Channa Mereya 31st October 2022 Written Update: Gulraj lashes out at Aditya


Channa Mereya 31st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulraj expresses her happiness to Ginni for finding the diary. She also asks from where did she get this diary and why it’s burnt this much. She then tells Ginni that she must have arrived to the dhaba after finding this diary so asks her to call her in law’s and inform them. She then asks from where did she find this diary.

Ginni shouts and says that she found this diary on Singh’s house also find it from Aditya’s cupboard. Gulraj Shampy and Dimpy gets shocked. In Singh’s house Aditya reads the documents in which it states that Rajvant is willing to give his half of the property to the Grewal’s. He decides to go and take his signature. Amber who is sitting on the counter drinking alcohol gets upset how to stop Aditya and Rajvant from naming half of the property to the Grewal’s. Shailaja goes to Amber and expresses her worry that they won’t get anything if half of the property is given to the Grewal’s. She also reveals accidentally that she is the reason behind Ginni learning the truth about the diary which shocks Amber.

Amber get furious. He then scolds Shailaja and asks her to not to do anything like this again that will put them in more trouble. They both sees Aditya is going towards Rajvant’s room to get his signature on the documents so they both rushes to Aditya. Amber takes the paper from Aditya’s hand and tears it into pieces which shocks the latter. Aditya asks him what is he doing. Amber tells him that he is stopping him from doing a biggest mistake of his life. Aditya gets confused and asks what is saying.

Shailaja tells Aditya if they offers money or the business or the property then the Grewal’s will feel insulted so they have to handle this more sensibly. Both Amber and Shailaja manipulates Aditya by telling him about Ginni who is self righteous person. Aditya agrees with both Amber and Shailaja. He then tells them that he will take their advocate to the Grewal’s and fulfill all their demands which shocks both Amber and Shailaja. With no other chance Amber agrees to Aditya’s idea.

Ginni tells Gulraj that she thought after getting married to Aditya she thought her family is going to extend and get all the respect and love from them but she feels betrayed by them. She also expresses her disappointment towards the Singh’s to Gulraj. She further says that Aditya knows the truth but he hide it from her also Amber and Rajvant knows that she is Kushwant’s daughter. Gulraj asks Ginni then why did they made her marry Aditya. She then tells Ginni that she won’t spare the Singh’s. She goes and takes a knife in her hand and determines to go to the Singh’s to punish them but Ginni stops her which leads Gulraj to lashes out at her that she is taking her in law’s side.

Ginni makes her understand that they have to fight for the truth which has to come out and everyone should learn about Kushwant’s talent so asks Gulraj to not to take decision when she is emotional. She also tells Gulraj that at any point in this battle they shouldn’t give up. Singh’s may be powerful but the truth is with them so they have to fight for their rights and give justice to Kushwant. She promises to Gulraj that she is on her family’s side in this battle also won’t back away. Shampy and Dimpy also joins beside Ginni and Gulraj. Ginni looks on with determination.

Later Ginni is on the call asking the officer how to file w case on someone. Aditya comes there and tells that’s not needed. Ginni looks at him. Gulraj Shampy and Dimpy also arrives there. Aditya introduces his family lawyer to the Grewal’s. He then tells Ginni about their decision to name half of the property on their name which Amber told her before she left the house though.

He then asks the Grewal’s to sit with his lawyer and ask whatever they want and they will give it to them. Gulraj lashes out at Aditya for offering them money to shut their mouth. She then taunts him saying she thought he was pure hearted person just like a gold but realised now he is not one. She further tells him that she gave him two most precious things of them to him one is Ginni and the another one is Kushwant’s ring to buy that ring he worked hard day and night and asks Aditya to ask himself whether he deserves that ring though?

Aditya gets sad and hurt and remains silent. Ginni goes to Gulraj. Aditya pleads with Ginni to trust him that he learns the truth recently and he planned on telling her the truth though. Ginni asks him then why he didn’t tell her the truth. She also mocks at him saying that he is worried about his family members reputation. It’s his priority. Aditya denies it. Ginni tells Aditya to make his family confess the truth to the world so the people who called her father Kushwant a crazy man will learn about his talent and he will get the respect and justice. This is what they want from the Singh’s.

Aditya promises her the same but seeks her some time recalling doctor’s warnings about Rajvant’s health. Ginni refuses to believe. She then asks him to not to talk to them about this anymore because hereafter their lawyer will talk to them about this then goes inside followed by Gulraj Shampy and Dimpy. Aditya tells himself that he made a promise to Ginni which the latter might her forget but he isnot and he will fulfill the promise he made to her at any cost and looks on with determination.

Precap: Rajvant learns through Aditya that Ginni is refused to accept their offer. Shailaja bad mouths about Ginni and says all she want them from is revenge. Aditya gets angry. Reporter’s reaches the Singh’s house demanding a truth from them. The family members tries to control the reporter’s. Rajvant arrives there and one man pour ink on him which shocks the Singh’s. Ginni who watches the news also gets shocked.

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