Channa Mereya 29th July 2022 Written Update: Shampy puts the Grewal’s in trouble


Channa Mereya 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shailaja asking to complete the ritual fast. Aditya decides to leave but Gurleen’s father stops him and tells him he is the one who supposed to do the next part of ritual. Amber decides to leave the place but Supreet stops him. Akash sees the handkerchief of Aditya down in the floor he takes it and puts something in it. Aditya performs the ritual part with Gurleen.

Shailaja and Marleen gets shocked seeing Gurleen is about to faint but they stops her from falling to the ground. Someone gives the handkerchief to Aditya. Akash tells that his plan is worked and Aditya is going to suffer because of that. Gulraj prays God’s help to help them find a good man for Ginni. Ginni and Aditya bumps into each other. They both tries to walk away by taking similar steps which annoys both of them.

Aditya asks her why she is following him. Ginni mocks at him and tells him she is actually making a way for him to walk past her by he never uses straight forwards path. She then puts the tray near by table and sees mehendi in Aditya’s face. She laughs at him. Aditya asks her the reason behind it. Ginni asks him to use his phone to see his face. Aditya sees the mehendi he then takes a step towards Ginni and the latter gets shocked.

She takes a step back. Aditya takes her shawl and cleans his face then leaves the place. Ginni gets upset that Aditya ruined her shawl. Ginni then goes to her family members and the people who works for her. She tells them their job is almost done and they have to make sure not to repeat any mistakes in order complete the given task. They all obliges. Ginni instructs them about their part of the job. She then goes to Gurleen’s room. She introduces herself.

Gurleen praises her for her catering service. Ginni apologises on behalf of Goldie but Gurleen tells her it’s okay. Ginni asks her to have Nimbu water because due to these functions she may tire herself easily. Gurleen looks at the Nimbu water without saying anything.

Ginni sits beside Gurleen and asks her why she looks so sad especially on her wedding day which is every girl’s dream. Gurleen asks her what if she is hiding such a big truth from her soon to be husband which she don’t want to but that’s what her mother wants her to do what will she do if she is in her position.

Ginni tells that she will make her mother understand if she dont then she will tell her fiancee the truth because one lie can ruin everything. She then makes an excuse and leaves the room. Gurleen looks on stressed. Shailaja catches Ginni’s hand and insults her then warns her to be in her limits or else she will face the consequences then leaves the place.

Ginni thinks to herself the only sane person also have humanity in this family is none other than Rajvant and decides to complete their work without doing any mistakes and leaves the place as soon as possible. Dimpy serves juice to the guests. She then starts admiring Marleen’s bracelet. Shailaja comes there and scolds Dimpy then sends her away. She also advices Marleen to be careful and the latter assures her the same. Ginni serves drinks to everyone.

Akash deliberately hits Aditya while walking past him by calling him monster. He then takes a glass of juice served by Ginni. Ginni then forwards it to Aditya but the latter walks past her. He scolds Akash to not to show him attitude. Armaan drags Aditya with him. Akash tells Ginni the monster has ruined his glass of juice so Ginni serves him another one the former thanks her then leaves the place.

The Cheema’s arrives at the Singh’s house. Marleen demands shagun from Harjit the latter gives her which makes her happy. She tells that she is happy to have a brother in law like him and her sister is lucky. They all goes inside. Gurleen comes down and stands with Harjit. The priest starts the puja. The family members gets emotional and happy. Both the bride and groom exchanges the Garland.

The priest asks the family members to take them to the temple to get them married. Aditya takes Gurleen to the car and sees her about to faint. Ginni helps Gurleen. Aditya asks Gurleen is she okay. Gurleen tells due to back to back function she is tired. Aditya orders Ginni to make all the starters arrangements ready to be served when they return from the temple then leaves the place. Akash comes there but gets upset the car left so he blames Aditya for that.

Later Marleen asks Gurleen to perform a ritual to find who is going to get married after her and forcibly makes Aditya to sit with them. Gurleen performs the ritual. Ginni sees Gurleen is about to fall because of the lehenga so she goes to help her. The bangle falls on Ginni. Harnas complains its cheating because Ginni isn’t even waiting like them in the line. Harjit tells her its God wishes and she shouldn’t call this as cheating and get upset with Gurleen.

Ginni see Shailaja and gets worried recalling her threat so she leaves the place. Aditya and Ginni have a conversation about Aditya may get the dhaba if she makes any mistakes. Ginni assures him nothing such will happen. Dimpy sees Marleen’s bracelet on the tray so she decides to give it to het but Shailaja comes there and accuses her of theft and slaps her.

Ginni goes there and Dimpy swears on her she didnt steal anything. Ginni pleads Shailaja to not to accuse them. Gurleen supports Ginni and asks her mother to not to create a scene. Meawhile Pasha sees Shampy is allowing the kids to enjoy the marriage from rich people so he drags him inside and tells them everyone what he has done. Ginni gets shocked. Shailaja insults Ginni and slaps her shocking everyone.

Precap: Jagga and his men comes to the dhaba and threatens the Grewals. Ginni assures him that she will return his money and goes to the Singh’s house to get her payment. Aditya mocks at her and gives her a paper to name the dhaba on his name. Ginni gets angry and tells him that she will never fulfill his wish.

Starbharat’s show Channa Mereya is gearing up with an interesting drama with Ginni thanking Aditya and leaves with her family members. The next day the Grewal’s makes a promise to complete the given contract without making any mistakes meawhile Aditya’s behavior in Gurleen’s ritual angers Amber and Supreet. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Ginni save her dhaba with the help of her family members? What will Aditya do to snatch the dhaba from Ginni?

In the current track it shown that Aditya stopping Amber from hitting Goldie and tells Rajvant will decide what he wants to do with Goldie. Amber leaves the place. The Singh’s apologises to the Cheema’s. Ginni and the Grewal’s thanks Aditya then leaves the house. Armaan congratulates Aditya for his plan against Ginni get succeeded but the latter leaves without saying anything.

Gulraj lashes out at Goldie for his behavior. Goldie seeks Ginni’s forgiveness. Ginni and Gulraj prays to God to give Goldie his happiness which is his wife Simran who left him and went to Canada. The next day Armaan gets confused by Aditya’s behavoir when the latter refuses to cancel the contract with Ginni.

Other side the Grewal’s vows to complete the contract without making any mistakes. During Gurleen’s one of the marriage ritual Aditya brings Gurkeerat’s photo and gifts the family jewellery to Gurleen saying this is his mother’s blessings. Amber and Supreet fumes in anger because of Aditya’s behavior.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Ginni will say to Aditya that she fulfilled all his conditions as per the agreement so he dont stand a chance to snatch the dhaba. Shailaja will accuse Dimpy of theft.

Another one will accuse Shampy for distributing foods by taking money from the guest. Ginni will get shocked and goes to where her siblings are. Shailaja will insult and slap Ginni. Aditya will look on shocked.

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