Channa Mereya 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Goldie decides to fight against Aditya in a boxing ring


Channa Mereya 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya going near Amber angrily then leaves the room. Amber also leaves the place. Akash plays inside the house and Amber gets hurt because of it so Amber lashes out at him. Aditya watches it then leaves the place. Other side Ginni recalls Goldie and Dimpy’s words.

Gulraj asks Ginni is she really think selling whatever the jewellery they have will help them financially. She also adds that if she have accepted their pay cheque given by Rajvant then their financial problem must have come to by an end now. Ginni recalls Shailaja’s words then tells their self respect is more important then shows a coin and tells Gulraj that they will rise once again from these problems.

Dimpy comes there and enquires about Goldie to which Gulraj says he must be going around to find a way to put them in more trouble. Other side in a boxing ring the announcer asks the audience about an open challenge. Goldie comes there and tells he is ready to fight against Aditya. He goes inside the boxing ring. He asks Aditya in his drunken state how could he send goons to their dhaba and says Ginni is right about him.

He then tells that he wont spare him for trying to harm his family. Aditya asks him to leave saying this isn’t the place but Goldie remains stubborn so Aditya agrees for the fight. Goldie starts beating Aditya. Aditya recalls Amber’s words and gets furious.

Gulraj watches Ginni letting her bracelet cut by a jeweller. Ginni recalls everything that happened and remains silent. Other side Aditya moves away from Goldie’s punches which leads Goldie to fall to the ground in a half conscious state. The announcer announces Aditya is a winner of this match too.

Dimpy tells Ginni and Gulraj that Goldie is nowhere to be found. Ginni and Gulraj worries and they goes out to search for Goldie. Ginni sees Aditya is taking an half conscious drunken Goldie with him so she asks him what happened to her brother also what she did to him. Aditya makes Goldie sit nearby them. Goldie in his drunken state tells he wont spare Aditya.

 Shampy and Dimpy comes there. Ginni asks them to take Goldie with them and they obliges. Aditya tells Ginni his fight isn’t with Goldie and just like her her brother also blabbering unnecessarily. Ginni mocks at him saying he is right because he has one person to fight and that’s none other than Ginni. She then tells Aditya that she dont know what he is going through because of which he is acting differently and changing his mind every time. She also wishes him good luck by giving him a coin which she tied it in her shawl.

She wishes him good things also wishes that God never let them cross paths again. She then starts walking the other side and Aditya walks the opposite side. Channa Mereya plays in the background. Ginni turns around and sees Aditya is going in an opposite direction. She then turns around. Aditya turns and sees Ginni is walking away. Once she is out of his sight he looks at the coin given by her and says the game isn’t over her Ginni Grewal.

Aditya in his room receive a voice note from a girl who asks him to return as she is feeling alone without him..Aditya goes to his bed to take the torn sketch made by his mother. One of the piece flies and falls to the ground. Rajvant comes there and gives the torn piece to Aditya. He also gives the tape to put both the torn piece into one like before.

Rajvant tells Aditya that he understands his determination to fulfill his mother’s dream and that’s the reason he is doing all this but he should learn one thing just like him Ginni also doing everything to save the dhaba because for her father Kushwant this dhaba is nothing but a God’s house then how could he expect her to sell this dhaba to him though. He also reveals that he knows Kushwant also his vision about this dhaba. Aditya recalls Ginni’s words about her saying her father told her business is important but more than that love and family is important and the dhaba is her love and the family’s identity and refuse to sell him when Aditya met her first time with the offer.

Rajvant tells Aditya that Shailaja refused to pay Ginni and when he decides to give the pay cheque Ginni refuses to take it saying after the work the one who pay them is supposed to give their pay with respect or else its nothing. He then tells Aditya that what Ginni must be going through because of the vendors with whom she may have strike a deal to fulfill her promise to do her job perfectly as per their conditions in Gurleen’s marriage.

He also says Aditya that he wont force him to join him in their family business but he is sure about one thing if he becomes a MD then their business will reach to new level so requests him to think about it then gives Ginni’s pay cheque and leaves the room. Aditya looks at his mother’s sketch then the pay cheque and looks on. The next day Goldie calls out Gulraj and asks her where his wife photo is. Ginni calms him down and asks the same to Gulraj.

 Gulraj tells she is the one who removes it because she is tired of answering people’s question. Goldie gets furious and pushes Ginni away when she tries to calm him down then goes near Gulraj. Ginni and Gulraj gets shocked. Gulraj gets angry so slaps Goldie. Ginni looks on worriedly.

Precap: Aditya comes to the dhaba and get drenched in a water because of Ginni. Ginni asks him the reason behind him visiting here. He gives her a cheque but Ginni refuses to take saying she dont want anyone to give her hard earned money out of pity. Dimpy and Gulraj comes there. Aditya gives them the cheque. Ginni asks Aditya to leave saying his work is done now then she slips but Aditya catches her on time and pulls her towards him. They both stares at each other.

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