Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th July 2022 Written Update: Ritesh’s speech in a tv show impresses Indu


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with someone falling to the ground and that person is getting beaten up by someone. Indu calls out and get rid off the ladies who is holding her hand. She then goes to her father and asks him to open his eyes. She then fights with the person how can he raise his hand on his father in a rain. That guy stops her from slapping him then goes inside also asks the other people to get inside. They all obliges and follow that man. Indu pleads her father to open his eyes. She then goes to road and asks the vehicle to stop to help her but no one stops so she falls to the ground and cries. She then convinces an auto driver and with this help put her father in that auto and urges the driver to take them to the hospital.

The auto driver asks Indu to not to worry saying the weather is good which means their life will be also great. Indu thinks even she thought the same twenty four hours before thinking after she comes to Mumbai everything will be alright but nothing such happened. The FB shows her walking in a rain and dropping her things in a rain. Ritesh opens his car window door. His friend asks is he wants to take these photos of his film poster too. Ritesh says yes and says not only this poster but also each and every poster of his every film. He then sees Indu who is in rain struggling to cope up with the wind. He goes out and takes the umbrella near her. His friend calls out and not to call go out it’s raining.

Ritesh gets mesmerised seeing Indu’s side pose. He gives the umbrella to her. Before he could see her face his friends comes out and drag him inside the car. He then gives another cloth to Ritesh and asks him to thank him. Ritesh and Indu fails to see each other. Indu says thanks.

Sunita comes to the kitchen and scolds Rajender for cooking at late night that too with a mixer which is too old. Rajender praises his mixer also tells that he is cooking for their next day food also. Sunita makes fun of him for his planning to take food to Bhopal. She then asks him about Indu’s whereabouts. Indu comes to the house drenched in a rain. Sunita reminds her the plans and asks her how she is going to leave in this rain. Indu tells that her friend Vivek will help her and goes to her room. Sunita tells Rajender that she is worried about Indu’s marriage.

Rajender tells that tomorrow he is going to meet Mahesh in Bhopal with Indu who Indu is been love with for the two years. Sunita worries whether Mahesh may have a change of heart but Rajender assures her nothing such will happen. Indu in her room asks Anjali her sister what is she watching in the tv instead of studying. Anjali tells her her favorite show is coming to air in few minutes so asks her to shut up. She then gets excited when Ritesh talks about his film in one of the TV show with the host. The host asks why he is choosing films that’s related to love.

Ritesh says it’s because love is his life and everything. Indu smiles and looks at her mobile screen and tells that for her Mahesh is her love and life. The host asks Ritesh about his definition of love. Both Ritesh and Indu compares love with chocolate icecream then rain. Anjali hears both of their thought and gets confused. Indu turns around and smiles at the tv. Later Vivek takes Indu with him to the house where she needs to give food made by her parents. Vivek tells that he is glad that the rain stopped but Indu tells she loves to drench herself in rain. Vivek makes fun of her.

Indu comes to a house where she imagines the person who opened the door is Mahesh and gets shy. Vivek makes her come out of her imagination and she apologises to the man and leaves the place. In the traffic light Indu once again imagines herself with Mahesh. Other side Rajender asks Sunita to have sweet but the latter refuses saying she will have sweet in her daughter’s wedding only. She also shares her worry about Mahesh having a change of heart after returning from London but Rajender assures her nothing such won’t happen and Mahesh is lucky to have Indu as his life partner.

Vivek drops Indu home and asks her to give him money for petrol. Indu scolds him and then thanks him. Neelam comes there and asks Indu where Vivek is going to which Indu tells that Vivek is going to put his car in a parking lot. Neelam complains how she knows whatever happens in their neighborhood except for her son’s life and asks sugar from Indu who takes the bowl and goes inside.

Ritesh is in his gym working out. Rahul comes there and Ritesh starts questioning about his new film collection but the latter tells him he is not a superhero like Rajinikanth and reminds him about his showtime. Ritesh asks him to keep giving him updates about his film. Neelam tells Indu about her relative daughter getting fooled by her boyfriend as he returned from abroad marrying someone rich. Indu defends Mahesh and tells her Mahesh will never do such things. Sunita worries and prays to God. The next day Sunita asks Rajender to get Indu and Mahesh engaged so she will feel less stressed and gives him the ring.

Indu and Rajender reaches the Mahesh’s house and Rajender tells Indu that today after their life will change in a beautiful way. They both enters where they gets greeted by a married woman. That girl praises both Rajender and Indu for taking care of Mahesh. She then tells that its Mahesh’s first birthday after marriage and she is his wife. Both Indu and Rajender gets shocked. Mahesh comes there and sends his wife inside. He then starts scolding Indu also badmouths about her character. Rajender gets angry so fights with Mahesh but the latter beats him up. The FB ends. Indu tells that she is wrong about love it’s not a blessing but curse. Other side Ritesh gets happy when Rahul informs him about his films first show collection so he starts praising about the power of love. Indu says love is

Precap: Indu imagines Mahesh and says that the love which she thought is a blessing turned out to be curse. Ritesh tells Rahul that the girl is broken and no one deserves to hate love. He then follows Indu who is walking on the road crying. He asks her to listen to him. Indu looks on.