Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th November 2022 Written Update: Raina get emotional on Indu’s Vidaai


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ritesh tells Indu that he will bring first aid kit for her. Zoon arrives there and says she brought it. Ritesh thanks her and aids Indu’s wound. Indu writhes in pain. Zoon cries seeing it. Vivek smiles seeing Ritesh’s care for Indu. Ritesh band aids Indu’s wound and Indu looks on. Dolly tells now all the problems are solved so now it’s time for them to be happy so asks him to fill Indu’s hairline with vermilion. Ritesh smiles and fills Indu’s hairline. Indu looks at him. The family members gets happy and claps. Ritesh then put a nupital chain around Indu’s neck.

The priest announces the marriage is completed. Zoon congratulates both Ritesh and Indu and tells them they become a happy family now and kisses Ritesh and Indu. Both the family members looks happy. Later Dolly congratulates Sunita and Rajender. Sunita and Rajender tells they have to prepare for the Vidai ceremony and leaves the place. Dolly and Deep asks Vivaan about Sameer’s whereabouts. Vivaan tells that he tried calling Sameer but the latter isn’t answering also he isn’t interested in Ritesh’s marriage so let them ignore him and focus on after marriage ritual of Ritesh and Indu. He further insists to take a family photo and takes Dolly and Deep with him.

Indu Ritesh and Zoon takes photo together also they takes photos with their family members. Ritesh excuses himself from Indu Sunita and Rajender. Sunita gets emotional and tells Indu that she always wanted her to get marry to a beautiful family and her this wish also God fulfilled. Indu hugs both her parent’s.

Indu performs her Vidai ritual all the while crying hard. Zoon Sunita Asha and Anjali also cries hard. Rajender and Vivek also gets emotional. Ritesh and his family watches this. Dolly gets emotional seeing Indu and family so hugs Deep. Ritesh takes Zoon in his arms. Indu hugs all her family members one by one. Zoon also hugs and kisses everyone. Vivek brings Zoon near the car. Ritesh opens the door for Indu and Zoon. They both gets inside. Ritesh also gets into the car and the car leaves the venue. Rajender hugs his family members and looks on. In the car Ritesh realises Indu is still crying so he mocks at her. He then asks her is she crying still because she get married to him or leaving her family behind.

Indu opens her mouth to tell something but Ritesh stops her and tells that he knows she is crying for both the reason. He further tells Zoon that his marriage with Indu happened in a filmy style in which the heroine cries for a while that’s why Indu also crying. Indu tries to scold him but Ritesh stops her and tells Zoon to tell Indu to not to fight with him atleast one day. Indu looks away from there. Asha and Anjali goes to Sunita and asks her what is she thinking. Sunita expresses her joy about Indu’s marriage that happened as per her wish. Asha hopes both Ritesh and Indu stops arguing with one another.

Anjali praises Ritesh the way he cares for Indu and Zoon and says they dont have to worry about anything. Sunita agrees with Anjali and prays God to keep Indu and Zoon’s happy also not to let anyone snatch their happiness. Ritesh Indu and Zoon reaches the Malhotra’s mansion. Dolly welcomes Indu and Zoon. She does aarti of all three of them. She then asks Indu to perform Grahpravesh ritual. Indu obliges and performs the ritual and enters the house but gets confused seeing someone also performed the ritual with her so she looks at her side and gets shocked finding Kadambari decked up as a bride. Sameer comes and stands beside her which shocks Indu Ritesh and the entire family.

Dolly asks Sameer what is happening here. Sameer tells that he decides to get married on a same day Ritesh is marrying. Dolly tells him that marriage isn’t a joke. Sameer tells even he isn’t joking and says that he and Kadambari get married just like Ritesh and Indu. Ritesh gets angry and asks what kind of nonsense is this and refuses to believe the marriage taken place for real. Sameer taunts Ritesh. Deep asks Sameer to talk respectfully but the latter insults him and calls him a puppet of Ritesh. Sameer further tells no one have rights to question his decision because they all are puppets of Ritesh so they won’t say anything that Ritesh does. He then tells the family members his marriage with Kadambari is as real as Ritesh and Indu’s. Ritesh gets furious and tells Sameer that he knows there is a hidden agenda behind this marriage.

Sameer defends himself saying even Ritesh is marrying Indu who he not even want to see her face for Zoon’s custody to show the court they are married and can give a better life and family to Zoon then why can’t Kadambari marry him for the same reason and the only difference here is he loves Kadambari. He further says even he can become a good father for Zoon and tells Ritesh he is fooling Zoon.

Ritesh raises his hand on Sameer but Kaamna arrives there and stops him. She explains the family members that Pankaj is stable now so she decides to return and surprise them but she got surprise. She then takes Sameer’s side and tells Ritesh if she can accept Indu as her daughter in law then she should accept Kadambari too. She also tells that she knows both Sameer and Kadambari is in love also before marriage so they should accept this marriage. Ritesh gets upset and leaves the place with Zoon. Kaamna also leaves the place. Kadambari winks at Indu then goes inside. Indu looks on.

Precap: Kadambari tells Indu now they both are equally stable in both financial state also to provide a family to Zoon so she is going too see the verdict is going to be on a mother who gave birth to Zoon or the one who snatched Zoon from her biological mother. Indu tells Kadambari she is right even she is looking forward to see whether the verdict is going to be in favor of the mother who left a child after giving birth or to the one who taken care of her and pour love at the child like her own. She is going to see a women’s selfish motive or the mother’s affection which one is going to win.

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