Channa Mereya 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Rajvant invites Grewal’s to Gurleen’s marriage


Channa Mereya 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni is taking Aditya to the place where they are going. She asks him to keep telling her the directions where they want to go. She also tells that she is a safe driver. Aditya guides her to reach the place. Ginni and Aditya reaches the vegetable market.

Ginni tells if he wanted to come to vegetables market then she should have brought him through the shortcut. Aditya tells her that he is going to see her knowledge about vegetables and goes to the vendor. He takes celeri and smells it and asks the vendor to pack four of it. Ginni taunts him and tells the vendor he must have wanted coriander leaf.

The vendor decides to take coriander leaf but Aditya stops him and tells him he wants celiri only shocking Ginni. Aditya then buys different colors of capsicum. Ginni asks him what is the need to buy all these when she have red chilli and green chilli. Aditya tells her the purpose of the capsicum and taunts her. He then asks the vendor small potatoes. Ginni tells him that they are going to cut the potatoes anyway then why he want small potatoes.

Aditya again taunts her and tells her that cutting potatoes will reduce its original taste. He asks the vendor about fresh cauliflower taking one in his hand. Ginni snatches it from his hand and tells that its fresh only by breaking it into two pieces. She then tells Aditya that she wants to make few changes in the menu if he dont agree then she will talk to Rajvant.

Aditya says to Ginni that he dont want her to bother Rajvant for petty issues and he is here to take care of everything. He also tells that he will do the dressings of all the dishes as he dont want it to be look like her face. Ginni gets angry and scolds him. Aditya then goes and buys rose petals. Ginni comes there and slips. Aditya stops her from falling to the ground.

The rose petals falls on both of them and they both stares at each other. Ginni then walks away from there. Later Aditya tells Ginni the menu has been finalized so he want nothing but her to provide what they needed it. Ginni puts all the things inside her bike.

Aditya receives a call from Armaan so he walks away from Ginni and asks whether the work has been done. He then smiles learning the work is done. Aditya and Ginni reaches his house. Aditya sees Goldie is entering the house and Ginni is about to leave and gets tensed.

He stops Ginni to stop her from seeing Goldie. Armaan comes there and gets shocked seeing Ginni there. Aditya signs at him. Armaan takes Goldie from there without Ginni noticing him. Ginni leaves the place. Goldie gives the agreement paper to Aditya and tells him that he kept his words by fulfilling the promise he made.

Aditya tells him that he will transfer the remaining amount immediately. Goldie gets happy and takes his leave. Armaan asks Aditya now what’s his next plan. Aditya tells him that he want Ginni to make one mistake in this event then he can able to get the dhaba. Armaan tells him that he don’t think someone like Ginni will make such mistakes. Ginni reaches her home. She sees Gulraj is talking to someone over the call.

Gulraj gets stressed and tells her that she feels this contract is going to bring more troubles for them because as she can see no matter how much she tried they still need seven lakh rupees to buy the things for this event but they have only the three lakh advance. Ginni asks her not to to stress she will cross check again and they will try to do something about this. Gulraj worries saying that she dont think they are meant to handle such huge order.

Aditya tells Armaan by the time Ginni realises that the she made a huge mistake by agreeing to this contract the dhaba will become his and smirks. In Singh’s house Shailaja asks the workers to do what she asked them to and warns them not to make any mistakes. Marleen advices Gurleen to try to stay strong because the next few days will be her marriage functions. Gurleen nods okay.

Shailaja sees Supreet is bringing a traditional jewelry box in her hand and thinks she bring here for Gurleen and talks to her nicely. Supreet tells this is given to Amber’s wife and she is his wife and she is going to polish it. Aditya comes there and snatches the jewelry from her and tells her the jewellery belongs to his mother not her’s and takes it with him.

Shailaja taunts Supreet asking her to wear the jewelry she had. She also mockingly says she dont have class like her and talks about how she was a secretary but become wife of Amber. Supreet leaves the place angrily. Gurleen’s father shows the marriage invitation to everyone. Rajvant comes there and scolds Shailaja for talking negative then tells he want one card only and takes it with him. Shailaja wonders why Rajvant always takes one card who is that important person in Rajvant’s life.

Gulraj tells Ginni calculating again and again isn’t going to change anything so they have to think about this contract first. Goldie comes there asking someone to hire a best waiter’s. Ginni scolds him and tells that she and Gulraj thinking about quitting because they don’t have that much fund to keep up with this event. She then checks the bill but gets interrupted by Rajvant who comes to Ginni’s house and blesses her.

Ginni talks about her father after serving food to Rajvant. She tells him that her father had suffered by memory loss and gets emotional. Rajavant looks at Kushwant’s picture guiltily. He then gives a marriage invitation card to the Grewal’s and requests them to attend the wedding Ginni and the family members gets happy and thanks Rajvant for inviting them.

Precap: Aditya asks the workers to stop their work right away. He then enters the kitchen and teaches Ginni how to cook and handle the utensils. He stands behind her and takes the pan in his hand. Ginni gets shocked. Later Ginni confronts Aditya about the deal he made with Goldie. Aditya taunts her by her opinion about the family’s importance. Ginni tells that he cant able tm break her family and tells him she is quitting this and glares at Aditya.

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