Channa Mereya 21st September 2022 Written Update: Armaan questions Aditya his relationship with Ginni


Channa Mereya 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan tells Aditya that he must be doing all this because of his guilt but they do all this things for the one who that matters to them. Why this sudden fondness towards Ginni? Aditya remains silent. Armaan further says to Aditya that he never came to Gurudwara but today for Ginni he not only here but done such hard atonement for her but he is saying he has no relationship with her then why he do all this for Ginni?

He may asks him to shut up or let it be but he wants the answer. He then tells Aditya that Rajvant pleaded with Aditya to visit temple but he never ever done it. He also says that two woman came into his life recently. One is Sam who took advantage of his weakness and tried to use it against him. He also tells Ginni is there for him and saved him in many occasion. He also knows that no one made him to to temple after his mother’s demise but today he changed and went to temple for Ginni which is surprising. He constantly questions Aditya the reason behind him doing this for Ginni.

Aditya tells Armaan that when Ginni wakes up first thing he is going to ask her why she did this though and he doesnt know why he is doing all this but the moment he heard doctor saying that Ginni is in critical condition he decides to come to the temple because when he was a kid he has seen his mother having so much faith in God after that its Ginni who he has seen having such faith so he came here and did all this for her.

Armaan asks Aditya is that all? Or is there is anything else he is refusing to understand realise or accept? Aditya gets confused so looks at Armaan. Armaan asks Aditya to take time and think about it then he may get his answer. Later Aditya and Armaan reaches the hospital. Amber questions Aditya by pointing at his struggle to walk on his own. Aditya glares at him. Aditya’s uncle questions him the same.

Aditya tells that Ginni put her life in danger to save him and this is the least he can do for her. Inside the room Ginni murmurs Aditya’s name. The nurse comes out and tells the same to Aditya and says Ginni is out of danger now which makes the Grewal’s happy. Aditya recalls Armaan’s questions before entering Ginni’s room to meet her. Armaan helps him get inside the room. Aditya goes and sits beside Ginni and gets emotional.

Amber thinks that he hope Ginni doesn’t remember anything. In the room nurse tells Aditya to press the button if he finds Ginni’s health detoriating or something and they are keeping an eye on her for next 24 hours then leaves the room. Aditya sees Ginni is becoming restless taking his name and saying bullet so he puts his hand on her and she calms down. Aditya’s eye gets welled up. He caresses her face and hair.

Ginni wakes up and sees Aditya. They both stares at each other. Channa Mereya plays in the background. Ginni tries to sit but struggles. Aditya asks her is she okay. Ginni says yes and asks him is he okay. Aditya says yes. He then asks why she did all this which he isn’t understanding and tells her that he want answer for this. Ginni tells reasons for only sake of others but not for those who are in a relationship. Aditya and Ginni stares at each other.

Aditya recalls previously also Ginni helped him when he was injured. He also recalls how he met her in the market and all the moments they shared together before marriage. Ginni looks at him. Aditya recalls Ginni taking the bullet for him. Aditya asks Ginni dont she think once that what he would have given as a answer to Rajvant and Gulraj if anything happened to her. Ginni tells that he is with her also the God so she is sure nothing will happen to her.

Amber watches from outside the room Aditya is taking care of Ginni. He thinks that Sam never done anything for Aditya yet he ended up being an emotional fool took such wrong decision but Ginni saved his life so its natural for him to get attached to her. But he wants to be sure whether Ginni saw the shooter’s are not because he can’t risk anything including business by keeping her in their house.

The next day Aditya sits beside Ginni. The Singh’s comes to meet Ginni with the flower bouquet. Aditya remains silent but doesn’t say anything. They leaves and Aditya sits near Ginni. He recalls the doctor’s struggle to save her. The days passes by. Then Aditya feeds Ginni with his hands.

Ginni gets surprised seeing Aditya’s care for her. She doesn’t say anything. She looks away. She then looks at the glass of water and tries to take it on her own. Aditya notices this. He goes near the table and takes the glass of water in his hand. He then helps her have water. They both share an eye lock. The Grewal’s comes to meet Ginni in the hospital. Gulraj blesses Aditya by putting her hand on him. She then gets happy seeing the way Aditya is taking care of Ginni. She and the family members leaves the place happily. Aditya and Ginni looks at each other.

Precap: Aditya and Ginni comes to the Singh mansion. Ginni gets a warm welcome. Aditya takes Ginni in his arms and takes her to their room. Supreet gets happy and Ginni gets surprised. Later Aditya asks Ginni to recall the shooter’s face. Amber comes there and calls Ginni. Ginni tells Aditya that she saw him hiding behind a car when the incident take place. Amber gets shocked. Aditya holds Amber’s shirt angrily.

The episode starts with Gulraj pleads with Aditya to give her assurance that he will save Ginni. Aditya feels helpless. Gulraj leaves. Aditya sees the treatment of Ginni through the door from outside. He stares at Ginni sad and worried. He saw the pulse rate of Ginni was not normal and the doctors are trying to treat her back to normal and Ginni is struggling too. Gulraj tells Ginni’s fate is she always fight for other’s. But today she is fighting death or life. In this situation no one from Singh family is here to check up on her too. She further adds that Ginni get married not even a month back but she took such huge step and put her life in danger.

Supreet Amber and his brother comes there. Supreet sees Gulraj is crying. She goes to her. She asks her not to cry. She tells they are here to see Ginni. Aditya’s uncle says the moment they leant about Ginni’s condition they rushed to the hospital. Amber enquires Ginni’s state to Armaan also asks him is she told anything about the shooter’s before she fell unconscious. Armaan says no also the doctors are treating her but there is no improvement. Supreet tells Gulraj if it’s not Ginni then it would have been Aditya in her state.

Gulraj asks Supreet to not to say such things. Supreet tells what she said is true. She also tells as a wife Ginni fulfilled the promise she made on her wedding. She crossed all the limits and put her life in danger in order to save her husband Aditya. They are so lucky to have Ginni as a part of family members as she proved that for her the family is everything and she would go to any extend to save her family members. She also calls her the strong pillar of the Singh family and they are so lucky to have her as a family member. Aditya hears this then leaves the place.

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