Channa Mereya 11th August 2022 Written Update: Ginni gets determined to fulfill Goldie’s demand


Channa Mereya 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni wishing her dhaba a raksha bandhan. She then does the ritual. Shampy hurries her to do the ritual for puja. Ginni jokes at him. She then asks Gulraj about Goldie’s whereabouts. Gulraj tells her that she send him to gurudwara after she saw him distressed returning from Rajvant’s house. Ginni thinks to herself that she failed to find out the truth about Simran’s look alike.

Other side Shailaja asks Sam why she is covering her face with shawl. Sam tells because of sun her skin will get affect that’s why she is covering her face like this. She then asks Shailaja why she is taking her around this Amritsar like this. Shailaja tells she is going to be the daughter in law of the Singh’s so this is a way to let everyone learn this that she belongs to the Singh’s.

Goldie and Sam crosses path but they both fails to see one another. Before entering the temple Sam’s shawl flies and falls on Goldie. Sam searches for her shawl. Goldie sees Sam’s backside and goes to her asking is she searching for this shawl? Sam turns around. Both Goldie and Sam gets shocked seeing one another. Sam starts running away. Goldie runs behind her calling her Simran and asking her the reason behind running away from him.

Sam sees the cops nearby the tea shop. She informs them a guy is following her and points at Goldie then runs away. Goldie comes there but the cops and the people around there beats him up for trying to harass a girl. Simran watches this from her hiding spot and thinks to herself that she is glad Goldie didn’t caught her. In the dhaba Ginni worries about Goldie. Gulraj asks Ginni to have food because since morning she didn’t have anything and waiting for Goldie to fulfill the raksha bandan ritual.

Santu brings an injured Goldie to the dhaba and tells the Grewal’s that she found Goldie in this state and he was kept murmuring Simran’s name. Gulraj loses her cool and tells Goldie to stop ruining his life after someone like Simran and look at his sister who didn’t have a drop of water yet waiting for him. She then goes inside crying. Santu tries to calm her down.

Goldie apologises to Ginni but the latter scolds him saying it’s an auspicious day which brings only happiness to everyone. Ginni then tells the meaning behind celebrating Raksha bandan with their siblings. Goldie tells Ginni every brother will gift something in the occasion of Raksha bandan but he wants Ginni to give him a gift and asks her to help him get united with Simran and that’s what the gift he wants from her as a Raksha bandan gift.

Gulraj cries hearing this. Ginni tells Goldie if a brother can fulfill her sister’s wish then why not a sister and promises to bring Simran to him at any cost. She then ties the Raksha bandan around his wrist and they both hugs each other. In Singh’s house Gurleen comes there. The Singh’s gets happy seeing her. Gurleen asks Rajvant is she still have place in this house as she is married now. Rajvant tells when a girl get married the family gets extended and they get more relatives through her not that the family will end tie with their daughter. Gurleen gets happy.

Aditya enters the house with Armaan and Sam by his side. He decides to go inside but Marleen stops him and tells him they are here for him to come so that they can celebrate Raksha bandan. Gurleen says there are many years they didn’t celebrate Raksha bandan and those years they celebrated he is not there with them so now he is here they wanted to celebrate it. She then gives him a bag asking him to change this kurta. Aditya takes it. He then signs at Armaan and the latter goes outside.

Gurleen and Marleen perform the ritual with Akash. Akash takes both of their blessings. Supreet asks Sam to sit beside Aditya saying she is also going to become a part of their family soon. Amber glares at her. Sam obliges and sits beside Aditya. Gurleen and Marleen performs the ritual with Aditya. They both then demands gifts from Aditya and Akash. Akash gives the gifts also promises to give them money after he grow up and starts making money.

Both Gurleen and Marleen jokes. Amber taunts Aditya saying he is a failure when it comes to handle a relationship so asks the girls to not to expect anything from Aditya and tie Rakhi around him then he will gift them. Armaan comes there with a two gift boxes and tells its Aditya who chose these gifts. Aditya tells both Gurleen and Marleen he doesn’t know about their likes so he chose what he thought is best for them.

Gurleen tells him his presence is the biggest gift and talks about all those years where they couldn’t able to celebrate Raksha bandan because of him in Canada. She also adds that she is so happy in her marriage he fulfilled all his brothers responsibility and she is so lucky to have him in his life as her brother. Marleen also tells how they are scared to contact him even after their father asked them to do it. They all shares a hug. Akash joins them. The Singh’s gets emotional. Rajvant expresses his joy. Sam asks Gurleen about the behaviour of Cheema’s towards her after what happened. Gurleen tells she has a supportive husband.

Amber tells Rajvant about Mr.Cheema’s decision to not to help them in their upcoming business projects. Rajvant scolds him and tells him they will find a way even before also they find a solution. Supreet tells she invited to priest to fix. Aditya and Sam’s marriage date. Sam asks the Singh’s to do the marriage as soon as possible. Shailaja jokes at her for her interest to become Aditya’s wife. Other side Ginni wonders how to fulfill the promise she made to Goldie.

Precap: Ginni enters the room of Simran before she closes it. She tells her running away from them and her past will not bring any good to her. She then shows Goldie and Simran’s marriage photo album which shocks Simran. Aditya knocks the door. The door gets opened. Aditya looks inside and gets shocked.

The episode starts with Aditya telling everyone that he isn’t interested marrying Harnas. Everyone gets shocked. Amber advices Aditya this isn’t a question to where asked by other’s not asking about whether he want icecream or not also marriage is about two family gets united. Aditya tells him that he never made a promise his decision will make everyone happy. He then goes to Rajvant with Sam by his side. He takes his blessings from Rajvant.

Rajvant blesses them hesitantly. Aditya asks him to conduct one more puja for him and Sam’s wedding because he wants to marry Sam. Outside Goldie tells Ginni that he is sure the one who seen is Simran only and he is wondering why did she changed so modern and hiding herself from them. Ginni distracts him by asking him to make the work related call. Inside the house Harnas gets upset and hurt. She leaves the place angrily. Ginni looks at Goldie and gets sad.

She thinks to herself that she has to do something then only she can get clear information the one who she saw is Simran or not. Navneet taunts the Singh’s. She also tells that they have seen Aditya’s profile and he is a loser from Canada yet they decides to agree for this alliance only because Harnas likes him but they gave them false hope and ended up hurting their daughter for which they will never forgive them. She also says when it’s their daughter Gurleen’s marriage with her son Harjit they made sure everything is fine and now its their daughter’s marriage they hurt her like this.

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