Channa Mereya 18th July 2022 Written Update: Ginni gets attacked by goons


Channa Mereya 18th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni telling her mother over the call she is leaving the dhaba also talks about the huge order she get along with the money she earned. She then realises few men or following her behind on her way back to him. One of the men tells her that they will drop her home in a mockingly way. She speeds up her pace also runs but the goons follows her. They they get hold of her shawl.

Ginni snatches the shawl. Ginni then attacks the goon. She recalls her siblings words and puts up a tough fight which makes the goons runaway from there. Ginni thanks the God. Other side Sharda gets worried about Gurleen’s unconscious state. She tells Supreet that tomorrow is Gurleen’s rokha and she once again fainted if it repeats then before the marriage happens the Cheema’s will withdraw their decision.

Supreet tells Sharda why she is worried this much if its not Gurleen then they can get Aditya marry Harnas as we have seen Harnas interest on Aditya in that way they can able to get connected with Cheema’s. Sharda gets angry and reminds Supreet they are talking about Gurleen’s marriage here. Supreet asks Sharda to not to be selfish and think about family.

She further adds its always she and her husband Amber who thinks about the family. Sharda taunts her and says if there is anyone ever thought about the family and done something for the family then its Gurkeerat shocking Supreet. Rajvant comes there and tells Sharda that Gurleen’s medical reports are normal. Sharda asks then why Gurleen is fainting. Rajvant asks her not to worry saying that the doctor has given medicines.

The other side Ginni prays to God to show her a way by giving her some huge order which will give her more profit and earn more money to solve all the financial problems. Sharda receives a call from Cheema’s and gets shocked learning they were get stuck in a dhaba. She informs the same to her husband and worries it may consider as bad omen. She also asks him to bring them here as they have sent the location already.

Amber comes there and tells that its their responsibility to bring Cheema’s here and tells they both can go and bring them here. Rajvant stops them and tells that he and Aditya will go and bring them. Aditya tells he has important works to do but Rajvant reminds him it’s his sister’s wedding so Aditya agrees to tag along with Rajvant. Other side Ginni welcomes the Cheema’s inside her dhaba.

Mr.Cheema gets happy with the warm welcome he received so he praises her also her upbringing. Ginni serves them food. Mrs.Cheema praises the food and wishes her good luck. Ginni tells them how a guy wanted to snatch the dhaba from her then apologises to them for getting emotional and sharing the problems of her own with them. Rajvant and Aditya reaches the dhaba. Aditya wonders out of all the place is Cheema’s has to stuck in this dhaba.

Rajvant makes his presence known to the Cheema’s. Ginni gives a warm welcome to Rajvant then gets shocked seeing Aditya. Rajvant and Aditya enters the dhaba. Cheema’s apologises to Rajvant for troubling them but Rajvant tells them that it’s not like that also talks highly about Aditya. Ginni learns Aditya is Rajvant’s grandson.

Cheema’s tells Rajvant that Ginni made them worry less about whatever happened with her warm welcome along with her tasty foods and asks Rajvant to taste it. Mr.Cheema tells Rajvant this is the same food they had when they come to see Gurleen the other day. Rajvant gets shocked and recalls his conversation with Sonia asking to do everything in his power to rectify the mistakes he made.

He asks Aditya how he knows about this dhaba also is he brought food from here the other day. Aditya glares at Ginni then lies to Rajvant when he and Armaan was nearby thie are due to some work they decides do bring food. Rajvant tastes the food and gets stunned. He once again recalls Sonia’s words. He then asks Ginni about her and the shops name.

Ginni introduces herself along with her mother and brother also tells her about her other two siblings then shows the name board of the dhaba in which it written Kushwant Ka Dhaba. She tells Kushwant is her father who passed away. Rajavt gets upset and sad. Then he blesses Ginni. He also praises her food. He then decides to leave along with Cheema’s but Ginni asks them to have moong dhal ka halwa then they can leave. They all agrees.

Aditya goes to wash his hands. He taunts Ginni asking about the importance she gave to family. Ginni taunts him back for not realising the value of a family even after having such a loving family. She then brings his mother in the conversation which angers Aditya so he wants her not to talk about his mother. Ginni serves the Halwa to Rajvant and the Cheema’s. Goldie requests Rajvant to give them a marriage cooking contract after learning he is a owner of Singh grop companies.

Ginni scolds him and sends him away. Rajvant recalls Sonia’s words and asks Aditya’s opinion to give Gurleen’s marriage cooking contract order to Grewals’s. Aditya recalls Ginni’s words and approves Rajvant’s idea. Rajvant decisions surprises Ginni and thanks him for trusting her. Aditya smirks and thinks to himself now he will show the real meaning of family to Ginni for sure.

Precap: Ginni receives a call from Armaan and Aditya. She tells them that she is preparing for their order only after Armaan introduces himself as one of Singh’s worker. Armaan tells that they are cancelling the order shocking Ginni. Goldie goes crazy and Ginni breaksdown. Armaan asks Aditya why did he then agreed to Rajvant’s decision to give the order to the Grewal’s only to take back. Aditya asks him to wait and watch what he is capable of doing.

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