Channa Mereya 26th July 2022 Written Update: Ginni learns about Goldie’s decision to mortgage the dhaba to Aditya


Channa Mereya 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the celebration starts. Supreet comes to Rajvant and tells her that Amber is on his way so they have to start the function a little late. Shailaja asks why they have to wait for Amber because it’s about Gurleen. Supreet tells her that she informed Cheema’s to come a little late.

Shailaja gets upset. Ginni wonders where the servers are then asks Santu to prepare the dishes. Gulraj comes there and asks Ginni about the next day preparations. Ginni asks her to check the file kept near the table. Gulraj checks the bills but fails to notice the contact papers. Here Shailaja tells that she talked to Cheema’s and they are on their way so asks everyone to make sure everything is in order.

Marleen comes there with a glass of lime water. Shailaja gets worried about Gurleen’s health condition so she asks Marleen about the same. Marleen makes a face then leaves the place. Shailaja and Rajvant gets worried. Rajvant asks Aditya about the marriage preparation and the latter assures him that everything is fine.

Ginni asks her friend come worker about the dish she is making it. The wind starts so Ginni calls out few of the workers to help her protect the dishes from getting spoiled. Gulraj goes to her and asks Ginni to sign the next day bills. Ginni agrees and about to sign but the papers falls all over the place. She goes and takes it one by one. The agreement papers catches fire which she thinks it’s one of the contract papers with the dealers. She then gets shocked reading the agreement also Gulraj’s sign in it.

Ginni recalls Aditya and Goldie’s words also she recalls her father’s vision about the dhaba and gets furious. Aditya comes there and urges the workers to take the dishes inside as the guests arrived. He then calls Ginni but she doesn’t respond so he starts preparing for the dressing of the dishes. Ginni asks Santu to take the workers inside. They all gets shocked seeing a furious Ginni but goes inside without asking her anything.

Ginni goes to Aditya and taunts him saying that they can send the dishes to the beauty parlour. Aditya taunts her back and asks her to stop her non sense. Ginni shows him the agreement papers and asks what kind of nonsense is this.

Aditya smirks and tells her that the other day she spoke highly about their family love and values but here her own brother made this agreement without her consent and tells her that this is what family is all about. When they are in need they will not care about the other person even if they are their own family.

He then mocks at her by asking her to talk to Goldie about this. Ginni accuses Aditya for using her brother Goldie’s innocence and trapped him because he knows he can’t able to get her dhaba so he betrayed and cheated them like this. She also tells that he can’t break their family members love they have for one another and mocks at him for failing to understand the value of family.

She then tells Aditya that she is quitting and tries to walk away. Aditya taunts her by clapping his hand which makes Ginni stop in her track. Aditya tells her as per the agreement if she backs away from it then the dhaba will become his. Ginni gets furious and determined and tells him that she will fulfill all the demands as per the agreement and she won’t never let him win.

They both sees the decorations are about to fall so they catches it on time and looks at each other. Channa Mereya plays in the background. Amber goes to Rajvant and asks him to come inside they need to talk about something important. Rajvant follows Amber. Shailaja notices this and wonders what happened also worries about Gurleen’s marriage.

Ginni shows the agreement papers to Goldie and asks him why he did this and asks him why he didn’t asked her before he took such decision. Goldie remains silent. Gulraj asks what happened. Ginni tells her that Goldie took her sign in the agreement paper without her knowledge in which it states that they are mortgaging their dhaba to get this catering contract. Goldie pleads Ginni to listen to him once and justifies his decision. Ginni tries to make him understand that they got the contract after she passed the test of Aditya.

Goldie tells her that they are high society people so it’s normal for them to ask such demand from them like mortgage and all if anything goes wrong in case for surety. Ginni gets shocked. Armaan asks Aditya why he didn’t let Ginni walk way from this contract then it would have been easier for him to get the dhaba. Aditya tells him that he dont want any problems to arise in Gurleen’s marriage. Armaan questions him from when did he starts thinking about all this.

Aditya tells him that he is here for Rajvant and Rajvant gave him responsibility so he won’t disappoint him also tells him that he will make Ginni make a mistake to get the dhaba. Amber tells Rajvant that they have to close few of their hotel’s in Patiala. Rajvant gets upset and scolds Amber for taking decisions that landed them in this state. Amber defends himself saying this is not his decision alone also they don’t have any other options but to close it.

Goldie tells Ginni that family and everything is important but money is more important and tells her that she wont understand is because Jagga is after him not after her. Ginni tell him that he want money right which she will give it to him and vows to complete the contract at any cost and tears the agreement paper and throws it in the air. Aditya enters the room and tells because of prize tag only they are facing huge loss which leads an argument between them.

Aditya also points out they have increased the price tag of their dishes but the menu is same. Rajvant gets impressed but Amber accuses Aditya for trying to snact his hard work and name be earned it. He also calls him a loser. Rajvant warns Amber. Aditya asks Rajvant to ignore Amber to act like a father because he isn’t even a Human first. Amber looks on angrily.

Precap: The marriage ceremony starts. Amber and Supreet dances happily. Aditya dances with his sister Marleen. Ginni also enjoys the function. Later Aditya fails to open his eyes when someone throws something at him so he decides to leave the place but bumps into Ginni. Ginni catches Aditya and the latter struggles to open his eyes.

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