Channa Mereya 20th July 2022 Written Update: Shylaja provokes Aditya


Channa Mereya 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya telling Armaan to get ready to celebrate their victory and tells that now it will be interesting to see what the siblings are going to do get succeed. Ginni tells Gulraj that they have to make all these dishes which is sent by Aditya. Gulraj worries how they are going to do all these in few minutes and tells that she dont think they can able to do it.

Ginni recalls her childhood conversation with her father in which her father tells her that the one shouldn’t accept their defeat even before trying. Ginni repeats her father’s encouraging words and tells that they have to do everything in the power to prove their ability because Aditya questioned them and they have to prove it wrong.

She then asks her mother and another one of their worker to do what they have to do to complete this task. Other side Goldie drinks alcohol and tells his friend that he thought all their financial problems will get solved along with his dream to go to Canada to bring his wife but the order has been cancelled so now he don’t know what to do. He then asks his friend to call Aditya saying he wants to talk to him.

His friend asks him to relax and reminds him that Aditya is belongs to rich family so they can’t order around him like this. Goldie pleads his friend to hell him. His friend agrees and calls Aditya. Aditya tells the man that he will be there in twenty minutes until then asks him to give Goldie alchohol and keep him in an intoxicated state. The man agrees. Goldie gets happy when his friend tells him that Aditya is coming here.

He starts drinking. Ginni makes all the dishes faster. Aditya and Armaan enters the dhaba. Gulraj puts the dishes Aditya asked them to make infront of Aditya and Armaan. Aditya gets shocked. Ginni puts infront of them a dish which isn’t in that list and talks highly about the dish taste. Armaan tells her making that dish will take so much time. Ginni tells she has watched her father with the help of that very knowledge she made it. Armaan tastes and praises the dish. Aditya glares at him. He then tastes the food.

Ginni asks him about the decision. Aditya tells that he just want to see how they are going to handle such s huge order and tells she will get their decision before the next day. He then turns around to leave but misses his balance which leads him to about to fall on a burner but Ginni stops him and asks him to watch where he is going in a taunting way.

Shylaja shouts at her husband after learning the cooking contract of Gurleen’s marriage has been given to a small dhaba. She scolds her husband for being useless. She also tells because of him Amber is taking all these decisions. She further adds that she is forced to keep her mouth shut because of his inability.

Her husband tries to tell her it’s not Amber who given the contract to Kushwanta dhaba but Shylaja refuses to listen to him. She calls Amber a selfish man and starts talking bad about him. Supreet comes there and warns Shylaja to not to say anything against Amber because the decision is taken by Rajavant. Shylaja taunts her and tells that this her daughter’s marriage so definitely she will be worried about it unlike her who wants nothing but everything to go down.

Supreet tells Shylaja that they have to think about using the money they are earning and they have to make sure they aren’t spending money unnecessarily. Shylaja gets furious and starts taunting Supreet. Other side Ginni tells Aditya that she wish Rajvant also came here so that they would have known their immediate decision and tells she is going to call Rajvant. Aditya and Armaan gets shocked. Aditya tells Ginni it’s not necessary and she will get reply from them before tomorrow morning and leaves the place.

Aditya reaches the place where Goldie is. Goldie pleads Aditya to not to cancel the order and assures him that they will do everything on time and they wont disappoint him. Aditya tells him that they are coming from his dhaba only and tells him it’s a huge order which is an important one so they can’t take risk and asks Goldie to strike a deal with him if he fails to finish the order on time then they have to give the dhaba to him.

Goldie tells the papers are on Gulraj’s name. Both Aditya and Armaan asks Goldie to take Gulraj’s sign then they will give the contract to him. Goldie asks Aditya to give them thirty lakhs which Aditya approves. Goldie thinks to himself that Gulraj and Ginni must be proud of him for the deal he made with Aditya.

Aditya informs Ginni that they are giving the order to her. Ginni shares the good news with Gulraj and they plan to start their preparation. Armaan tells Aditya now he understands his game plan and tells even if the Grewal’s tries to complete the catering service on time they will make it hard for them which will help Aditya to get the dhaba. Aditya enters the house. Shylaja notices this and tells Amber suffocated Gurkeerat so much the way now Supreet and Amber is doing with her. This is the very thing lead Gurkeerat no other option but to leave the world.

Aditya recalls Amber and Supreet’s romantic gesture during his childhood and gets angry. Aditya supports Shylaja shocking Supreet when Supreet warns Shylaja to not to cross her limits. Rajvant comes there and tells them to stop arguing and tells Shylaja its him who gave the order to dhaba because the Cheema’s liked the food. He also asks her not to worry and send her inside the room.

Aditya taunts Supreet. Rajavant asks him to come inside saying he wants to talk to him something important so Aditya leaves the place. Ginni finds Goldie in an intoxicated state so she scolds him and tells him that they get back the order so asks him to support her sister. Goldie tells his support will be there for her always.

Precap: Ginni and Aditya is in Aditya’s house. Ginni misses her balance but Aditya stops her from falling down. Ginni gives the list of food she is going to make but Aditya gave her another list and asks her to do that. Ginni tells that Rajvant want Punjabi dishes. Aditya remind her about their status and tells they don’t want to see disappointment in their guest face so he want these dishes to be made. Ginni looks on.

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