Channa Mereya 30th July 2022 Written Update: Shailaja questions Ginni’s character


Channa Mereya 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amber telling Cheema’s that from our side they want to gift them something and ask them not to refuse it. Mr.Cheema smiles and says they are happy to accept it. Amber asks Rajvant about his decision to do a business deal with the Cheema’s. Rajvant tells Mr.Cheema that he want them to make a business deal and become a business partners.

Mr.Cheema tells him if they shows a new business idea then they can go ahead with it. Amber gets happy and assures him that he wont disappoint him also thanks him for giving him an opportunity. Other side Shailaja tells the guests that she already told them about the Grewal’s and their cheap doings. She then slaps Ginni and calls her a shameless person.

She tells that thr Singh’s group of hotels gave the Kushwanta dhaba a contract but the Grewal’s instead of focusing on what their work one of Ginni’s siblings taken money from his friends and allowed them inside the marriage function without their permission also the other stole her daughter’s bracelet and Ginni is trying to seduce Aditya which shocks everyone.

Ginni cries. Gulraj pleads Shailaja to not to say such things against her kids but Shailaja refuses and questions Ginni’s characters. She then talks about Ginni’s father and his upbringing. She also pushes Ginni.

Aditya catches Ginni. He then asks Shailaja what is the need to bring parents and their upbringing though. He also tells Shampy is a kid so he made a mistake also he is sure Dimpy didn’t steal the bracelet of Marleen. Shailaja about to say something but Aditya stops her and says that he is handling it. Shailaja leaves the place angrily. Shampy and Dimpy hugs Aditya and cries. They both thanks Aditya for saving them from Shailaja’s wrath.

Aditya gets uncomfortable. He then goes to Gulraj and apologises to her on behalf of Shailaja. He also suggests her to leave because if they stays there is a chances the problem may arises. Gulraj agrees and takes Shampy and Dimpy with her. Ginni folds her hand infront of Aditya then leaves the house.

Shampy pleads Ginni to forgive him. Ginni reminds him about the promise they made together in the morning not to mess up anything yet here he made such huge mistake by taking money from his friends and let them go inside the Singh’s mansion and refuses to forgive him saying because of his doings not only them but their parents also faced humiliation. Shampy apologises to Ginni and tells her that he knows he made a mistake but he wont repeat it again. Ginni doesn’t say anything.

Goldie comes out and asks Ginni why she didnt answered the calls. He then senses something went wrong so asks her what happened. Ginni asks him the reason behind him calling her. Goldie asks her to come and see it by herself. Ginni goes inside and finds the vendor’s there. She greets them. They all demands money from her. Ginni asks Goldie to bring the contract they made with the vendor’s also the Bill’s to pay them. One of the vendor tells Ginni that she has to pay for them more than what is in her bill amount.

Ginni gets shocked when each one of them claims how much she has to pay. Ginni asks how its possible though. They all tells Ginni that Goldie increased the orders three four times than the actual order and asks her to ask Goldie about it. Ginni looks at Goldie and the latter looks down and tells whatever the vendor told is true. Ginni tells the vendor’s to give them some time to pay them because today only the contract is over.

The vendor’s refuses to accept it by saying they know the drama that happened in Singh’s mansion so they can’t risk anything and demands money. Gulraj says that something is fishy about the vendor’s payment because she is sure this is not how the bill amount increases. The vendors threatens to humiliate them and go the video viral. Ginni asks them to wait until she returns back with the money then leaves the house. Gulraj looks worried.

Aditya shows the agreement paper to Armaan and tells that he already told its him who is going to win and get the dhaba back and smirks. Ginni enters the mansion. Aditya stops her. Ginni asks him to pay her. Aditya mocks at her for being brave enough to demand money from them even after what they have done. Ginni blames Aditya for everything that happened and tells him that she isn’t here to argue with him.

Aditya tells her the agreement papers are not attested so the deal is not legally finalized. He wanted to prove her the meaning of family which he proved now she has only option that is to sell the dhaba to him and save her family. Ginni lashes out at him. She then tells him that he can’t break her. Shailaja complains about the ritual she has to do. Ginni enters the mansion and asks Shailaja to pay the amount they are supposed to give them. Shailaja insults her and tells that she already told the consequences yet she made mistakes.

Ginni pleads her to give their payment as she has to pay to the vendor’s. She hold Shailaja’s leg and tells her that she is ready to apologise to her for whatever she has to go through because of her siblings but asks her not to punish her this way. Shailaja insults her then leaves the place. Akash sees this from far. Ginni calls Aditya a monster then leaves the house crying.

Rajvant sees it and wonders the reason behind Ginni visiting their house. Ginni walks on the road in the rain. She recalls Aditya’s words also his challenge. She then recalls Goldie’s accusation also the humiliation they have gone through. She stops infront of the temple. She kneels down and tells God that she failed as a daugher to fulfill the promise she made to her father and seeks God to help her.

Precap: Armaan shows a video clip to Aditya saying by tomorrow he will get the dhaba back. Aditya gets furious and asks what the hell is he doing. In Grewal’s house the goons surrounds them. Aditya comes there to rescue them. He fights with them to save the Grewal’s.

Starbharat’s show Channa Mereya is gearing up with an interesting drama with Gurleen asking Ginni about her opinion whether to hide a secret from her fiancee or not. Later Shailaja accuses Dimpy of theft and Pasha tells the Singh’s about Shampy taking money from his friends and allowing them inside.

Now it will be interesting to see what will Ginni do to save herself and her family members? Will Aditya use this chance to get the dhaba from Ginni? Will Ginni get Aditya’s support again?

In the current track it shown that Aditya doing his part of ritual in Gurleen’s marriage function as per his uncle’s request which upsets Amber. Ginni makes fun of Aditya after seeing the mehendi on his face but the latter uses her shawl to wipe off the mehendi which upsets Ginni.

Ginni then advices Gurleen to not to hide anything from her fiancee. Shailaja warns Ginni to be in her limits. Ginni instructs the workers what to do and asks them not to make any mistakes that will land them in trouble.

Later Gurleen and Harjit performs the marriage rituals together. Ginni tells Aditya that his dream to snatch the drama from her remain as his dream only.

Shailaja then accuses Dimpy of theft but the latter swears on Ginni so Ginni pleads with Shailaja but the situation goes out of control when Pasha informs that Shampy is allowing outside kids who aren’t invited for this marriage inside the venue by taking money from them which shocks Ginni. Shailaja insults and slaps Ginni.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Jagga and his men will threaten the Grewal’s. Ginni will assure them that she will repay the money and goes to the Singh’s house. Aditya will refuse to pay her and mocks at her for failing to handle both her family and het business.

He will then demand Ginni to sign the papers to name the dhaba on his name inorder to save her family. Ginni will refuse to fulfill Aditya’s demand.

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