Channa Mereya 4th August 2022 Written Update: Aditya advices Ginni


Channa Mereya 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulraj slapping Goldie and asks him to realise that his wife is a selfish woman who will never return. She then asks him to fight just like Ginni fought with Aditya and pleads him to try to be become a good hardworking person for their family. Gulraj then tells Goldie to forget Simran and tells that she will remove all the things that will bring her memory to him or anyone of the family members. She takes the photo frame and puts it into the fire. Goldie gets shocked and tries to take the photo frame from the fire.

He cries seeing its burnt. Ginni asks him is he crazy. Goldie tells he will go crazy for any real if anyone repeats this again. Ginni assures him that no one will hurt his feelings hereafter also says that she will change the photo frame of Simran. She then calls out Dimpy asking her to bring first aid kit with her. She also asks Dimpy to aid Goldie’s wound. She and Gulraj looks upset and sad.

In Singh’s mansion Amber and Supreet looks at the jewellery and Amber starts praising Supreet for being a beautiful and luck wife of his and says anyone can be happy to have her in their life. Shailaja comes there and asks them why they both looks so happy even she wants to know the reason behind it though. Amber asks her to call the family members to living room because he wants to make an important announcement.

Shailaja obliges. She then sees Aditya is walking towards the exit so she calls him but he ignores her. Amber also calls Aditya repeatedly but the latter ignores him which makes Shailaja happy. Amber throws a tumbler near the path where Aditya is walking. Aditya stops in his track. Amber goes to him and asks him to cancel all the plans he have in the evening because Cheema’s are coming to fix his marriage with Harnas.

Supreet puts her hand on Aditya’s cheek and tells him that she is proud of him. Aditya recalls Amber tearing his mother’s sketch so he moves away from her touch. Shailaja asks Aditya why he seems upset is he like someone if so ask him to tell them and they will talk to that girl’s family. Amber and Supreet gets shocked. Aditya tells Shailaja that he have seen this house people making fun of marriage so he dont have faith in marriage so he wont marry at all.

Amber tells Aditya that he have taken this decision which is final. He took this because he have seen his ability to take decision be it in business or about his dreams. Aditya tells it’s not his dream but his way of seeing it is wrong also tells him shouting and breaking things and forcibly making decisions about someone’s life will give him nothing. He further adds to think about his family business idea which brought them loss only and rectify his mistake before he talks about someone’s decision making skills and walks away from there. Shailaja hides her smile.

Ginni and Santu cleans the dhaba. Santu asks Ginni whether she got her payment from the Singh’s. Ginni recalls refuses to accept it. She is about to say this to Santu but Aditya comes there and gets drenched by the water which water pipe is in Ginni’s hand. He asks her to off the water pipe. Santu does it. Ginni asks her what is he doing here.

Aditya tells her that he is here to give her pay cheque. He then asks Santu to take it because her hands are dry unlike Ginni. Ginni stops Santu and tells Aditya they dont need his cheque. Santu tells Ginni that the people worked with them is the one who sent her here for payment as they are expecting this payment. Aditya asks Ginni is she heard her friends words clearly and tells Ginni to stop being stubborn and think about the people who will suffer because of her this decision.

He also advices Ginni a leader will first think about other’s and other’s needs then only they will choose themself also there is a fine line between self respect and Ego which she is crossing it and she needs to realise it though. He then tells her to take the pay cheque because she earned it with her hardwork. Ginni tells him that she want the money which she was told that she will get it nothing more than that out of pity.

Aditya tells her he is keeping his promise as he wont break his promises he makes ever. Ginni taunts him by reminding him what all he did to trouble them. Dimpy and Gulraj comes there. Aditya asks Dimpy to take the pay cheque which is her hard earned money. Dimpy takes it. Aditya asks Gulraj to make marriage arrangements for her children Goldie and Ginni for her betterment.

Ginni asks him to leave because they dont need his lectures and tries to walk past him but misses her balance. Aditya holds her hand and pulls her towards him. They both stares at each other. Channa Mereya plays in the background. Aditya asks her to keep her leg in the ground which she adviced him the other day and walks away from there. Ginni scolds him.

Armaan questions Aditya sseing his drenched state. Aditya asks Armaan whether he talked to Sam. Armaan tells Aditya that Sam didn’t answered his calls. Aditya tells him that Sam is acting strange and wonders where Sam is. Someone enters the Singh mansion with the luggage. Ginni on the other hand goes to Goldie’s room and wakes him up and shows him Simran’s new photo frame.

Goldie tells her that he knows Simran is in Amritsar. Aditya tells Armaan that dont understand Sam’s romantic messages for him after a month or so completely disappeared then now sending these messages when he clearly told her that he is not expecting anything out of what they have.

Simran aka Sam run to Aditya and hugs him. She tells him that she missed him a lot and tells that she loves him. Aditya gets annoyed and removes himself from her hold and reminds her that he already told her that there is no string attached between them and questions her love confession for him. Simran tells she realised her feelings for him after he left Canada. Other side Goldie tells Ginni that he is going to find Simran and leaves the house. Ginni prays to God for Goldie’s happiness.

The Singh’s sees Simran anf Aditya’s interactin. Simran aka Sam introduces herself as Aditya’s girlfriend then she and Armaan corrects it that she is a friend. She then tells them that she didnt made any arrangements before coming here so she want to know which hotel here is suitable for her to stay. Rajvant tells her to stay in the guest house. Sam nods okay. Aditya looks on.

Precap: Ginni comes to the Singh’s mansion to return the utensil which she by mistake took them with their utensils. She sees the kitchen is full of smoke so she thinks the kitchen might caught fire so she hurries by pushing Simran aside. Aditya and Ginni falls together. They both stares at each other. Simran watches this from her hiding spot.

The episode starts with Aditya going near Amber angrily then leaves the room. Amber also leaves the place. Akash plays inside the house and Amber gets hurt because of it so Amber lashes out at him. Aditya watches it then leaves the place. Other side Ginni recalls Goldie and Dimpy’s words.

Gulraj asks Ginni is she really think selling whatever the jewellery they have will help them financially. She also adds that if she have accepted their pay cheque given by Rajvant then their financial problem must have come to by an end now. Ginni recalls Shailaja’s words then tells their self respect is more important then shows a coin and tells Gulraj that they will rise once again from these problems.

Dimpy comes there and enquires about Goldie to which Gulraj says he must be going around to find a way to put them in more trouble. Other side in a boxing ring the announcer asks the audience about an open challenge. Goldie comes there and tells he is ready to fight against Aditya. He goes inside the boxing ring. He asks Aditya in his drunken state how could he send goons to their dhaba and says Ginni is right about him.

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