Channa Mereya 27th September 2022 Written Update: Aditya teaches Ginni how to use chopsticks


Channa Mereya 27th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni takes the pamphlet in her hand but before she could read Aditya snatches it from her and tell her Chinese is ready. She decides to take it from him but Aditya tells her that they should have food in the table and take her with him. They both sits on the dining chair. Aditya gives her a chopstick and asks her to have it. Ginni tells that she never used chopstick and it’s similar to Gulraj’s sewing stick. Aditya laughs and tells her he will teach her how to use it. He then shows her how to hold it. He also goes near her and adjusts how she holds the chopstick. Ginni looks at him. Aditya goes back to his seat.

They both starts having the noodles. At some point they both see the same noodle they both are having it. It’s one end is their mouth and the other end is their partner’s mouth. They both stares at each other. Ginni the stops herself from having it. Aditya smiles at her and looks at her which makes Ginni uncomfortable. She looks down. She then starts having the noodles.

After she finishes it Aditya tells her they should have dessert and tells her in dessert he is going to give her medicine as a dessert. Ginni scolds him for ruining the mood by taking medicine’s name. Aditya teases her and decides to take medicine from the room. He stops when he saw Ginni’s hiccups. Aditya asks her the reason and Ginni tells that she used to suffer by hiccups whenever she have noodles. Aditya takes her hand in his and pulls her towards him. Ginni gets shocked and looks at him.

They both stares at each other and shares a moment together. Aditya distances himself and tells that this is a new technique to stop the hiccups and its called shock therapy then leaves the place. Ginni asks herself is this really a new therapy or something. Later Ginni refuses to have medicine so Aditya acts like he will have it which leads Ginni to snatch the medicine and have it. She then realises that Aditya fooled her to make her have the medicine. Aditya smiles at her.

Aditya goes away from Ginni when he receives a call from Pasha. Pasha tells Aditya as per Ginni’s identification about the shooter he send few photos and asks him to show it to Ginni. Amber enters the room and asks Ginni to see the photos he have which is given to him by his contacts with the description she has given and identify the shooter.

Ginni looks at the photos and tells they are not the one though. Aditya asks Ginni to see the photos send by Pasha. Ginni sees and tells him no one in this is a shooter..Aditya takes the phone in his hand just then he receives another photo which he shows it to Ginni. Ginni tells that man in the photo looks like the shooter though but she is not sure.

Amber tells Ginni to take her time and give them proper information because her identification is going to destroy someone’s life. He then excuses himself to make a call and leaves the place. Ginni gets restless and worried. Aditya encourages her to recall and focus on her descriptions. Ginni once again see the photos and tells Aditya the last photo sent by Pasha is the shooter. Aditya decides to confront him. Ginni stops him and tells him she will accompany him too because she knows Amritsar well.

Aditya points at her condition and tells her that wont put her in trouble. Ginni shares her worry about his safety and the risks he is taking. Aditya tells her he is going to end the risk also makes a promise to be safe and tells her he never made a promise to anyone so this is the first promise he made which he will not break it and asks her to take rest then leaves the place. Ginni grows anxious and prays to God for Aditya’s safety.

The shooter in his hiding spot talk to someone on the call. He tells that person that no one can find him also asks that person to find out who is behind gathering information about him. Aditya comes there and holds the wood which the shooter is having in his hand. He tells the shooter even he wants to know who send him.

The shooter asks who he is. Aditya reveals his face and kicks him then takes a knife out and puts it under his throat and demands him to tell who hired him. The shooter tells his contractor is on the next room which leads Aditya to take him with him. Ginni prays to God. Amber reaches the shooter’s place and thinks to himself that he has to do something to stop Aditya from learning the truth. Aditya sees a man is waiting iin that room. He goes and puts his hand on his shoulder the same time someone puts his hand on Amber’s shoulder.

The man turns around and Aditya fails to recognize who he is so he asks him the reason behind him trying to kill. The man blames Aditya and family for removing him from his job despite his all those years of hard work. Aditya gets into a fight with the men around the room. Amber turns around and sees his men. His men tells him the given work is completed which makes Amber relived. At some point a man hit Aditya with a bottle and Aditya feela dizzy.

The shooter approaches Aditya with a knife in his hand. Amber stops the shooter and asks him how dare he tries to harm his son and starts fighting with other goons. Aditya recalls his childhood memories along with the recent interactions with Amber. They both then fights with the goons. They all falls down. Amber tells Aditya that he learned through his men about his whereabouts and tells him that he wanted to reach her first but failed but praises Aditya. Aditya’s eyes well up with tears.

Precap: Amber and Aditya comes home. Supreet and Ginni sees them. Amber stops Aditya and apologises to him for throwing him out when he was a kid also tells him he wants to rectify his mistake so pleads with Aditya to give him one chance. Aditya looks at him with tear filled eyes.

The episode starts with Aditya and Ginni are discussing and the shooter comes inside. Amber pulls him aside. He scolds him for coming to the house. The shooter tells that he wants to save his life that’s why he is here. Amber tells him he came here to put his life in danger because Aditya is searching for him.

The shooter tells him that he was instructed to shoot the one who have the inhaler and he did what he asked for it’s not his mistake someone else hold the inhaler so pleads with Amber to tell the contractor to not to kill him. Amber tells the shooter to go and stay in the underground because not only the contractor but also police and Aditya’s men are searching for him so he needs to stay safe so asks him to go underground. He also gives money to him and sends him out.

Ginni is explaining Aditya about the shooter. Aditya stops her and tells her there is a lizard behind her. Ginni gets scared and tells him that she is scared of lizard so hugs him. Aditya laughs and tells her that the lizard is far away the wall. Ginni refuses leave Aditya. Aditya assures her that she is safe now. Ginni looks at him. They both shares an eye lock. Aditya jokes at her for getting scared of lizard but Ginni tells him that she is scared of lizard.

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