Channa Mereya 21st July 2022 Written Update: Shailaja and Marleen insults Ginni


Channa Mereya 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajvant and Aditya will be seen sitting together. Their worker bring drinks. Rajvant praises Aditya is growing as more handsome and tells he is also going to become a groom soon as he is getting near marriage age. Rajvant then gives drinks to Aditya and asks him to forget what happened years ago.

He also pleads him to give Supreet a chance. Aditya stands from his place and tells angrily that he wont forget what happened years ago. He also says that he will never give his mother’s place to someone especially not to Supreet. Rajvant tries to convince him but Aditya remains stubborn.

Aditya then tells Rajvant because of Supreet only an argument took place years ago which lead her to get out of the house and she met with an accident. He then asks Rajvant will he accept the person who is responsible for something bad that happens to him or he goes through what his mother went through. Rajvant asks Aditya to not to talk like this then Aditya leaves the place sadly. The next day Ginni prepares food and asks Shampy and Dimpy to help her.

She asks Dimpy to note down al the dishes and put a label on the boxes of the dishes to avoid the last minute confusions. Dimpy agrees. Shailaja and Marleen comes to the dhaba. Shailaja gets upset seeing the dhaba. She shares it with Marleen and wonders about the hygiene. They both enters the dhaba.

Ginni sees them both and recalls her earlier encounter with Shailaja and wonders how to convince Shailaja though. She then stops Shailaja from falling down but the latter feels insulted by her touch and asks her and her siblings to call her owner and refuses to let her talk. Armaan comes there and introduces Shailaja to Ginni and viceversa. Shailaja insults Ginni again and questions the quality of the food.

Ginni assures her that they make quality food also wont disappoint them because Rajvant trusted her and gave her events food responsibility to her. She then asks Shailaja and Marleen to have seat but they both complains about the seat is being dust filled. Ginni worries how to convince Shailaja and wonders which food she can provide her for a taste test.

Armaan sees Goldie and signs at him. Goldie goes to Armaan and the latter reminds him about the promise he made to Aditya. Armaan gives a cheque worth of three lakhs to Ginni and asks her to give her best. Ginni gets happy and gives assurance they won’t disappoint the Singh’s especially Rajvant.

Armaan gives the contract papers to Goldie. Goldie promises him by tomorrow they will get this contract papers. He then asks before he gave the signed papers why did they give advance. Armaan tells that this is the trust Aditya have on him so asks him not to break his trust. Ginni calls Goldie and asks him to buy the things that needed for the menu list given by Shailaja.

She then sees the contract papers and asks Goldie about it. Armaan saves Goldie by lying to Ginni the papers belongs to him while taking the advance cheque from car he gave it to Goldie. Ginni leaves the place. Armaan reminds Goldie how this paper and the contract they have given is interlinked also if anything goes wrong then the dhaba will belong to Aditya so asks Goldie to not to make any mistakes.

Goldie gets scared but tells Armaan that they won’t disappoint them. Armaan and the Singh’s leaves the dhaba. Ginni thanks the God for giving her this opportunity and asks to continue being there for her and family. In the night Goldie talks to someone on the call and asks them to do it best also not to worry about the money. Ginni hears it but doesnt say anything. Gulraj asks both the siblings to have dinner.

Goldie gets an idea and puts the agreement paper in the last with the bills. He then takes it to Gulraj and asks her to sign it. Ginni asks Gulraj to check the bills by herself because Goldie is spending so much money. Gulraj agrees then starts signing the bills. She then receives a call from someone then Ginni calls her to check something so she didn’t sign the agreement paper which upsets Goldie.

Goldie receives a call from Armaan who asks him about the agreement papers. Goldie tells him the work will be done. Armaan calls him liar and asks him to come outside as he is waiting out.

Goldie goes out and Armaan insults him then manipulates him to sign the papers which is more important. He then takes him with him somewhere. The next day Shailaja tells the worker to ask her decision which will be the final one before doing something regarding decorations and tells this is her daughters wedding so she wants everything best.

She then chooses a jewellery for Gurleen but Supreet tells this isn’t something that will match the Cheema family’s taste. They both gets into an argument. Ginni comes to the Singh’s house. Aditya bumps into her. He saves her from falling down. Ginni gets angry and scolds Aditya for always missing his balance while walking..

Aditya asks her to be thankful for saving her. Ginni gives the menu list to Aditya and the latter also gives her one. They both gets into an argument. Aditya then asks her to go with him to buy things for the menu as he dont trust her. He then gets upset seeing both his car and bike is punctured. Ginni tells Aditya to come with her in her bike and Aditya looks on.

Precap: Aditya asks the vegetable vendor about a fresh cauliflower. Ginni shows him its fresh. Ginni then takes a basket in her hand but misses her balance and about to fall but Aditya catches her on time and they stares at each other.

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