Channa Mereya 27th July 2022 Written Update: Rajvant pleads Aditya to take over the family business


Channa Mereya 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya telling Rajvant that Amber isn’t even a human then how can he become a father. Amber asks Rajvant to see Aditya how he is misbehaving with his father. Rajvant asks both of them to stop arguing with each other because they are discussing here about something else.

He then advices Rajvant to give all the family business responsibilities to Aditya the way he gave him all the responsibilities. Amber refuses to listen and tells Rajvant that he gave him all the responsibilities after seeing his knowledge and passion not because of the way he fooled him and made an illusion that he is capable of handling it like how Aditya is trying to trap him and snatch his place in family business.

Rajvant pleads Amber to listen to him but the latter refuses. Other side Gulraj advices Ginni to not to think about what happened and focus on what they are going to do next to save their dhaba. Ginni shares her worries about Goldie who is under the influence of Aditya and refusing to listen to them.

She also tells that she dont want any of her siblings to fall prey to Aditya’s game plans neither she want them to follow his footsteps. Amber taunts Aditya saying he dont even capable of becoming a worker but he wanted his position and tells just like his mother who wanted something which she didn’t deserved. Aditya loses his cool and says to him that he is here for Rajvant and he never allowed anyone to talk about his mother.

He further adds that if he ever take his mother’s name or talk about her this way then the consequences will be worse and pushes him away. Supreet comes there. Rajvant takes Aditya out with him. Supreet stops Amber from following Aditya. Gulraj motivates Ginni saying with their strength and power they have to foil Aditya’s plan and never let him win. Ginni agrees with her and gets determined to save the dhaba.

Rajvant stops Aditya and tells him that Amber isn’t understanding it’s his time to hand over the business to him. Aditya tells Rajvant that he came here for him also this isn’t a part of his plan so he isn’t interested in what he is suggesting though. Rajvant asks Aditya if he would have told the same to his mother who might have suggested the same if she was alive. Aditya gets upset and frustrated. Rajvant then tells Aditya that they can talk about this later. The Cheema’s comes to the Singh’s house. Both the family members makes the soon to be bride and groom sit near one another. Mr.Cheema asks them to start the rituals.

The rituals starts once its completed both Gurleen and Harjit exchnages rings. Harnas searches for Aditya and the latter will be seen sitting in a bar and having alcohol. Rajvant notices this and gets worried. Ginni and Goldie serves starters to the guests. Ginni goes to Aditya and tells him that his parents are sweet but she dont know from where did he get this bitter attitude and asks him if he wants the starters. Aditya glares at her.

Ginni leaves the place. Shailaja expresses her happiness for her daughter getting married to a guy like Harjit. Rajvant blesses both Gurleen and Harjit. He then asks to start the function. Marleen announces the dance that’s going to start with Amber and Supreet’s dance performance. Amber and Supreet dances. Everyone one by one joins them in the dance floor.

Rajvant goes to Aditya and asks him to focus on the functions first and after Gurleen’s marriage they can talk about it again. Aditya and Rajvant have a drink together and the latter takes Aditya to where everyone is. Harnas takes Aditya to the dance floor and dances around him. Ginni sees her sister is dancing around the corner so she joins her and dances with her.

Pasha takes Goldie with him upstairs and asks him to have drink but the latter refuses saying he has to work. Armaan comes there and tells Goldie that Aditya considers him as a friend so he has to drink. He then forcibly feeds him the alchohol. Ginni asks Dimpy to now go and help them serve food to others. Dimpy agrees and leaves the place. Amber opens the champagne but it falls into Aditya’s eyes because of which the latter struggles to open his eyes. He decides to leave but he bumps into Ginni.

Ginni saves him from falling to the ground. They both looks at each other. Aditya apologises to her then leaves the place. Ginni also leaves the place. Shailaja who watches this from far goes behind Ginni and accuses her for trying to trap Aditya. Ginni tries to tell her it’s not what it looks like but Shailaja refuses to listen to her. Shailaja warns Ginni then leaves the place. Ginni cries. Aditya sees Armaan and Pasha is making Goldie drunk.

He smirks at Armaan when the latter shows him thumbs up. While everyone is enjoying the party Goldie comes there dancing in his drunken state and bumps into Mrs.Cheema and falls to the ground. Mrs.Cheema gets upset. Supreet slaps Goldie and apologises to Mrs.Cheema for his behavior she then calls Ginni and Gulraj. She also calls out Amber to handle the situation. Gulraj and Ginni comes there and gets shocked seeing Goldie’s drunken state.

Ginni apologises to the guests. The guests starts whispering about the Grewals. Both Ginni and Gulrah gets sad and upset. Amber comes there and apologises to the Cheema’s. He then tells Goldie that he wont spare him for insulting his guests and raises his hand on Goldie but Aditya stops him and they both glares at each other.

Precap: Gurleen’s next marriage ritual takes place. Aditya brings his mother’s photo frame and tells without his mother’s presence he dont think the rituals gets completed shocking everyone. Later Ginni laughs at Aditya when she sees mehendi in Aditya’s face. Aditya goes closer to her and uses her shawl to wipe off the mehendi from his face. Ginni looks on shocked.

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