Channa Mereya 28th July 2022 Written Update: Singh’s apologises to Cheema’s


Channa Mereya 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amber telling that he will teach him a lesson today that will stop him from drinking alcohol for life then raises his hand. Aditya stops Amber. He then tells that Goldie made a huge mistake but it’s about Rajvant’s reputation also he is the one who gave this contract to Grewal’s so he will decide what to do with Goldie.

Amber tells Rajvant that he don’t want to see Goldie in the house anymore then leaves the place. Rajvant apologises to Cheema’s for Goldie’s behavior. Mr.Cheema asks him not to apologise. Gurleen’s parents also Aditya apologises to the Cheema’s. Aditya suggests to have them dinner. They all goes to have dinner.

Aditya takes Goldie with him. Ginni takes Goldie and thanks him for saving them. She also tells she prepared as per his order. Goldie in his drunken state asks Aditya to not to take the dhaba from them for the mistake he made and punish his sister. Aditya and Ginni looks at each other. Ginni tells Aditya they will be on time for tomorrow’s function then leaves the place with Goldie.

Gulraj along with Shampy and Dimply thanks Aditya for his help then leaves the place. Armaan goes to Aditya and congratulates him saying now he have an opportunity to cancel the contract and snatch the dhaba from Ginni pointing at Goldie’s mistake. Aditya doesn’t say anything and leaves the place.

In Grewal’s house Goldie is in his drunken state. Gulraj gets furious seeing him. She beats him and asks him do he even realise the mistake he had made. She cries and asks him why he is doing all this and increasing not only his sufferings but also their family’s sufferings.

She falls to the ground and cries. Goldie in his drunken state tells someone forcibly feed him alcohol. He also asks Gulraj to forgive him for what he has done. He then searches for Ginni and finds her nearby room. He pleads Ginni to forgive him one last time. He also calls himself useless and tells him that he always brings troubles to them for which he shouldn’t be forgiven easily though.

He then pleads Ginni to throw him out of the house as a punishment. Ginni gets shocked and tells Goldie to forget whatever happened and not to repeat this same mistake again. She also tells him to be careful around Aditya. Goldie asks why she is telling this when Aditya is the one who saved him and the family’s reputation which shocks Ginni.

Shampy and Dimpy also asks Ginni to not accuse Aditya for what happened because its him who saved them then takes Goldie with them to the room. Ginni then sees Gulraj and consoles her. She also tells her that she already told her Goldie isn’t doing all this intentionally it’s just a bad time for him that’s why everything he does is backfiring and putting him in more trouble.

She then tells Gulraj that Goldie was not like this before Simran left him. Simran is his life. Gulraj tells after Simran went Canada she has not even contacted them once and her son is suffering a lot. Ginni tells that if God asks her to fulfill one of her wish then she will plead God to give Goldie his happiness. Gulraj also pleads God to not to punish her kids anymore. They both hugs and cries.

The next morning Aditya sprays perfume. Armaan comes there and jokes at him for Nimmo’s interest also the way she calls him handsome mutton. He then tells him that they can use in their favor what Goldie did yesterday to cancel the contract with Ginni and take the dhaba. Aditya tells him no and says he already told him the reason then leaves the place. Armaan tells himself that Aditya has changed now he isn’t understanding what’s happening or what he is thinking though.

Gulraj seems angry. Shampy and Dimpy looks worried. Ginni sees this and diverts her siblings attention by giving them Kheer. Gulraj and Ginni mocks at each other. Ginni then see Goldie who looks sad. She feeds him Kheer and asks him to forget whatever happened the previous night and focus on today and the future.

Gulraj tells because of what Goldie did they cant take Goldie to Singh’s house to help them. Ginni asks Goldie to take care of the dhaba then tells her family members they have to work as a team so that they can able to complete the task given to them and save their dhaba. She forwards her hand and asks their support. Her siblings puts their hand on her. She then calls Gulraj who also joins them and they tells loudly they aren’t supposed to make any mistake at any cost.

She goes to God and seeks God’s help to save their dhaba and after that she dont want to cross paths with Aditya. In Singh’s house the ladies talks about the importance of the ritual that takes place for Gurleen. Gurleen’s parents gets emotional. Nimmo tells Gurleen she dont have Mama Ji to perform her next ritual so she will do it. Amber comes there and tells he may be her chacha but he will perform the ritual and puts bangles on Gurleen’s hand.

Gulraj who watches this from far imagines Ginni in Gurleen’s place and gets emotional. Nimmo calls out Gurleen’s brother to bless her as a part of ritual. Aditya comes there with a photo frame in his hand. Amber tells everyone that his wife Supreet will bless Gurleen who is a lucky charm of their family. Aditya interrupts and talks about his late mother also how she loved girls.

Shailaja agrees with him. Aditya adds that without his mother’s blessings that he dont think the rituals are completed. He puts the photo of Gurkeerat and gives the family bangle to Gurleen and asks her to consider this as his mother’s blessings. Amber and Supreet looks annoyed. Aditya smirks at Amber.

Precap: Ginni tells Aditya so far they didn’t made any mistake for him to cancel the contract. She then gets shocked when Shailaja and the other guests accuses Shampy and Dimpy for stealing things. Ginni goes there. Shailaja insults her and slaps her. Aditya looks on shocked.

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