Channa Mereya 19th July 2022 Written Update: Goldie praises Aditya


Channa Mereya 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajvant telling Ginni the function will be conducted for four days and tells her the amount she get. Ginni says to Rajvant that he is talking about such a big order and asks is he not making fun of her right. Rajvant tells Ginni that he isn’t joking. Ginni thanks Rajvant and takes blessings from him. Rajvant blesses her. He then leaves.

Goldie thanks Aditya and Aditya asks him is he Goldie. Goldie says yes. Aditya pats him then leaves the place. In Singh’s house the Singh’s greets the Cheema’s. The marriage bureau tells Narmata and Supreet that they can do the rokha of Aditya and Harnas as well by pointing at both of them talking to each other. Supreet tells they can do the rokha of them and takes everyone inside.

She asks Sharda to take care of Gurleen and not to worry about the guests who she will take care of it. Sharda gets upset but she goes to Gurleen who comes downstairs with her sister. Sharda asks her to pray to God that the Cheema’s won’t learn about her illness. Gurleen’s sister assures her that she will be by Gurleen’s side so asks her to not to worry about it. Other side Ginni thanks the God for giving her such a big order.

Gulraj wonders why Singn groups of company boss gave the order to such a small dhaba. Ginni asks her not to worry saying she will manage everything though. Goldie praises Aditya to Ginni and tells her that they have declined his deal yet he is the reason behind them getting this order. Ginni tells Goldie that she thinks there is something about Aditya Aditya doesn’t feel right though.

Armaan takes Aditya away from Harnas and asks him is he lost his mind and reminds him about his plan to shut all the paths that can help Ginni to pay her all debts yet here he agreed to Rajvant’s suggestions to gave the catering order to Ginni. Aditya smirks and tells Armaan that this is a part of his plan so asks him to wait and watch. Goldie thinks to himself that Aditya is from Canada so he has to get into his good side so that he can take his help.

In Singh’s house the rokha ceremony starts. The priest performs the ritual with Harjit and Gurleen. Everyone prays to God. Then when the time comes to give the gift to Harjit, Amber asks Supreet to do it. Sharda gets upset. Aditya stops Supreet from performing the ritual.

He taunts her for trying to become a mother especially where she isn’t accepted and calls Sharda and gives her the shagun plate. Amber and Supreet gets shocked. Sharda gets happy and performs the ritual of her soon to be son in law Harjit. Namrata also does her part of the ritual. Mrs.Bagga asks Amber to do the rokha of Aditya and Harnas too.

Amber looks at Aditya then thanks Mrs.Bagga for giving such a beautiful suggestion then asks Aditya to come forward so that his rokha ceremony will also they can conduct. Aditya glares at him. Rajvant stops Amber then tells Mr.Cheema that Aditya wanted to get married after his sister’s wedding takes place so let Aditya and Harnas know about each other meawhile.

Mr.Cheema also agrees with Rajvant. Rajvant then asks Amber to not to force his decision on Aditya also asks him to try to make his relationship stronger with Aditya instead of ruining it like this. Then the family members goes to talk about the marriage preparations. Namrata shares her worries about the upcoming wedding preparation. Amber asks her to enjoy her son’s wedding because he and Supreet will manage everything.

Rajvant notices Sharda is upset so he tells the Cheema’s that Gurleen’s parents are excited about her marriage also this is the first marriage of this generation from Singh’s family so it will be grant and Gurleen’s father will take care of everything though. Amber and Supreet gets uncomfortable and angry for Rajvant ignoring them.

Ginni thanks God then goes to her father’s photo frame and thanks him for helping her get such a huge order also asks her to guide her. She also assures Gulraj that they will meet the Singh’s expectations. She then asks Goldie to help her download few videos to know few tricks because she don’t want to spoil anything.

Rajvant takes medicine in his room and tells Sonia that he followed her advice and taken a first step to rectify the mistake he had done in his past by giving the catering order to Ginni. He then recalls Ginni’s introduction. Aditya and Armaan comes near the dhaba. Aditya asks Armaan to tell what he asked him to. Ginni receives a call from Aditya.

Armaan greets himself and tells he is one of the worker from Singh’s company. Ginni tells that they are preparing their order only so asks not to worry. Armaan tells that they are canceling the order as they learnt through market about their financial state and everything so they cant risk anything. Goldie shouts at Armaan but the latter disconnects the call apologising. Armaan asks Aditya about his plan.

Aditya tells Ginni is in need of money so he is going to break her using the same also she will learn the true meaning of family after this not only that she herself will give the dhaba to him and asks Armaan to wait and watch the scenes that unfolds. Ginni breaks down and recalls the recent events. Goldie leaves the dhaba angrily. Aditya receives a call from Ginni. Ginni tells him that he can’t break her by cancelling the order and she is not someone like who will back away from the challenge so asks him to give her an opportunity to prove herself.

Aditya agrees and asks her to prepare the food list which he will send her and he will be there to taste in another few minutes. Ginni accepts the challenge and calls out Goldie and Gulraj for help. Armaan tells Aditya that Ginni is crazy. Aditya tells both Goldie and Ginni reacted different ways so he is sure its him who will win this challenge and get the dhaba in the end and smirks.

Precap: Ginni serves the food to Aditya along with few other additional food item saying this may not be in the list he sent. Aditya tastes it. Ginni tells him about the quality and taste along with the service they provide. Aditya turns around but misses his balance and about to fall on a burning stove but Ginni pulls him towards her and they both looks at each other.

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