Channa Mereya 23rd August 2022 Written Update: Ginni decides to cook for Aditya


Channa Mereya 23rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni praying God to show her a ray of hope and show her a path to make everything normal. Akash goes to Ginni. Ginni questions Akash why he is holding one cake and in another screw driver. Akash tells he used to use screwdriver to malfunction his toys and the cake is for her. He also adds that since night Aditya didn’t had any food and whenever he is hungry he cooks on his own but the kitchen utensils or any machine doesn’t work then he will get furious. He want to use the screwdriver to malfunction the cooking machine and asks her to have food fast. Ginni thinks to herself that not only Aditya but the entire family hadn’t had any food so she decides to prepare food for everyone. She goes to the kitchen.

Akash follows her and asks her what is she doing here. Ginni shares her plan to cook food for everyone including Aditya. Akash tells that she doesn’t know the meaning of revenge? She is supposed to trouble Aditya not to help him. Ginni tells Akash that she is an Angel right so her character isn’t supposed to trouble other’s. She then tells that she cant see anyone hungry so she is going to make aloo paratha for everyone seeing that itself the anger of people will decrease. She then starts preparing. Supreet comes there and asks her what is she doing.

Ginni tells that she is planning to cook for everyone because no one had dinner yet. Supreet asks her dont she know the ritual and daughter in law of the house who is from Singh family is supposed to cook Kada prasad first. She become Aditya’s wife who is the first son of the Singh family despite how the marriage taken place she dont want to insult their culture so asks Ginni to make prasad first. Ginni obliges.

Supreet decides to leave the kitchen but stops and asks Ginni even after everything she had done where from she get this much strength to show her face to everyone let alone cook. Ginni tells Supreet that she married Aditya to save her brother’s life. She also adds that she already told Aditya about everything but he remain stubborn in his decision. She pleaded with Simran but she also refused to back away from this marriage. She even went to Rajvant and he told her God will help the one who help themselves so she took this decision. When she left the house it’s not a part of the plan.

Supreet gets stunned. She then asks Ginni to make prasad with pure intention also tells her it doesn’t mean she is accepting her as a part of family then leaves the place. Other side Gulraj’s neighbor come friend tells her that Kuswant dreamt about giving best education also dreamed about make sure Ginni’s wedding is the best one in the entire Amritsar. Gulraj tells unfortunately she doesn’t know any of this neither about Kushwant’s partnership plan or who he wants to partner up. Other side someone wearing a black gloves will open a box in a dark room. Ginni decides to take ghee from the store room on her own.

Gulraj tells her friend that after her husband’s sudden demise his secret recipe book also went missing. Her friend asks her is that book missing or someone stole the book? And tells Kushwant’s partner must stolen the book. Gulraj tells that she don’t know God only knows the actual truth and she hope she will get the answer. The one who wearing a black house take out a photo frame of Kushwant and Rajvant together.

Ginni walks past Simran’s room and gets happy seeing her she woke up so she decides to meet her. Simran who is having an apple throw that in a dustbing and acts that she isn’t feeling well. Ginni gets confused by her sudden change in behavior but leaves saying she will send Aditya or anyone to help her. Simran decides to get rid off Ginni before she could so something that will create more problems.

Shailaja sees Ginni in the kitchen getting ready to prepare the prasad. She mocks at her by asking her to throw the food made by her. Ginni tells she is making prasad as per Supreet’s instructions. Shailaja wonders is Supreet Supreet planning to accept Ginni as this house daughter in law? She then sees Aditya so she loudly says Ginni no matter what she does no one is going to forgive her nor accept her. Aditya enters the kitchen and tells Ginni to leave saying she knows for a chef the kitchen is no less than a divine place so he dont want her to be here.

He also adds that he will make the prasad and asks her to stop acting like his wife and this house daughter in law to get recognition from other’s. Ginni tells him she don’t want to be recognized by someone’s wife or daughter in law. She is doing what she is asked to do. Aditya starts preparing for the prasad. Ginni helps him despite he tries to stop her. Together they both makes the prasad. Ginni gives a bowl of prasad to Akash and asks to put this infront of God.

The latter obliges. Aditya have prasad and tells her it’s a prasad thats the reason he had it. Shailaja also have the prasad. Simran in her room tells someone on the call before Ginni mess up things that she is going to tell the Singh’s about her pregnancy also she has to be more cautious that no one know that Aditya isn’t a father of her child. She then gets shocked seeing Ginni’s image through mirror. She turns around and drops her phone.

Ginni goes to her and slaps her. She asks her how could she do this. Simran pleads her to give her a chance to explain but Ginni refuses and tells her that she wont let her fool Aditya then leaves the place. Simran thinks that she has to stop Ginni but if she follows the family members will grow suspicious so she has to play her cards more carefully and gets determined to trap Ginni and instigate the Singh’s against Ginni. Ginni tries to get attention of Aditya but Supreet stops her and asks her what is she doing instead of serving prasad to everyone. Ginni wonders whether to tell Simran’s truth to Aditya or Supreet first.

Precap: Simran acts and tells Shailaja and Supreet both brother and sister ruined her life and she dont want Ginni to ruin Aditya’s life. She also adds that she is carrying Singh’s heir in her womb. Aditya tells her that they don’t need any justification from her. Shailaja drags Ginni with her and push her out.

The episode starts with Ginni goes to the kitchen and forcibly feed herself a sweet the cries. Akash comes there and give her a bottle of water. Ginni thanks him. Akash and Ginni shares a hug. He then tells Ginni that he has seen everything through the window how everyone is scolding her eventhough she is a good person but asks her to become his friends. Ginni recalls Goldie then forwards her hand to be his friend. Aditya goes to Sam’s room and covers her with a quilt while thinking about her pregnancy confession. He then goes and sits on an arm chair and thinks about Ginni’s words then falls asleep.

Ginni comes there and recalls everything then feels guilty for her decision. She then covers Aditya with a quilt and looks at his injured knuckle. She then goes to a sleeping Simran and apologises to her saying eventhough she is a woman she turned her life more difficult. She also tells that she made a huge mistake if it’s not about Goldie’s life then she would have never taken such decision. She also asks her to recover soon she will find a way to solve the mistake she made. She then leaves the room. Simran wakes up and tells that means Ginni knows her about her pregnancy so now her own guilt along with Aditya’s hatred will get her Aditya.

Rajvant recalls his words with Ginni and goes to a locked room. Supreet comes there and sees why Rajvant is going to the locked room which is locked for years also he refused anyone to go to that room but today after everything happened also at this night why Rajvant is entering the room now.

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