Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th July 2022 Written Update: Indu humiliates Mahesh infront of Mansi


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu takes Rajender to the hospital and assures him that nothing will happen to him and he will be alright. The nurses takes Rajender inside the treatment room. Indu cries sitting outside the room. Sunita worries because Rajender didn’t called her yet. Vivek tries to calm down but Sunita warns him. Anjali asks her to calm down. Sunita says that worrying is not her hobby. But she feels that something went wrong.

Anjali suggests to watch Ridesh’s new film to calm her down. Sunita scolds her which makes Anjali upset so she goes inside her room. Vivek assures Sunita everything will be fine. Indu enters the treatment room of Rajender and questions the doctor about his well being. The doctor says that even in this condition Rajender worried about her only and asks how did Rahender get injuries. Rajender tells the doctor he already told him he slipped from the steps. Indu recalls Rajender getting beaten up by Mahesh.

The doctor says he is sure this isn’t how the injuries looks if he slipped from the footsteps. He then suggested Indu to take Rajender’s MRI scan and other X-rays to see whether he have any internal injuries. Indu goes to pay to the reception. She receives a call from Sunita who complains her about not calling her. Indu lies to her that they get a grand welcome in Mahesh’s house also Mahesh is upset that they didn’t brought her with them also all of them enjoyed the laddus made by her. The receptionist in the hospital looks shocked. Vivek takes the phone from Sunita and teases Indu. Indu cries and says to Vivek nothing is great she will tell him everything after she returns home until then asks him to take her of Sunita.

Vivek tells that he will talk to Mahesh but Indu tells him Mahesh is dead for her then cuts the call. Sunita questions Vivek and the latter lies to her everything is fine. Sunita tells that she knows well something is wrong and Indu is hiding it from her. Indu sees the ring then gives the reports to one of the ward boy asking him to give to the doctor and further proceed the process she will be back.

Ritesh comes to Mahesh and Mansi’s house. Mansi is his best friend. Mansi and Ritesh have a friendly banter. Mansi tells him that she knows him well even before he become a super star so asks him not to act infront of her. Rahul joins them. Both Rahul and Mansi makes fun of Ritesh. Mansi takes Ritesh and Rahul inside to meet Mahesh. They all have a drunk. Both Rahul and Mansi Mansi tells Mahesh during college days almost all the ladies in the college proposed Ritesh but he refused as he wants a girl who knows and values Indian culture also loves truly.

Ritesh tells them that during college days the girls are behind him because of his family’s wealth and now there are women who is behind him because of his stardom. If he becomes nothing in future then they will also leave him so he want true love. Rahul tells Ritesh if he thinks like this then he will never get married or find a partner. Mansi makes fun of Ritesh saying that the God will sent his choice of girl in courier. They all hears Indu asking the security to let her go inside. Ritesh jokes that God sent the girl he wants. Indu calls out Mahesh’s name. Mansi excites herself and goes to see what’s happening. Mahesh follows her. Mansi gets shocked seeing Indu and asks her what happened. Indu tells she is not here to talk to her but to her husband. Indu taunts Mahesh saying that his habit to hide behind a girl never left him.

Mahesh tells her that he isn’t affected by her taunts or her films dialogues as he is used to it. Indu says she knows that well because that’s why he beaten a man who he worshipped in Mumbai like a father also would never made fun of her feelings also. Mahesh mocks at her asking is she thinks that she is miss world and he will run behind her wherever she goes and says he will tell who she is and says she is an incompetent and aimless girl. He dont want to spoil his life to be with her.

Indu tells Mahesh it’s her fate which is not good that’s why she fall in love with a guy like him who is a liar and selfish man. She also says that because of the false hope she has given to her she took Rajender with her and he put him in the hospital and she won’t spare him if anything happens to him. Mahesh warns her and asks his security to throw her out. Indu warns the bodyguard.

Mansi goes to Indu and tells her that they can talk about this tomorrow because now they have important guests in her house. She also tells that she will take care of her father’s medical expenses and decides to give her some moment. Mahesh tells that Indu is here for money only. She is doing all these dramas of love only for money. He also calls her middle class once she gets money that her mouth will get shut this is her other ways to get income. Indu asks is he really think that she will take money from him who stayed in her house rent free and had free food also even took money from her wallet to pay his phone bills and asks what standard he is talking about. Mahesh looks at Mansi then says he was indeed broke that time but he isn’t like her who is going around house and creating scenes like her.

Indu tells that he played a game of love humanity. She tells that he played this game with her which made her realise love is nothing but cruel than death. She then thanks him for showing what love is and says she may not rich like him but he dont live a cheap life like him. She then throws a ring at him and says whatever he spent on her asks to take this money to compensate it with the ring. Mahesh leaves from that place angrily. Indu collects her things and leaves the house crying. Ritesh glares at Mahesh. He then follows Indu. He asks her to stop but Indu leaves the place in an auto. Rahul asks Ritesh what is he doing. Ritesh tells Rahul that no one deserves to hate love this much and says her heart is broken. He then goes to Mahesh’s house.

Rajender gets discharged and then Indu asks doctor’s opinion to take him to the house in a bus. The doctor approves. Indu says that she don’t want to be in the city. Mahesh tells that Indu is a gold digger. Ritesh gets angry and tells that Indu is not a gold digger and her tears are true. He then asks Mansi why he didn’t enquired about Mahesh before getting married to him. Also suggests her to leave him as he is a cheater. Mahesh gets angry and hits Ritesh and the latter also hit back Mahesh and warns Mansi to leave Mahesh for her own good.

Precap: Someone comes and stands infront of the bus in the night. The people asks that person to leave. Indu gets down from the bus and sees who it is. The next day Indu have a baby in her hand and tells her father how can a mother can leave a child like this. One of the man suggests Indu to give the child to the police. Indu goes and puts the child in a lost and found box and turns around to leave but stops when her shawl gets stuck with the baby.

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