Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th July 2022 Written Update: Indu and Rajender helps a pregnant Kadambari


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu apologises to Rajender who is struggling to cope up in a bus ride with an injured body. Rajender asks her to not to apologise to him or her mother or anyone because she loved Mahesh with her full heart but its Mahesh who cheated on her. So asks her not to blame herself. Indu excuses herself from her father saying she is going to get him an extra blanket. She then thinks to herself that because of her love her father faced humiliation but she wont let her father or any other family members suffer because of her anymore. Indu recalls Mahesh’s words and comes to bus’s last step and jumps from that bus.

Rajender wakes up shouting Indu’s name. He then realises its just a nightmare but realises Indu is not there with him so he starts searching for her worriedly. He finds her in a corner and asks her how is she. Indu calms him down and asks him what happened why he looks this stressed. Is he had any nightmare. Rajender says yes. Indu asks Rajender is his nightmare is about her committing suicide. She smiles at him and asks him to have faith in his upbringing. She is not someone who will take such decisions especially when her mother defeated breast cancer and her father sold their house to give her brother a great life in abroad also his father taken a volunteer retirement from the job he loved the most for the sake of his family. She also adds that she is their daughter so she will be strong and brave just like them. She may be failed in her love life but love is just a part of a life not an entire life and assures him that she will never take any decision that will hurt her parents and tells him to not to worry and go and have rest. The bus comes to a sudden stop which wakes up few passengers on the bus and they starts scolding the driver for the abrupt stop.

The bus driver and his assistant sees a lady is standing infront of the bus. He asks her to move away from the road. The lady stands still. Both the driver and his assistant goes to the lady and shouts at her. Indu hears the voices so she gets down from the bus and asks the driver what happened. The assistant tells that they will take care of everything and asks her to get inside the bus. Indu refuses and decides to talk to the lady. She gets shocked seeing the lady is pregnant so she scolds the bus driver and his assistant for their behavior towards the pregnant lady. She then asks the lady why she is standing here and asks her is she need any help. She also asks her where she wants to go she may help her. The lady tells that she wants to go to Mumbai. Indu tells even the bus is going to Mumbai so she can tag along with them. The bus driver and his assistant refuses which leads an arguement between them and Indu.

Rajender comes there and convinces both the bus driver and his assistant by giving some money. They takes the women inside the bus where they gives her water. Indu introduces herself and her father to the lady also asks her about her name. The lady tells her name is Kadambari. She left her family to marry the guy who she is in love with. Her husband spent two years with her then made her pregnant and now left her alone to be with some other woman. Indu pacifies her and asks her about which month she is in. Kadambari tells that she dont want to live so let her die but both Indu and Rajender stops her from going out.

Kadambari experiences labour pain. Indu and Rajender gets worried. They both seeks help. Rajender tells the assistant in the bus to take it to the hospital or else let him know in this passenger list is there any doctor. The assistant tells the hospital is here from hundred kilometers so they won’t get help and goes back to sleep. A nurse comes to where Indu and Kadambari is. She asks Indu to follow her instructions. Kadambari writhes in pain then gives birth to a baby girl. The nurse gives the baby to Kadambari but the latter gives it to Indu and falls asleep. Indu looks helpless. Rajender asks Indu to be with Kadambari then leaves the place.

The next day Rajender wakes up Indu and asks her where is Kadambari. Indu gets shocked seeing Kadambari is not by her side. She decides to look for her outside the bus. The bus assistant tells Indu and Rajender that he doesn’t know where Kadambari is and tells them that he warned them that the lady is trouble but they didn’t listen now she disappeared giving her new born baby to them. Indu gets into an argument with him. Later the bus assistant suggests her to give the baby to the department where the people can go and collect their lost things.

Indu hesitates but Rajender asks her to do what the driver told because Kadambari may come to search for her baby. The crowd sees Ritesh’s film shooting is happening there. So they tries to get attention from him. Indu walks past him. Her shawl touches Ritesh. Ritesh gets up and follows Indu. He then sees her disappearing into the crowd. Rahul takes him from there. Indu asks the officer where she has to keep the baby. The officer shows her a room. Indu gets shocked seeing there are things that’s lost so she goes to the officer and tells she can’t put the baby there but the officer tells her she isn’t here to take care of her babies and starts talking to someone on the call.

Indu enters the lost and found room again and keeps the baby on the table and decides to leave but her shawl gets stuck with the baby’s hand. Indu cries then snatches her shawl from the baby’s hand then leaves the place crying. The title song plays in the background.

Precap: Indu gets stopped hearing Ritesh’s words how a child feels and recognises the person as her mother who holds her in her arms for the first time eventhough she may not be the one who gave birth. If she leaves then she will regret it for the rest of her life. Later Sunita opens the door and gets shocked seeing Indu. Anjali and Vivek also gets shocked.

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