Channa Mereya 10th August 2022 Written Update: Aditya announces his marriage with Sam

Channa Mereya

Channa Mereya 10th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya telling everyone that he isn’t interested marrying Harnas. Everyone gets shocked. Amber advices Aditya this isn’t a question to where asked by other’s not asking about whether he want icecream or not also marriage is about two family gets united. Aditya tells him that he never made a promise his decision will make everyone happy. He then goes to Rajvant with Sam by his side. He takes his blessings from Rajvant.

Rajvant blesses them hesitantly. Aditya asks him to conduct one more puja for him and Sam’s wedding because he wants to marry Sam. Outside Goldie tells Ginni that he is sure the one who seen is Simran only and he is wondering why did she changed so modern and hiding herself from them. Ginni distracts him by asking him to make the work related call. Inside the house Harnas gets upset and hurt. She leaves the place angrily. Ginni looks at Goldie and gets sad.

She thinks to herself that she has to do something then only she can get clear information the one who she saw is Simran or not. Navneet taunts the Singh’s. She also tells that they have seen Aditya’s profile and he is a loser from Canada yet they decides to agree for this alliance only because Harnas likes him but they gave them false hope and ended up hurting their daughter for which they will never forgive them. She also says when it’s their daughter Gurleen’s marriage with her son Harjit they made sure everything is fine and now its their daughter’s marriage they hurt her like this.

Amber apologises to them and tries to tell something but Mr.Cheema interrupts and says to Rajvant he told Aditya and Sam is just friends and they trusted him only to end up to face humiliation like this. Aditya says to Mr.Cheema that Rajvant isn’t aware about his decision so asks him not to blame Rajvant. Mr.Cheema taunts Aditya then reminds the Singh’s how much he helped the Singh’s from their business loss and they did this to him in return for which he wont forgive them. Harjit tries to say something but Mr.Cheema warns him then they all leaves the house.

Amber tells Aditya since the say he returned from Vancouver all his did is made him face humiliation today he crossed all his limits so he is disowning him also taking the family name attached to his name and asks him to leave the house right away and celebrate his victory outside.

Aditya tells Amber to not to threaten him with something which he never considered as important. He also tells he is here for Rajvant only so he dont care about Rajvant or anyone. Amber gets furious. Rajvant stops Amber and tells him he is also responsible for whatever happening here right now and warns him not to do anything that will put them into more trouble. Amber leaves the place angrily. Supreet follows him. Rajvant tells Aditya that he told him Sam is his friend only but now he wants to marry her which he isn’t understanding.

Aditya tells Rajvant that he cant able to tell him the real reason behind his decision to marry Sam. He is here for him only but if he is against his decision then he is ready to go back to Vancouver with Sam but he will definitely miss him the only person who he considers as family. He then asks Sam to pack the things and they both walks towards their room. Rajvant’s health detoriates which Armaan notices and calls out. Aditya rushes to Rajvant. Rajvant tells Aditya that he is his everything and he dont want him to get seperated from him again which he can’t tolerate. Aditya puts his head on Rajvant’s lap and tells him he won’t go to Canada. Rajvant gets happy and kisses his forehead.

Akash plays a game with Supreet. He gets happy that he is defeating his mother but Supreet seems lost in her thoughts. Akash makes her come out of her thoughts.

Supreet tells nowadays she is losing her game only. Akash calls Aditya a monster but Supreet scolds him and advices him not to call his big brother a monster. Amber comes there in his drunken state with a drink in his hand and tells Supreet to let Akash call Aditya a monster because that’s what he is. Supreet sends Akash out. Amber lashes out at Supreet for fulfilling her promise that she will find out Sam’s details but failed because of which he faced humiliation. Supreet makes him lay on the bed. She then cries sitting near the bed.

Other side Armaan readies two drinks for him and Aditya. He says cheers and tells this is for formality sake. He then tells him but marrying someone for formality sake which he isn’t understanding. He also asks him how he is so sure the child Sam carrying in her womb is his child. Aditya asks Armaan choose head or tales in a coin and shows the head side of the coin is in his hand but Armaan chose tale so he tells Armaan it’s not necessary that they all will take all decisions right. He also tells that took this decision after taking part in the puja where he hear Guru Ji’s words.

Armaan asks why he isn’t doing any tests to find out the child is him or not also why he is putting his life in a place from which he will never get happiness. Aditya tells him that he dont want to become Amber Raj Singh also if he dont accept Sam and the child only to find out the child is none other than his then he will never forgive himself. Ginni calls Aditya and pleads him to let her talk to Simran.

Aditya tells her that he told her before too he doesn’t know who is Simran. Ginni tells him that she is talking about the girl who she has seen in his house. Aditya fails to understand so he cuts the call. He also jokes to Armaan both of their IQ level is same so asks him to answer the call next time when Ginni calls him. Other side Ginni wonders why Aditya is acting like this and gets determined to meet Simran again to find out the truth.

Precap: Both Singh’s and Grewal’s siblings celebrate Rakhi function. Gurleen thanks Aditya for fulfilling brother’s responsibility in her marriage also promises to be there for him whenever he needs her and hugs him. Marleen also hugs Aditya. Other side Goldie asks Ginni that he want Simran as his Rakhi gift which Ginni promises to give it to him.

The episode starts with Ginni apologises to Marleen for Goldie entering her room. Marleen asks what kind of brother he is who is making her apologises to everyone. She then warns him not to do anything such. Goldie and Ginni agrees and leaves the place. Shailaja asks Sam what is she doing here. She then takes her inside the puja room saying all are waiting for her. Ginni scolds Goldie for his behavior but the latter tells him that he saw Simran. Ginni gets upset. In puja room Harnas sees Sam so she goes to Aditya and asks him why he didnt say anything about his friend. Aditya sushes her.

Cheema’s notices it. Amber asks Supreet what is the need for Aditya to bring Sam infront of Cheema’s family. Their plan may get ruined. Supreet tries to calm him down. Ginni asks Goldie to leave right away. Goldie recalls seeing Simran but leaves the place. Ginni thinks Goldie is going crazy because of Simran. Aditya comes there. He gives her gloves. He also asks her whether she need his help. Ginni tells she is fine. She then tells him the puja is conducted by Rajvant because he returned from Vancouver. Aditya forces a smile and decides to leave the place.

Aditya goes back to Ginni and asks her he wants to ask her something if she dont mind. Ginni asks him to ask. Aditya asks her if she ever read holy books. Ginni tells him that her everyday starts and end reading holy books. Aditya tells her that he didn’t get a chance to read holy books in his life. He then asks her what a person has to do according to holy book when he is confused to choose right path in the most important decision of his life.

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