Channa Mereya 17th September 2022 Written Update: Ginni’s surprise makes Aditya emotional


Channa Mereya 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni tells Amber that she forget to tell him that Mrs.Randhawa is busy so requests him to send sketch artist to the dhaba. Amber agrees to send sketch artist to the dhaba in the evening. Ginni thanks him and leaves the place. Amber gets angry and tells himself Ginni kind of people will be always like this. He then calls his men and tells that there is a change in their plan and tells he will send him the details about the time and location also not to make any mistakes in their plan. He then tells them about the target.

Other side Aditya is infront of Ginni’s dhaba. He wishes her birthday and tells her when he returned to India from Canada he thought to fulfill her dream by opening a dhaba on her name before her birth anniversary but he failed in it. But he knows she knows well why he failed to fulfill her dreams but he makes a promise to open the dhaba on her name. He then decides to leave the place but Ginni comes there. She asks him is he going to see the decorations from outside itself? And jokes he don’t have to pay taxes for entering the dhaba to see the decorations and invites him to come inside. Aditya refuses and tells her he is leaving and turns around. Ginni holds his hand.

Aditya turns around to scold Ginni but the latter signs at him and takes him inside the dhaba. Aditya gets surprised seeing the decorations which is how Gurkeerat wanted her dhaba to be. He recalls his mother making some changes in his dhaba sketch. Ginni gets happy. Aditya hears the dhol sound. He sees Armaan and the Grewal’s are entering the dhaba. They put the cake infront of the table where Aditya is. Shampy tells Ginni special cake is made by Ginni on this special occasion. Aditya looks at her shocked. Ginni smiles at him.

Ginni tells a poetry to Aditya which Gurkeerat used to tell him when he was a kid. Ginni’s poetry explains how Gurkeerat wanted to live her life happily surrounded by her loved one’s also how she wanted her dream dhaba to be. It also asks Aditya to live his life happily as she was taking all the things that will trouble or harm him with her so that he can live a happy and peaceful life. Aditya gets emotional. Ginni asks Aditya to cut the cake. Aditya imagines his younger self is playing with his mother Gurkeerat hide and seek. Gurkeerat catching him. Then he takes her to where the cake is by blindfolding her.

Gurkeerat gets happy seeing the cake brought for her from Aditya. She and younger Aditya cuts the cake. He comes out of his imagination. While imagining he cuts the cake with Ginni. He takes a piece and feeds it to Armaan. He then takes one for Gulraj and hesitates. Gulraj takes it in her hand and praises Gurkeerat for giving him good upbringing also blesses him. Aditya thanks her. He then asks the others to have the cake. He takes another piece of cake and feeds it to Ginni. Ginni wishes Gurkeerat a happy birthday. She then tells Aditya she learnt the reason behind him wanted to buy the dhaba. Aditya gets surprised.

Aditya recalls his rude behavior towards Ginni earlier that too infront of Supreet and Amber so he questions Ginni her intentions behind these arrangements for his birth anniversary. Ginni swears on God saying she wanted to see him happy on his mother’s birth anniversary and thanks Armaan for letting her know about this and praises him for his help. Aditya looks at Armaan and the latter smiles at him.

Ginni tells Aditya sharing happiness with their loved one’s increases the happiness so she called Singh’s here. Aditya gets shocked and angry and tells Ginni he don’t have any desire to celebrate this with the people who never cared about his mother so if she wants she can continue this celebration with the Singh’s but he is leaving and decides to walk away from there. Ginni stops him and suggests him to use this day to clear all the misunderstandings that is between him and his family and reconcile his relationship with them and tells family is everything.

Aditya loses his calm and throws things here and there and asks Ginni did she even know how many people are happy being with their family. He then tells her people are more happy to spend time in a party than to be with family because when it comes to betray someone the people always chooses their family members because they are the easy target so asks her to stay away from him also stop insisting him to do something which he dont want to. Aditya’s outbursts shocks the Grewal’s. Ginni follows Aditya. Aditya bumps into Mrs.Randhawa and her inhaler falls to the ground. Aditya apologises to her. Mrs.Randhawa praises Ginni and the latter gets uncomfortable but takes her inside the dhaba. Aditya sees the inhaler and takes it in his hand. Amber’s men comes there and clicks a photo of him and sends it to Amber.

Amber in the house says to himself in five more minutes then he can breathe easily without any fear that Ginni may learn the truth. He further says that he did requested Ginni but she didn’t listened to him so she has to pay for it. He then sees the photo which his men send and gets shocked seeing its Aditya so he calls his men but gets angry when his men dont answer it so he decides to go and save Aditya.

Ginni goes to Aditya and tells him his views about family is totally wrong because family members are the one who can truly love and support and encourage them also if there is any problems they have to face they will be there and if there is any harm they are supposed to face family members will save them by taking it on themselves so he is wrong about his views about family.

Aditya starts arguing with Ginni. Ginni sees two men coming there in a bike and one holding a gun pointing at Aditya. Ginni gets shocked when the man fires a bullet in Aditya’s direction. She shouts Aditya’s name and pushes him away then takes the bullet in her. Amber reaches there and gets shocked seeing this. Aditya shouts Ginni. Ginni falls unconscious.

Precap: Aditya takes Ginni to the hospital. He tells her he wont let anything happen to her. The doctor’s takes Ginni inside the operation theatre to operate the bullet. Aditya waits outside the operation theatre. Doctor comes out. Aditya asks him about Ginni’s health. The doctor tells he is sorry. Aditya looks on shocked.

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