahul to calm down Ritesh and tries to talk to Pankaj but Pankaj stops her from saying anything. Sameer wonders is Ritesh truly declining a fifteen crore project. Indu reaches the house of Ritesh. The reporters surrounds her but with the help of security she enters the house.

Kaamna greets Indu. She then introduces Dolly and Indu to each other. Dolly thanks Indu for saving their Ritesh. She then calls Indu beautiful and asks her why she didnt choose her career as an actress because she is beautiful. Kaamna stops Dolly from making Indu uncomfortable. Indu asks about Ritesh’s whereabouts. Dolly says Ritesh got angry over something so he went to his room.. Sameer tells Indu about how Ritesh react when he is angry. Indu tells but Ritesh doesn’t seem like that though. Sameer mocks at her. Kaamna changes the topic and asks Indu to have her seat and she will go and bring Ritesh.

Ritesh in his room gets upset and asks Rahul to cross check with the offers he is getting here after then approach him. He then asks to cancel all the meetings he have today because he isn’t in a good mood. Kaamna comes there and asks Ritesh to stop acting like a kid. Ritesh refuses to listen to her. Kaamna tells Indu is also waiting which calms down Ritesh immediately and he agrees to meet her. Rahul tells Kaamna that its time for them to discuss about Ritesh’s life’s next important decision. Kaamna agrees with him. Ritesh comes to the living room. Both Ritesh and Indu stares at each other. Kesariya songs plays in the background. Indu tells Ritesh her friends helped her prove him innocent.

Ritesh tells he will thank his friend after he comes from his work trip. The Malhotra’s thanks Indu for her help to prove Ritesh’s innocence. Kaamna and others takes Ritesh and Indu out of the house. Kaamna praises Indu infront of the media. She then tells Ritesh will gift Indu. Ritesh opens the gift box and gives it to Indu in which car key is available. Indu gets tensed when she sees the car comes to her view.

Precap: Indu gets angry at Sunita and tells her that she don’t have to remind her this all the time. Sunita warns Indu about the consequences she may face if she hides her dark past. Kadambari asks the journalist why there is no video is with them. The journalist tells Pankaj asked them to delete it. Kadambari asks her is she getting paid by her or Pankaj.

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