Channa Mereya 25th July 2022 Written Update: Ginni defends herself infront of Aditya


Channa Mereya 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulraj and Ginni thanking Rajvant for inviting them for the wedding. Ginni leaves the place when she receives a call. Gulraj tells Rajvant that he have a big heart and that’s the reason he gave them such a huge contract. She then tells that after Kushwant passed away Ginni took all the responsibilities of the family and forget about her own life.

Rajvant assures her that Ginni’s life become more beautiful. Ginni comes there and thanks him. Rajvant leaves the place. Shampy takes a picture of the wedding card then puts it with the bills and agreement papers. Ginni tells Goldie and Gulraj from tomorrow itself their work is going to start and they have to give their best to prove their ability.

They both nods okay. Ginni takes the bills and agreement papers and puts it into a file but fails to notice it. The next day Ginni reaches Aditya’s house with her team. She talks to Goldie over the call about their worker arrangements. She then turns around but Shilaja comes there and they bumps into each other which lead the latter to fall to the ground.

Ginni apologises to her and helps her stand up. Shailaja scolds her and warns about the consequences if she messes up this given opportunity of her’s. Ginni assures her nothing such wont happen. Shailaja leaves the place. Ginni wonders how to let Aditya know she reached his house. She sees Aditya’s step brother Akash and requests him to inform Aditya the catering people are here and they wanted to start their work.

Aakash refuses to help Ginni by calling Aditya a monster who always looks angry and break things for no reason then leave the place. Ginni decides to start the work. She calls her friend Sandhu who comes there and talks proudly about herself then goes to do the work which is asked by Ginni.

Ginni then talks to Goldie and Gulraj. She and Gulraj warns Goldie to not to spend so much money on things but the latter tells he will try not to. Goldie asks Ginni about the bills and Ginni tells him it’s with her only and he dont have to worry about it then goes to prepare dishes. Gulraj also asks Goldie to concentrate on his part of work. Goldie wonders where the contract papers are though.

Ginni prepares a chicken dish. Her friend come worker asks her from when did she learnt this. Ginni jokes at her. She then asks her to take a photo of this dish and send it to Aditya. Santu obliges. Aditya comes out of the washroom. He receives a message and gets upset seeing the dishes dressing. So he video calls Ginni without caring he is in his towel. He scolds her for her the way dressing the dishes. Her friends sees Aditya shirtless and calls him hot.

Ginni scolds Aditya saying she isn’t here to take any course. Aditya gets angry and asks her to stop all the works until he comes there. Aditya goes to Ginni and her team. He tells her that he already told her the dishes to look great because it’s the eyes which eats the dishes first. He then asks the workers about the things he needed.

Santu and the other worker helps him get the things he needed. He then takes a pan to and put the ingredients that needs to be added in the dishes and he also takes a chicken and cooks it. He then asks Ginni to saute the ingredients. Ginni obliges. Aditya scolds her for not handling the pan properly and teaches her how to hold it by getting closer to her. Ginni gets shocked and so her friends.

Aditya then does the dressing of the chicken and then asks her to bring the dish she made. He puts it near by one another. He asks to tell which one looks great and tempting. Ginni tells her his looks great but her dishes made with full of love. Aditya tells that one has to be passionated about cooking and then orders her to follow his style of cooking then leaves the place.

The make up artist tells Shailaja Marleen and Gurleen that the latter had a very little amount of sleep so she will give her best to hide her dark circles. Shailaja sent the make up artist away and asks Gurleen to not to to faint. Gurleen snaps at her saying she is trying and there is no need to give her reminders about this. Marleen tells her they won’t and asks her to try though.

Aditya in his room looks upset. Armaan comes there and tells him that he talked about a man named Pasha everything. Then he sees Aditya is upset and asks him why he is upset when everything is happening as per his wish.

Aditya tells what is the need to stay in this house and fake an emotion because it’s one of the family members marriage also when he very well knows its Rajvant who cared about him not the other family members. Armaan tries to talk to him but Aditya refuses to listen to him. Gurleen comes there and asks Aditya why his signature dish is not in her wedding menu shocking Aditya. The latter asks her how did she know.

Gurleen’ tells him how she watches all his videos also the show he participated in it. Aditya gets emotional and tells her he will add the dish in the menu. Gurleen thanks him and leaves.. Armaan taunts Aditya saying that he should listen to people. Later Goldie tells Aditya and Armaan Armaan nothing wrong will happen because he made sure of it. Ginni and Santu sees Gurleen is about to faint.

Ginni helps her not to fall to the ground and calls Aditya to help her. Aditya goes there but Shailaja comes there and gives tablet to Gurleen and the latter wakes up. Aditya asks what happened and Shailaja tells that Ginni tries to steal Gurleen’s earring but Ginni denies it and tells Gurleen fainted. Aditya gets worried but before he could ask anything Rajvant calls him. Shailaja warns Ginni to get arrested by falsely accusing if she ever tell anyone what she witnessed.

Ginni gets hurt and cries. Rajvant notices it and asks her what happened. Shailaja accuses Ginni and insults her. Aditya asks Shailaja to not to treat Ginni like a servant because she is belongs to catering service. Ginni gets shocked then walks away from there wiping her tears. Aditya looks on worries.

Precap: Ginni tries to cope up with the wind but fails. Gulraj comes there asking Ginni’s signature in papers. The latter gets shocking seeing the contract between Aditya and her dhaba. She confronts him about it. Aditya mocks at her. Ginni tells him that she won’t allow him to break her family and says that she is quitting.

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