Channa Mereya 18th August 2022 Written Update: Singh’s refuses to accept Ginni as Aditya’s wife


Channa Mereya 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shailaja asking Aditya to not to get shy and make Ginni sit near her without knowing its Ginni. The priest gives the flower and asks both bride and groom perform the ritual. They both does. Rajvant recalls Ginni’s words and gets sad. The priest asks to exchange both groom and bride the Garland. Both Aditya and Ginni exchanges Garland. The priest asks them to take pheras and both Aditya and Ginni does it. During pheras Ginni gets emotional recalling about her father’s words about her marriage. The priest asks the bride to come forward and takes the phera.

Ginni obliges and while taking pheras she recalls Aditya’s words and the promise she made to Goldie. The priest then asks Aditya to wear nupital chain around Ginni’s neck. He then applies vermilion on Ginni’s forehead as per Priest instructions. Aditya gets shocked seeing the pendant on Ginni’s neck. He then sees Ginni is behind the veil. Rajvant sees Ginni is the bride. He gets shocked. The priest announces the marriage is over. The Singh’s gets shocked seeing Ginni.

Aditya says Ginni then stands up from his place. Ginni also stands up from her place. Aditya tells her that he will do what he has to do with her for her this decision before that he wants to know what kind of sick joke is. Ginni remains silent. Aditya asks her what is she even doing in Sam’s place also where is Sam.

He further asks her is she even aware because of her this decision there are lives which get ruined and asks her why did she took Sam’s place. Ginni pushes away Aditya and tells him instead of asking her why did she did this why can’t he ask him why he didn’t listen to her plea because of which she is forced to take such step. She also adds that he came to him and pleaded him to not to marry Sam and told him the truth yet he remained silent and stubborn and decides to marry Sam.

Amber gets furious and asks Ginni to say what truth she is talking about that related to Sam. Ginni tells the Singh’s it’s not her but Aditya betrayed his family and tells them that Sam is none other than her brother’s wife Simran Preet Kaur Grewal. The Singh’s gets shocked. Aditya tells Ginni everyone have past and so Sam and asks her where were her principles and morals which she teaches to everyone when she decides to marry him without his knowledge.

Ginni justifies her actions saying if his marriage taken place with Simran her brother would have died so inorder to save her brother life she did all this also she don’t consider this marriage as marriage because she took this decision to save her brother only. Aditya asks her to stop justifying her actions. He the breaks the things around him then asks Ginni about Sam’s whereabouts. Ginni remains silent so Aditya leaves the place angrily. Armaan follows him.

Amber tells Ginni that she betrayed the Singh’s and asks her not even think that they will accept her as their daughter in law. Shailaja goes to Ginni and removes the tied clothes and tells her she insulted the holy fire by marrying Aditya without anyone’s knowledge in order to purify it she is putting the gadbandhan in the fire and put the cloth in it.

She also tells that they wont accept her as their daughter in law and holds her nupital chain before she could break it Rajvant stops her. Supreet asks Rajvant to let Supreet do the right thing. Rajvant tells the family members whether they accept this marriage or not but Ginni is now Aditya’s wife and it’s what God’s decision so no one has the rights to snatch Ginni’s rights in the house. Shailaja insults Ginni saying she don’t even deserved to be their servant. Other side Gulraj gets worried that Ginni isn’t answering the calls.

Santu comes there and asks Gulraj to stay strong before what she is going to tell her and the FB shows in which Santu seeing Ginni outisde the Singh mansion. She asks her what she is doing here. Ginni tells her to go to her house and tell Gulraj that she wont let Goldie and Simran’s marriage to break inorder to save that she is going to marry Aditya. The FB ends. Santu cries and tells Gulraj that Ginni sacrificed her future to save Goldie’s marriage life. Gulraj gets shocked and goes out to find Ginni. Santu follows her. In Singh mansion Aditya comes to Ginni and asks her again about Simran’s whereabouts.

Supreet asks him to calm down saying Rajvant will prey that information from Ginni. Shailaja says that Ginni and her brother might have killed Simran. Ginni denies it and tells them what happened. The FB shows in which Ginni goes to Simran’s room and pleads her return to their home because Goldie will die if this marriage takes place but Simran refuses saying she dont care so Ginni makes her unconscious and put her in a store room. The FB ends. Aditya glares at Ginni.

Precap: Ginni feels bad seeing Aditya who is sleeping in his room’s chair with wounded knuckle. Ginni covers him with quilt and caresses his knuckle. Simran who is in the bed sees this and thinks to herself this is what she wants for Ginni to go through her own guilt and Aditya’s hatred then smirks.

The episode starts with Gurleen and Marleen telling Simran that they will help her get ready to look like a most beautiful bride. Supreet asks where the lehenga is for the bride to wear. Shailaja comes there with a lehenga which is Gurkeerat’s. She tells if Gurkeerat is here then she would have given to her.

Supreet becomes uncomfortable. Simran forces a smile and thinks to herself that she not even once thought she has to wear the old lehenga. Later Amber comes to Simran and tells her to come to him if she is in need of help. He also tells her that all of sudden she entered their life. The other day during puja Aditya announced about his wedding with Simran which is unexpected that’s the reason he reacted that way.

Later Supreet told him that she likes her so whatever and whoever Supreet likes he will also likes it/them. He then adds that he is accepting her as a family member. Supreet comes there. Simran thanks Amber. Amber leaves the room asking both Simran and Supreet to talk. Simran tells Supreet that she felt a connection towards her since day one. Supreet smiles. Shailaja comes there and mockingly asks Simran is that mean is she going to do what Supreet done to the family after her marriage. Both Simran and Supreet looks on shocked.

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