Channa Mereya 1st August 2022 Written Update: Aditya saves the Grewal women from the goons attack


Channa Mereya 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni entering the dhaba and the vendor asks her about the money. They all asks her why she isn’t saying anything. Ginni apologises to the vendors and pleads them to give her some more time.

The vendors tells that they shouldn’t have believed Goldie’s words and says to Gulraj and Ginni they gave them time till next day morning and warns them about the consequences then leaves the place. Goldie asks Ginni what happened. Ginni tells the contract papers are fake so Aditya and Shailaja refuses to give them their hard earned money. Other side Aditya is in his house in a basketball court.

Armaan comes there and asks him what is the need to make fake papers and all when he can easily point out all the mistakes done by the Grewal’s and take back the dhaba from them. Aditya tells Armaan that he want Ginni to realise her thinking about family and its value is nothing after she realises she has to come to him and beg him to take that dhaba from her. Armaan tells him its not necessary though because he wants the dhaba and he has to focus on all this and they dont have time for all this.

Rajvant comes there and takes the basketball in his hand. He tells that his friend Armaan may not have time to spend with him but he have and says the way he made all the arrangements for Gurleen’s marriage is commendable also as a brother he fulfilled all his responsibilities which he is proud of. He then asks him to do one more help to life the weight of responsibilities from his shoulders. Aditya and Armaan gets confused when the hotel staffs greet Aditya.

Rajvant tells Aditya from tomorrow itself he will be the one who is going to be their staff shocking Aditya. Gulraj lashes out at Goldie and Shampy for putting them in more trouble by what they have done. Shampy defends himself and praises Aditya for understanding him unlike her. Ginni tries to make Shampy understand but the latter misbehaves with her. Goldie scolds Shampy for his behavior towards Gulraj and Ginni then takes him with him. Gulraj sits on the nearby seat.

Ginni gets worried seeing Gulraj’s stressful state. She gives her water and asks her not to worry and think about the positive outcome of this situation the dhaba is still theirs and it’s not mortgaged and about the payment she will soon earn everything then gives it to the people from who they lend money. Gulraj tells her that she is her mother so she dont have to give her false hope because she knows the depth of the problems they are in. She then cries saying Ginni has no time for herself all she do is for her family and she is worried about her future.

Ginni tells Gulraj that her family is with her and with them by her side she can do anything. Dimpy comes there and says to Gulraj that Ginni always finds solution to every problem they are in so this time also she will save them. Ginni assures her the same then asks her to arrange plates they can dinner first. Aditya closes the tab infront of him and tells Rajvant that this is not a part of his plan and says he is not interested in what he is suggesting.

Rajvant tells Aditya that he understands that he is nervous but he will tag along with him tomorrow to their hotel’s also help him as it is his first time. Amber comes there and taunts Aditya saying he is sure the successful empire he has created is going to crumble down because of Aditya because he is a failure. Rajvant scolds Amber. Aditya mocks Amber pointing out at their current business state. Amber gets furious and calls him a loser.

Rajvant warns Amber and sends him out. He then asks Aditya to get ready tomorrow to meet the staff’s as a owner then leaves. Aditya gets furious and frustrated. He tells Armaan that he don’t want to be a part of Amber’s businesses and he dont want his name to be tagged with Amber anywhere. He then tells if Ginni gave him the dhaba to him then he would have told Rajvant about his ideas.

He then says to Armaan that he want the dhaba by tomorrow morning at any cost then leaves. Armaan tells himself that he knows Aditya’s wish to fulfill his mother’s dream. He may have lose the focus from his goal but he is here to help him out.

Ginni tells Gulraj that they can go to their house as its late now. Gulraj and Dimpy comes to Ginni. They all decides to leave but few men enters the dhaba and tells they have seen them locking the dhaba late night so they are here to help them out and breaks the nearby lamp. Ginni and the other two gets shocked.

Ginni warns the goons and asks them to leave the dhaba right away. One of the goon calls Pasha and tells him he can witness what’s happening in this dhaba through live and starts recording it while the other goons starts breaking the things. Ginni starts fighting with them. Armaan tells Aditya by tomorrow the dhaba will be his for that he made few arrangements and shows the video clip of the Grewal’s women gets attacked by the goons.

Aditya gets furious and asks Armaan what the hell is wrong with him then leaves the room angrily saying this is not how he wanted to get the dhaba. Armaan says nowadays Aditya’s behavior become unpredictable. Akash tells Rajvant because of Aditya, Ginni cried a lot. Rajvant gets shocked. He calls his men who he asked to keep an eye on Ginni and enquires about everything then looks on shocked.

Other side the Grewal’s women struggles to stop the goons from destroying their things. Rajvant lashes out at Shailaja for refused to pay the money to Ginni and warns her not to repeat these mistakes again. Aditya stops the goon from attacking Ginni with a knife. He bleeds but he dont pay attention then starts fighting with the goons. The goons fails to attack the Grewal’s. Aditya and Ginni stares at each other.

Precap: Ginni aids Aditya’s wound. Aditya asks her don’t she want to know who sent goons to her dhaba. Ginni gets shocked when Aditya says its him and threatens her to give the dhaba to him then turns around to leave but gets shocked seeing Rajvant who enters the dhaba.

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