Channa Mereya 24th September 2022 Written Update: Aditya encourages Ginni to recall about the shooter


Channa Mereya 24th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya seeing Pasha pointing gun at him. He asks him what is he doing and why he is pointing gun at him. Pasha tells Aditya that this type of pistol through only the shooter’s fired a bullet. He then tells that its impossible to find who it is as he tried his level best till now but nothing sort of a clue he get against who the shooter is and who is behind all this. He also tells Aditya that he thinks it’s really not that easy to find who it is the actual person behind all this though even if we found who the shooter is.

Aditya tells Pasha that they have to find the shooter and the person who is behind this in order to help Ginni to get rid off her fear and tells even Police are investigating and he wants him and his men to find out who it is. Pasha obliges. They both then starts discussing about the plan to find who it is behind all this. Amber overhears this conversation of Aditya and Pasha by hiding behind the wall. He then gets shocked when Ginni comes there but the latter fails to see Amber. Ginni sees Aditya and Pasha. She directly goes towards them.

Amber gets relieved. Both Ginni and Pasha greets each other. Pasha pleads with Ginni to recall who is the shooter it will be really helpful for them to reach the shooter. He then leaves the place after Ginni tells him she will try. Amber who watches this from his hiding place thinks so not only cops but Aditya hired private investigators to catch him which he wont let that happen.

Aditya mocks at Ginni that he will ask the cops and investigators to stop investigating because she recovered fully so she herself will find the shooter right? Ginni smiles realizing Aditya wants her to take rest so apologises to him for not taking rest. Shailaja in her room open the sweet box which she took it without anyone’s knowledge and starts having it. Someone watches this from outside.

Aditya and Ginni saw the priest comes to their house with prasad in his hand. They both greets him. Ginni tries to take his blessings but due to injury she fails. Aditya tells the priest he will take his blessings and asks him to bless both of them. Ginni gets surprised. The priest blesses both of them and goes inside the house with both of them. Akash enters Shailaja’s room and tells her that she is cheating by having lots of sweets which will increase her weight.

Shailaja gets shocked but gets relived seeing its Akash only. She tries to change the topic but Akash tells that his uncle asked him to keep an eye on her if he does his work properly then he promised to take him to the water park. Shailaja tells him he is supposed to support her because on every day basis she is the one who helping him with his homework. She also tells him no one will gain weight having prasad and gives him one laddu. Akash demands a box. Shailaja gives him the box in which Amber hide Kushwant’s diary and makes him promise to not to tell anyone about this.

Akash obliges and takes the box in his hand and leaves the places. Ginni expresses her joy finding the uniqueness of the sweet box. The priest praises Rajvant as he is the one who behind all this. Later Aditya encourages Ginni to recall the shooter’s face that will help them find who it is. Ginni apologises to him when she tries to recall but fails in it. Aditya says it’s okay but asks her to keep trying which Ginni obliges.

In the dhaba Simran throw things and starts scolding Santu for making food when they dont have any customer coming to the dhaba for the last few days especially after the shoot happened. Gulraj comes there and warns Simran. Simran goes to her and tells her in order to survive that they have to do something so it’s better if they opens Chinese restaurant and asks her to keep her pride and ego aside and let them do what she is suggesting.

Gulraj gets angry so she takes a stick to beat Simran but Goldie Goldie stops her. Gulraj warns both Goldie and Simran. Goldie takes a stand for Simran and agrees with Simran’s plan because they are in huge debt. Gulraj insults him then breaksdown when she realises she is in a helpless situation. She then asks them to do whatever they want to do in this dhaba. Simran gets happy. Santu looks upset.

Amber’s men gives Amber a new sim card and tells him that no one can trace him back because it’s brought using a fake ID. Amber asks his men whether he get to know where the shooter’s are. His men says no but the moment they switch on their mobile they can get to know about their location so asks not to worry then leaves. Amber thinks that he is yet to find where the Kushwant’s diary is. Aditya goes with the priest. Akash comes there skating towards Ginni. Ginni sess Akash is holding a prasad box and skating so she suggests him to give it to her then take it with him after he finished his skating. Aditya interrupts them and gives prasad to both Ginni and Akash.

Akash misses his balance but Aditya saves him from falling down and advices him to not to repeat this then makes him leave. He then once again tries with Ginni to make her recall the shooter’s face. Ginni gets happy when she recalls the glimpses of the shooter. She tells Aditya about the shooter having long hair and wearing an unique ring. Aditya asks her what kind of ring it is. Ginni starts explaining to him. The shooter enters Singh’s mansion. Aditya gets distracted seeing something and stops Ginni from explaining further and points at something behind her. Ginni gets confused by Aditya’s change in behavior and looks on.

Precap: Amber advices Ginni to take rest and asks her to take his help if she needs it. Aditya tells Amber they dont need his help. He then stops Amber from leaving the place and tells him Ginni recalled two important things of the shooter. Amber gets shocked. Aditya looks at him.

The episode starts with Aditya gets worried seeing Ginni’s condition. He calls the doctor and tells him that Ginni is struggling to breath. He then follow the doctor’s instructions and gave her medicine. Ginni have it. Aditya asks her to stay calm and take rest. He then looks at the soup and smells it and gets shocked. He then have a spoon full of it and gets furious. He then asks Ginni to take rest he will return. He goes to the cook and shouts at him for mixing tamarind in it. Supreet sees this. Shailaja asks what happened.

Aditya tells what happened. He then tells here after he will cook for Ginni and without his knowledge no one should do give anything to Ginni and asks them to leave. Supreet gets happy but Shailaja gets shocked. Aditya then starts cooking for Ginni. He gets happy with the food he made for her. Later Ginni struggles with her dress. Aditya comes there before entering the room he enquires Armaan about the shooter’s information and asks him to find out soon.

He then sees Ginni is struggling with the dress. He scolds her for not listening to doctor’s advice to take rest. He then insists to help her and goes behind her. They both hesitates first. Aditya then helps Ginni with her dress. They both gets closer to each other a little. Later Aditya and Ginni creates a distance between themselves. Aditya then take her to the bed and help her with the remaining things. They both stares at each other.

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