Channa Mereya 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Rajvant makes Shailaja apologises to Ginni


Channa Mereya 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya fighting with the goons. Ginni also joins him. The goons threatens Aditya then leaves the place. Gulraj thanks him. Aditya asks Dimpy to take Gulraj to hospital. Dimpy obliges then they both leaves. Ginni gives water to Aditya and make him seat. She then aids his wound. She tells Aditya that she knows he must be upset with her behavior. Because all she did was fight with him whenever they met but what today he did for her family for that she and her family will be always grateful.

Aditya asks her to stop aiding his hand and tells her that he don’t care what she thinks about him or anyone for that matter. He then asks her whether she ever thought how he knows that she and her family members are getting attacked by the goons. Ginni gets shocked and asks is he the one who send the goons. Aditya says yes. Ginni glares at him. Aditya tells her that he made a mistake but mistake happens with everyone though.

He also tells her to ignore this and thinks about selling the dhaba to him then tries to leave but Ginni stops him and asks him what kind of a person he is. He is confusing her so much with his actions. One minute he is making a contract to snatch the dhaba the next minute he is saying that the contract isn’t legal so no use of the contract. Then he is sending the goons to her dhaba and he is coming behind to save her which is confusing more and asks him to tell who he is and what he wants actually.

Aditya asks her to think about giving her dhaba to him or else she will have to face the consequences then turns around but gets shocked seeing Rajvant there. Aditya recalls everything that happened between him and Ginni. Rajvant asks Aditya to go home he will talk to him later. Aditya obliges and leaves the place.

Rajvant goes to Ginni and tells her as an elder he was supposed to keep an eye on his surroundings and someone makes mistakes he is supposed to teach them the right path but because of the trust he had on his loved one’s today he iis upset that their family members troubled her a lot and refused to pay her hard earned money for which he wants to apologise to her and folds his hand infront of her.

Ginni asks Rajvant to not to apologises to her for what she has to go through because of his family members because he is not aware about anything. Rajvant requests Ginni to call him Dadji the way his grandkids are calling him. Ginni gets emotional and nods her head okay. Rajvant tells that he wont let her go through all these sufferings because of his family members which he will rectify it and takes her to Singh’s mansion. Amber shouts asking for dinner. Shailaja mocks at Supreet.

They all sits to have dinner together. Amber asks where is Aditya and Rajvant. No one says anything. Amber asks Shailaja to take responsibilities of this house because she always wanted to rule the house but she isn’t ready to take any of the responsibilities though. He then tells no matter what everyone has to oblige to his order and he won’t give this power to anyone. Rajvant comes there with Ginni.

He then asks Shailaja to apologises to Ginni for the insults she thrown at her also refused to pay her salary. Shailaja and the family members gets shocked. Ginni stands there uncomfortable. Rajvant calls Shailaja who comes infront of Ginni. Ginni recalls the way she humiliated her family. Shailaja controls her anger and says sorry. Rajvant warns the family members to not to mess with Ginni hereafter.

Rajvant apologises to Ginni infront of his family members for their behavior. He then gives her a pay cheque as per the contract and his promise. Ginni refuses to accept the pay cheque and says that Shailaja apologises to her because he is scared of Rajvant not because she realised her mistakes.

Still for her they are poor and they dont deserves respect or anything but before this rich and poor people one should know whether the person is hardworking dedicated and passionated one or not. She then adds if she takes the cheque which isn’t given to her with respect for her work then there is no use taking it. Ginni also tells the Singh’s that she knows problems took place because of her siblings but they didn’t done anything deliberately to create those conflicts and requests them to respect everyone then leaves the house.

Amber mocks at Ginni and tells Rajvant the poor people always behaves this way then leaves the place followed by others. Armaan apologises to Aditya for sending goon into Ginni’s dhana. Aditya asks Armaan to get down from his car or else threatens to throw him out of it.

Armaan asks Aditya is he is angry at him because he sent goon to his house or else his wish to get the dhaba which process may delay or his wish will never get fulfilled. Aditya tells him he will get the dhaba at any cost and tells he will talk to Rajvant about the same. Armaan gets down from the car and Aditya drives off from there. Rajvant sees the sketch made by Gurkeerat. Amber enters the room and asks Rajvant to make Aditya Aditya realise that he is ruining their reputation by trying to buy the dhaba.

Aditya comes there. He and Amber gets into a heated argument. Amber accuses Aditya for trying to ruin the reputation of the Singh’s. Rajvant shows the sketch to Amber and tells that Aditya wanted to fulfill his late mother’s wish nothing else. Amber mocks at Aditya and calls Gurkeerat and Aditya a crazy people which angers Aditya. Rajvant assures Aditya to help him fulfilling his dream at the same time asks Amber to stop picking up a fight with Aditya also asks Aditya to not to get angry. Aditya and Amber glares at each other.

Precap: Ginni finds Goldie in a worse state that too with Aditya so she questions him what he did to her brother. Aditya tells that he didnt done anything with Goldie because his fight with her only. Ginni gives a coin and wishes him good luck and tells that they shouldn’t never cross the path then they both walks in opposite direction. Aditya smiles at the coin and tells the game is not over yet.

The episode starts with Ginni entering the dhaba and the vendor asks her about the money. They all asks her why she isn’t saying anything. Ginni apologises to the vendors and pleads them to give her some more time.

The vendors tells that they shouldn’t have believed Goldie’s words and says to Gulraj and Ginni they gave them time till next day morning and warns them about the consequences then leaves the place. Goldie asks Ginni what happened. Ginni tells the contract papers are fake so Aditya and Shailaja refuses to give them their hard earned money. Other side Aditya is in his house in a basketball court.

Armaan comes there and asks him what is the need to make fake papers and all when he can easily point out all the mistakes done by the Grewal’s and take back the dhaba from them. Aditya tells Armaan that he want Ginni to realise her thinking about family and its value is nothing after she realises she has to come to him and beg him to take that dhaba from her. Armaan tells him its not necessary though because he wants the dhaba and he has to focus on all this and they dont have time for all this.

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